Snooki Peed All Over The Floor Of A Club
(Subtitle: Now I Want To Knock Her Up)

February 3rd, 2012 // 72 Comments

After finding out that no less than four dudes might’ve put a baby in Snooki, apparently last night’s episode of Jersey Shore features a scene (after the jump) where America’s favorite Ewok Slam Pig just literally starts peeing all over the dance floor of a club before going to the lady’s room and spraying her hooch with perfume before anyone can figure out it was her. It’s almost impressive how quickly she moves until you realize she’s done this before and left God knows how many victims in her piss-wake.

“Welp, guess that wasn’t Sangria I slipped in. And explains the jock itch…” *puts gun in mouth*


Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN


  1. Carles

    “America’s favorite Ewok Slam Pig”

    This is awesome.

  2. You're Garbage

    Her and Aguilera should hook up.

  3. EricLr

    During its 365-day-a-year mating season, the female Oompa Loompa will often mark its territory with a stream of urine. These tell-tale markings can frequently be found in bars, clubs, liquor stores, and abortion clinics–the natural gathering places of female Oompa Loompa’s during mating season.

  4. ds78


  5. Lincoln

    When I first saw the word ‘pee’ I figures it was another story about Kim Kardashian.

  6. Johnny P!

    She can blame it on the pregnancy and “lack of bladder control”.
    Then, next fall, when her spinoff “Snooks + 1″ debuts, she can blame the “serious case of bum-grapes” as a side-effect of childbirth while she breast-feeds her mini-Ewok from her pickle-juice soaked tit in public while scratching her ass ’til blood runs down her leg.
    Hey, America has been slowly prepped for this by Jersey Shore and the Kuntashian exploits… no one can pretend to be ‘shocked’.

    • KingEddie

      +1! “Serious case of bum-grapes”! Too fuckin’ funny, man!

      • MILF

        I can’t believe everyone keeps assuming she’d breastfeed. That requires sobriety and actually caring for your child. She’s definitely a Hawaiian Punch-in-the-bottle kind of mom.

  7. “What smells like pee, perfume, and ewok?”

  8. Lvl. 8 Ewok Slayer

    Look at the way the four of them dance at the beginning. I’m a graceless 250 pound internet troll and I dance better than that with a shovel up my ass and a liter of morphine in my veins. Disgusting.

  9. Pee While You Dance

    So that’s what a snooki is.

  10. Radiate Away

    The mouth breathers that watch this show need to be rounded up.

  11. Essi

    …i will never believe the line “someone must have spilled their drink” again…

  12. the competition

    next on e!:
    kim goes out to the club and starts owning the dance floor when suddenly everyone starts peeing on her!
    and then of course she pees on herself!
    hilarity ensues!
    suck on that orange inbred troll.

  13. Stryfe

    They allow this at the Penthouse Penthouse

  14. Snooki is truly outrageous. Truly outrageous, truly outrageous.

  15. Frank Burns

    Let’s all pause for a moment and sing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”.

  16. Dink Lincoln

    Tragically, those furry boots she wore last year would have soaked it all up…

  17. Whatever

    Thanks for hating Canada.

  18. Mando

    Not seen is Snooki trying to bury her droppings outside of Subway.

  19. stlrapper

    There is always some nasty chick in public bathrooms making the stalls smell like a fish market. Never fails, they funk up the place, fluff their hair then leave w/out washing their hands. I blame the men who make these dirty whores think they are desirable instead of admitting they don’t mind dipping their stick into a cesspool.

    At any rate, “Snooki” is that nasty chick with no shame.

  20. Die already...

    I prefer “gutter slut pig” myself, but the ewok reference works as well…

  21. Cock Dr

    Every woman should have one spectacular bout of drunken public urination in their lifetime.
    Snookie’s probably on coming up on her incident #1000.

  22. Snooki Cleavage
    The Brown Streak
    Commented on this photo:

    Afterwards, the club owner rubbed her nose in the puddle, and popped her with a rolled up newspaper.

  23. Brooke

    Fergie: She just got excited! Happens to us all.
    Aguilera: Yeah, fake tanner can be highly unstable.
    Ke$ha: Even I had the decency to pee in the fucking sink…

    Classy Women, tonight on P! Entertainment for pigs.

  24. If you are having trouble house-breaking your Oompa Loompa, simply take a rolled up newspaper and strike it across it’s snout. Then, grabbing it firmly by its’ scruff, rub its’ nose repeatedly in the puddle of urine. Repeat endlessly.

  25. Snack pack

    Against my better judgement, I watched the video. What a fucking pig. Do she and her friends really have no idea what a fucking pig she is? This isn’t even funny any more. Fucking pig!

  26. forrest gump

    evict her to a lonely & boring life: A SINGLE MOM IN AMERICA, folks!!

  27. Roma

    Typical Italian

  28. Blech

    Perfect behavior for Hoboken businesses! :: Throws up ::

  29. Meh

    Gawd, she is a disgusting piece of shit.

  30. ajlg

    and she went home &SLEPT in the same dress &UNDERWEAR she peed in.SHE IS BEYOND GROSS!and she admits 2 taking it up the butt-thats y she gets these uti’s!!!PIG

  31. Joey

    I would still pee in her butt.

  32. Interred Ferguson

    ***cue Carmina Burana music***

  33. Snooki Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like the weight is creeping back on.

  34. She thinks she’s “not dirty” because she smells “phenomenal”? Has anyone ever explained the basics of hygiene to this cunt?

  35. Interred Ferguson

    In the still frame for this article, I’d damn near swear that’s Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy over her left shoulder…..hell, I’m sure even he has more sense than to bump uglies with that ShoreSow.

  36. Reality TV is broadcast welfare.

  37. kara

    are you fucking kidding me? i’ve NEVER watched jersey shore & wish i hadn’t watched that clip…ugh

  38. Napoupi

    I love how she needs perfume rather than to wipe herself

  39. sammy

    She said she peed.. but did she really?? is this just another attempt at attention?

  40. gigi

    omg, every time something new comes up with this little troll, I’m reminded of a chick I used to know– emphasis on the ‘used to’ — could be her f*ing doppelganger! [but the south african version] seriously freaking me out… lol

  41. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    When will she be dropping a deuce on the dance floor? Is that in next week’s episode?

  42. how badly do you want to tie muddy shoelaces around those jugs, spray the map of Hawaii all over them, then throw her down a flight of stairs behind the A&P? hawt.

  43. mark

    What a pig.

  44. anonym

    it’s so entertaining to watch midgets run around the club.

    it’s so hard to look away from these sorry asses

  45. Wolverine

    She does not wash her nasty stink hole off, to get the pee from herself. She left the piss soaked underwear on and just sprays perfume on her stink box? What the hell? God the ladies are total whores, who need to grow up, they think they are Paris Hilton. This reality crap needs to get off tv. We have Those Kardashian bitches too, who have no talent and are shoved down our throat as well. Who gives a flying F*ck about any of these scumbags?

  46. Rookie

    Oh for the love of god. Someone actually got close enough (and/or drunk enough) to impregnate that skank? WTF.

  47. Snooki Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    Snooki being pregos, shoot she will still look the same little fat drinking, whore, elf…. Shame who is the daddy!!!

  48. Snooki Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like she reeks of armpits and broken dreams…

  49. Snooki Cleavage
    Mrs. Salt
    Commented on this photo:

    The snooki ate your baby!

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