Snooki Won’t Wear Bikinis, ‘A One Piece is More Provocative’

July 27th, 2010 // 257 Comments

Mmm. And how…

In a new interview with People, Snooki reveals why she wouldn’t wear a bikini during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 2 and surprisingly the answer doesn’t involve the words, “I’m a porky little Ewok,” so prepare yourself for some bullshit:

“I would rather wear a sexy one-piece whether I am heavy or down to 90 pounds,” Snooki, 22, tells PEOPLE. “I wore one-piece suits when I was really skinny to hide my nakedness in a sexy way. I think they are more provocative because it makes guys want to see more of me.”

I think she’s confusing the term “provocative” with “capable of hiding a stromboli.” I could be wrong.

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  1. RasputinsLiver



    Snooki happily says, “this little piggy went to the beach. This little piggy made people cry. This little piggy made people blind.”


  2. quake

    She poops custard.

  3. Meathead

    yeeeeeaaaa shes “real” this cunt isn’t even itailian but claims it everyday, claims shes not a whore and doesn’t sleep around….yet she’ll spread her legs for anyone willing, her exact words i think were “if something happens I’m not gonna tell em’ to get off” too bad nobody wanted to thrw her the sausage…and thats bad if you are a brawd and can’t get laid at the shore of all places. this filthy lil pig is disgusting in every way. and that whine/yelp she does make my stomach turn every time.
    PS Again snooks you are NOT itailian and never will be!!!!

  4. Vinny
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    did I really bang this filthy pig?

  5. Sardonic

    That’s one scary ass gunt under construction.

  6. Mel Gibson
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    hmm thats funny cause this is the same face I made when I saw these pictures of this fat lil troll…

  7. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  8. Ugh...

    Hey “Snooki”, you know what’s even more provocative? Not breathing! You should go for that…

  9. nicole
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  10. dream on.

    Is she black? Or just too tanned?

    • Jon

      Being black or not, is the least of her problems. Someone get this girl into one of those medievil torture devices that stretches your body and limbs out. Short AND fat wow. Why is she famous again? Oh right, that crap show I don’t watch. Hmm.

    • Lenny

      Short, fat and dumb is no way to go through life.

  11. jlylec

    she really does look like a fat retarded ewok…that was the first thing i thought before reading the article…well second…first was ‘jesus fucking christ gross’

  12. Jon


    Why post this why why why?

  13. jumpin_j

    Ooompa loompa, doopettee doo,
    I’ve got a another riddle for you,
    Ooompa loom[a doopettee dunch,
    I think I retasted my lunch.

    • lmao… and well that’s probably why this was posted in the first place. look at how many comments it got compared to other posts today. if advertisers paid by the comment i’d say snookie was gold.. till then however, she remains… orange..

  14. Ram Punchington
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    oink oink oink oink oink



  15. burton
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    this bitch is gross, short anf fat….EEW.

  16. Commented on this photo:

    Im a 45 wf from soCal and I love Jersey shore and Snookie
    let her be you are only young once enjoy it

  17. Uhhh

    The fat rolls aren’t that bad there are alot of celebrities that are fatter and can still rock a one or two piece. She just needs to learn to wear a size that fits and suck that shit in sometimes. Her biggest problem is those tits, they are ridiculously saggy. I never thought someone needed a boob job more!!

  18. FoofyDoofy

    I call BS. There are pictures of her when she was skinny and in all of them she was wearing bikinis.

  19. HamOnRyeNomaYo

    That fat cunt made me throw up my Jager shot…

  20. Mcfeely Smackup

    Ok, I gotta weigh in on this too (hah, weigh in! get it? cuz she’s FAT)

    these people aren’t even from jersey. Snarfi isn’t even itallian.

    really? You people really give a fuck about that?

    Maybe it’s an east coast thing. Here on the west coast (and I assume most of mid-america too) the term “jersey girl” is an insult, used to describe someone who is loud, obnoxious, with big hair and clothes that are inappropriately small for her large size. We dont’ CARE if they’re from jersey, not in the slightest. It’s like someone being on a show called “douchebags” and people getting upset because they’re not “really vaginally douching anyone”.

    These people are the lowest form of life currently on television. Don’t take it so seriously, just enjoy piling on with the insults. it makes us all feel better about our pitiful lives, because at least we’re not in New Jersey.

    • understood but that’s like calling native americans indians. it’s ignorant. the obnoxious people in jersey are most always new yorkers. and besides the girl of my dreams comes from jersey… though ironically she’s now a new yorker :P

      • Mcfeely Smackup

        you’re right, jersey girls are EXACTLY like a racial minority subjected to genocide.

