Snooki Won’t Wear Bikinis, ‘A One Piece is More Provocative’

July 27th, 2010 // 257 Comments

Mmm. And how…

In a new interview with People, Snooki reveals why she wouldn’t wear a bikini during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 2 and surprisingly the answer doesn’t involve the words, “I’m a porky little Ewok,” so prepare yourself for some bullshit:

“I would rather wear a sexy one-piece whether I am heavy or down to 90 pounds,” Snooki, 22, tells PEOPLE. “I wore one-piece suits when I was really skinny to hide my nakedness in a sexy way. I think they are more provocative because it makes guys want to see more of me.”

I think she’s confusing the term “provocative” with “capable of hiding a stromboli.” I could be wrong.

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  1. fish you sick fuck put a star over that stomach! and a WARNING

  2. one word snooki–sit ups! and lots of em

  3. That Guy

    Never realized how fat the bitch is

    • Joe

      She looks pretty normal. She’s nothing special either way and certainly not worth such emotional responses. Now her “personality” on the other hand . . .

      You’d think you guys had just seen Rosanne Barr naked or something. Small wonder so many girls have issues with their bodies.

      Enjoy the hate addiction boys. Have another.

      • michael

        No kidding. She’s not going to win any beauty pageants with that body, but I’d take her down…maybe after a couple of beers haha.

        But seriously, she’s not obese guys, give her a break. As short as she is, a few extra pounds shows up worse and is probably that much harder to lose. I’d be willing to put money down that says most of the people putting her down are overweight themselves and simply deflecting.

      • StingStungme

        Normal? She looks like a bloated Oompa Loompa!

  4. snookalicious

    Hmmm…provoking me to puke in my mouth, maybe….

  5. alien
    Commented on this photo:

    wow you americans really do amaze me… seriously this stupid fat ugly waste of space is who you hold up as you example of “celeb” now? Do you all have “snookie” (brilliant name by the way, totally appeals to the toddler mentality) t-shirts and posters?

    • absinthe

      her fame is based on ridicule. I would hope that no one takes her seriously; she’s not intended to be.

    • Absinthe is right, she’s famous because she’s lame. She’s fun to make fun of and makes us feel better about ourselves.

      • ktulu

        shes making millions still find that funny?

      • Dee

        Those millions are flushed down on the toilet after she had a large meal!

      • alien

        @ ktulu… yes I find it absolutely hysterical… what am I supposed to be impressed that the american mentality made this fat ugly untalented whore a rich and famous star? No… and that was exactly my point. Your country is a joke :)

    • Gary

      I would also agree with absinthe. I think people watch the show for it’s humorous quality. And everybody knows it’s just gonna be 15 minutes for them.

      • super

        love how alien probably lives in europe where the only celebrity they have there is soccer players or their girlfriends…

    • jersey shore loooover

      wow.. she is making more money than any of you and she’s a little chubby.. who the fuck cares.. have you seen america? fattest country kids

  6. Jimmy

    YOU GUYS LIKE THAT TUMMY. You wish you could shoot your load on it !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Susan

    SNL, news bit, hairy-chested guy impersonating Snooki: “I have so many public appearances sometimes I have to just send out this” and holds up an orange safety cone with a black wig on top. ’nuff said.

  8. Praz

    Meh, too easy

  9. Rob

    F.U.P.A. No sorry honey , it’s called your fat .

  10. Taz

    My eyes hurt

  11. LittleMiss

    what a stupid question to ask. Isn’t it obvious why she doesn’t wear a bikini.

  12. loser

    Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!! Fat nasty cunt!!

  13. danielle

    who cares if she is a bigger girl. good for her for not giving a shit. she is REAL. Not some fake piece of plastic who gets full off of one peanut.

    • sugar

      good job speaking up

    • thank you kelly clarkson–a simple excuse for never exercising

    • WTFever

      I love when people make it sound like yor choices are either to be this fat porker, or anorexic plastic. Tell us, just how fat are you?

    • Reality

      Yeah, good for her for being a disgusting fat blob. It takes real skills and guts to eat shit and avoid exercise at all costs. I guess all those other in-shape, attractive women I’ve seen are “fake” woman.

      Oh, and I’m curious as to how someone who has more orange than a Cheetohs bag can be considered “real” in any way…

    • Mcfeely Smackup

      so it’s ok that she’s fake and gives a shit about her fake orange spray on tan, and whatever that is that passes for Jersey fashion, but morbidly obese that’s being “real”?

