Snooki and Paris are friends now. Oh, good.

Because MTV is nothing but a dumb-pipe for Armageddon, Paris Hilton has apparently befriended Snooki after the two met at Sunday’s Movie Awards. Us Magazine reports:

“I was just giving her advice,” she said. “I just told her to remain the same sweet girl [she is] and not let anything affect her; be strong and don’t pay attention to bad press. People can say mean things about you, but you should know who you are and not pay attention to it.”
If she comes back to LA, will Hilton show her the club ropes?
“Definitely!” she told Us.

Considering these kids are being consistently pumped full of free Valtrex, it actually makes perfect sense for Paris to start hanging out with Snooki from a convenience standpoint.

PARIS: Oh, God, I’m having a flare up.
SNOOKI: *tilts head back, pulls Valtrex out of her neck* Here ya go.
PARIS: I am so glad I put you on a leash. Now who wants a belly rub? Aw, yes, you’re a good little piggy.
SNOOKI: Oink-oink, oink-oink.

Photos: Getty, WireImage