        At least I hope they will be soon.

    • ok look, your “weigh in” joke somewhat funny. i’ll give you that. but newsflash california girls have no business making fun of ANYone. they are fucking bimbos. watch jaywalking. they dont film that in jersey, which is in the center of the college belt.

  21. jaime

    the title should read:
    “Snooki Won’t Wear Bikinis, ‘I don’t want to start WW3′. Also, Why Am I Posting Pictures Of Whatshername?”

  22. Shaggy
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude, I would hit this out the park…

  23. stevebeagle


  24. lena

    Bikinis don’t want you to wear them, Snickers.

  25. d

    Girl, that one piece isn’t flattering either.

  26. mitchhaase wordpress com

    Holy fuck, that’s the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of disgusting shit living in the great queer city of San Francisco.

    I suggest that they move the Jersey Shore location from Miami or wherever the fuck they are filming it to Nome and film during winter months because that shit needs to be covered up. Seriously, I’m puking over here.

    In other news, I have been jerking off like a teenage boy who just discovered his dads porn stash while his parents were away on vacation for a month and forgot a five gallon tub of Crisco in the garage.



  27. ed45

    Is this porky douche for REAL??? Does this creature own a fucking mirror? Please fame whore…find a rip current SOON!

  28. huh?

    I would like to know…# 1 Does that waste of a tv show have a fan base? # 2 If so…WHY??? # 3 What STD is she carrying this week? Seriously, aren’t the paparazzi concerned that thier lenses may crack from just pointing in the direction of that SLOTH???

  29. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier
    Commented on this photo:

    For regular people it is ok, but considering that she is a famour person, she looks REPULSIVE. I think that she only take a bath every 2 weeks or every month. She is reslly disgusting.

  30. Who is this? Why r there pics of her here?

  31. Out of the Blue Mongoose

    seriously, this is an unflattering picture.
    and yes, snooki resembles a fat piece of cocktail shrimp left over from one too many house-warming parties.
    but i think it’s unfair to rag this much on her.
    her personality is great, which somewhat makes up for her looks.

  32. Anonymous

    There’s sweat everywhere.

  33. charity

    With all that money you’d think she’d get lipo or some body sculpting.

  34. Commented on this photo:

    Who is the big tall beast with the bolt ons? Is that another Kardashian, or just the little primate’s caretaker?

  35. ktuluisanidiot
    Commented on this photo:

    ktulu – if you don’t like America, leave…and leave behind the freedoms that this country bestows upon you.

    • Mike

      Concerning ktulu, he/she/it probably doesn’t even live here. Even if he did, he is simply a troll, flaming his way across countless comment boards on the internet, just to stir up a reaction or two. And if he does “get outside once in awhile,” as he says, it’s only because his mom tells him to take out the trash. As with all trolls, stop “feeding” them, and they will go away.

  36. like2bcold
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    do not want…please stop. there is a reason i dont watch that WHORE-able show.

  37. philipp
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    A wild brown pig appears. Brown pig uses lies… Its not very effective.

  38. Eric

    who the eff is this cow and why is she famous?

  39. Todd_Ev
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    beached whale

  40. NY'er...

    what a fat disgusting cunt. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this show is even watched. How can you be that brain-dead to watch such horseshit TV?

    Enjoy the ride, NJ Shore cast….it should be a quick one.

  41. Je$u$ Chri$t people, you are funny – the other folks in this internet café are no doubt wondering what the fuck is amusing me so. I love this site more than i should, really…

  42. They Call Me The Butthole Kid

    This is without question the most vile thing I have ever gazed upon in my life!

  43. RickyC

    OK>OK> Maybe 1 or 2 too many beers on whatever beach she happens to be sitting on, NJ or NOT ….SO WHAT!! The one piece front isn’t hiding it anyway! Besides, she’ll never have the stomach, abs or whatever, what’s his name has!! IN ANY CASE……she’s still a very attractive young lady…she just needs to get over that Sunbeam Sorority and move on to better things in her life. Anyway……I Like his abs better …hmmmm! : P

  44. jon and kate plus haiti

    Is this a small bigfoot? an adult ewok? a baby wookie? I mean what would you classify her/it as?

  45. snookis bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    just to let you guys know i burned myself afterward.

  46. Marcus

    Emergency gastric bypass surgery now !!

  47. mafme

    WHile I agree with the essence of what she’s saying, it does not apply to her.

  48. Chilelove

    I love the way this chilean troll looks, she looks almost human.

  49. Oh

    “I’m a porky little Ewok”

    I couldn’t stop laughing after that!

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