      It’s funny how you can tell so much about people by the comments they leave. The fat chicks all say “good for you, being a fat tub of goo is REAL”. the normal (yes, not being FAT is NORMAL) people say “gross”.

    • Please do not use the word “real” when describing anyone from an MTV “reality” show. Thank you.

    • and please, she’s NOT FROM JERSEY. none of them are.

    • Anonymous

      Gotta love it when idiots defend people like Snooki for being big. Yeah, good for her for being big at her young age, never working out, drinking and smoking all hours of the day.

      People who actually have a sound diet should be ashamed.

    • Cher X

      Yeah, most people don’t look good in a bikini, but she makes stupid comments and thinks she’s all that, that’ makes her unattractive.

      Also…..the tanning….she’s gonna be so wrinkly.

    • your conscience

      seriously, danielle.
      no wonder teenage american girls are overwhelmingly anorexic. it doesn’t seem to matter what size you are; if you’re bigger than a 0 you get ridiculed. makes me wonder how many of the people who left shitty comments are UGLY OR FAT THEMSELVES. you know what? IT DOESN’T MATTER. props to the girl for GOING to the beach! who cares if she chooses to wear a one piece? i can only imagine the nasty comments y’all would leave if she had indeed worn a bikini. i think she looks FUCKING HOT!

    • Gary

      right, danielle — because everytime the fish posts a shot of a “real” woman like, say, christina hendricks, a vast majority of the comments are all “eww, gross” and totally not “good GOD that woman is hot!” (that’s sarcasm, stupid).
      just to remind you, guys do love a girl with curves, but this human cheese doodle needs to be reminded regularly that she’s some flash in the pan, upstate NY hick who’s absolutely hideous on both the outside and in.

  14. Savalas

    That’s it – leave something to the imagination. I fantasize just thinking what’s behind that bulge in her lower abdomen.

    Maybe a whole turkey? Mmmmm….

  15. Ms. Rosen

    More like: a one piece keeps the blubber from spilling out and hurting small children

  16. Rick

    A one-piece is a terrible look for Jerome Bettis.

  17. I’d rather do, (missionary style of course), Oliver Stone than Snookie.

    Mmmmmm, Olie Stone, now there’s some good bangin’!

  18. froghammer

    It’s provoking lots of thoughts. Such as:

    Why in the world does she think it makes anyone want to see more of her?


    Better get the toothbrush ready because I’m about to Jersey Shore all over the place.

  19. Bmurphy72
    Commented on this photo:


  20. Just A Horny Dude

    These Jersey Shore skanks are disgusting. First Amy Wino and now these losers. Why do you subject us to such trash???

  21. Bmurphy72

    She is just in the way of that chic behind her

  22. M

    This little hog is going to be a clone of George Costanza’s mom in like 40 years.

  23. ktulu
    Commented on this photo:

    America makes these people stars…your country deserves to be destroyed.

    • Robot

      Wow you need to chill the fuck out. I have yet to met anyone that considers this bitch a “star” it’s just morons in the media that draw so much attention to her. As for wishing an entire country be destroyed based on this one person is ridiculous and chances are you’re not a very well liked person in your own country and i pity you.

      • ktulu

        go ahead and pity me fuck face…like a give too shits what some retard on the internet thinks. I pity your mom for the ass reaming I gave her last night.

      • ktulu

        that’s rich a guy that calls himself Robot on the internet pity’s me. Plenty of people like me …probably because I get outside once and awhile.

        …and I never said that I wish for America to be destroyed (learn to read) I said you deserve it. You do realize this is the sort of excess that most other nations hate you for right? No of course you don’t, you have your head up your ass. Go die.

      • eatme

        Hate us for, but secretly envy us for, you mean.

      • Kelley

        ” pity’s ” ??? What a riot … you mean pities …

    • Robot

      WHOA hold up first off I am out of my house all the time and have plenty of friends all around the world SECOND a WISH means to DESIRE and desire means to have the feeling of deserving so it means the same thing. Third I am I know many nations hate America, but not all do ALSO I am not American I am Filipino, and I don’t believe that any nation DESERVES to be destroyed you are obviously a nut case the gets off on being hateful. And i still pity you.
      PS my name is Robot because I build them as a hobby(I’m actually and English Teacher that travels through Asia) AND lastly I am a girl. OH SNAP I guess i just mad an argument with FACT and not random slander. Congratulation you are credit to your people.

    • Anne

      America is not the only home to idiots. You are obvious proof of that.

