Snooki Won’t Wear Bikinis, ‘A One Piece is More Provocative’

Mmm. And how…

In a new interview with People, Snooki reveals why she wouldn’t wear a bikini during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 2 and surprisingly the answer doesn’t involve the words, “I’m a porky little Ewok,” so prepare yourself for some bullshit:

“I would rather wear a sexy one-piece whether I am heavy or down to 90 pounds,” Snooki, 22, tells PEOPLE. “I wore one-piece suits when I was really skinny to hide my nakedness in a sexy way. I think they are more provocative because it makes guys want to see more of me.”

I think she’s confusing the term “provocative” with “capable of hiding a stromboli.” I could be wrong.

Photos: Splash News