      • Anne

        I meant that as an argument to ktulu, not you, Robot. (Ktulu. Is that supposed to be Cthulu? So looking at you makes people insane? Nice choice, you’re pobably right)

  24. yawn
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s just a girl plucked from her dismal little life and thrust in front of a camera..
    and now she’s got her own little thing happening..
    good for her..

  25. havoc

    And yet, people are knocking each other over to take her picture EVERY FUCKING DAY.

    Stop it.


  26. skip

    man i never realized how fat she was. id still hit.

  27. ZigZagZoey

    Is she black?

  28. Commented on this photo:

    wtf is she posing for a heismann

  29. Viv

    I envy her for showng her stuff with such confidence. She’s not fat, she’s more of a woman

    • Georgeo

      Spoken like a true fat woman.

    • Reality

      I see the Superficial has turned into a fattie support group. And uhh yeah, she IS fat. See that stomach trying to escape that one-piece? See those thighs the size of tree trunks?

      Sorry but eating a good diet and exercising and caring for your body makes you more of a woman than doing the complete opposite and letting your body go to shit.

      • Teabagger (think balls, not politics)

        Not to mention this fat pig doesn’t have a job & lives at the beach. That’s how the greaseballs stay yoked on that show. JWow goes to the gym all the time. What’s this piggy’s excuse?!? She gets $$$$ to essentially do nothing – yet she chooses to take “nothing” to previously unknown extremes!

        You’d think that if it was your job to go to the beach every day you could find the time to get your fat ass on a treadmill a couple times a week. It’s not that hard, really.

      • Cock Dr

        The SW has certainly not turned into a ‘”fattie support group”.
        Look how many people have posted regarding this waxed Ewok. The SW posts things (often HORRIBLE to the retinas) that will get the clicks.

    • Lenny

      You’re right Viv, she’s not fat. She a tank on small wheels.

  30. lily

    I love women with curves. I think it is the sexiest thing ever. That being said….she looks like a pig.

  31. Teabagger (think balls, not politics)

    The photo evokes the image of J-Wow taking her pet Pygmy gorilla for a walk.

    @the “at least she’s real!” comments made by obviously fat chicks, allow me to retort:
    Are you fucking kidding me with that shit? “snookie” has a fake tan, hideous nails, waxes her mustache, and isn’t even really Italian! Te only thing “real” about this bitch is her flabby disgusting FUPA and saggy tits. She’s the “two o’clock fox” for the authentic greaseballs on that show for when their cheese fails to land them shabby club pussy.

    Real – bitch please. The only thing “real” about snookie besides her flab is her herpes/hep C/syphilis/crab infestation – that shit’s real.

  32. Rodham


  33. Lloyd

    MMMMM….give me Snooki and a bag of fucking pork rinds and im a happy man………nevermind…….just give me the pork rinds!!!!

  34. Reality

    I look forward to the day that Snooki’s imminent skin cancer is the only reason she’s in the news.

  35. Georgia
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeesh. The girl doesn’t have a terrible body… She just made an unfortunate choice.

  36. Commented on this photo:

    Hello Jerome Bettis.

  37. stinky mcpoop

    You can also hide a can of Kool-Whip in a one-piece. I’d like to see J-Wow try that in her 2-piece. Maybe she can tuck it in next to her penis.

    Play ball Snooki, you displaced Eskimo.

  38. Mr. Ridiculous

    Who let that f****n skank on camera?

  39. Anonymous

    DAMN…even her vagina has fat rolls.

  40. daisy
    Commented on this photo:

    Haters gonna hate.

  41. chelsea
    Commented on this photo:

    i hope this girl knows how much of a fucking joke she is and doesn’t think she’s actually sexy in the least.

  42. chelsea
    Commented on this photo:

    this is her “oh my god, i am so NOT putting that thing in my mouth, unless you pay me in twinkies” face.

  43. Nick
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow… That chick is GROSS… I am getting sick just looking at her! Put down the twinkies you fatty fat fat!

  44. wishbone
    Commented on this photo:

    wow…didn’t think she could get any uglier…then I saw pic #8. There was a “jersey-a-thon” or some such shit on tv over the weekend. I’m proud of myself…got through a good 12 minutes before vomiting!!

  45. ran

    oh my , COTTAGE cheese can be held in by a rubberband

  46. boss

    i would fuck her all nightt shes a 10

  47. Ted

    Hey, look at the pigskin! And she’s holding a football.

  48. Jim
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone needs to punch her in the face.

    Oh, wait…

  49. Randal(l)

    first oliver stone, then this baby gorilla. If your goal was to make sure I never get another erection, mission accomplished


  50. rickardo!

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