Snooki Looks Good Without Makeup On? That Can’t Be Right.

January 19th, 2012 // 94 Comments

Apparently it’s celebrities going au naturel on Twitter week, because here’s Snooki without makeup on in a photo posted to Twitter yesterday and, no, your coffee wasn’t switched with a beaker of LSD again, she seriously does look decent without an entire cosmetics department shellacked across her face. On a related note, a flaming severed ram’s head just fell from the sky proclaiming this realm the domain of Satan now, so if anyone needs me, I’ll be out back poking it with a stick. Hold my calls.

Photos: Twitter, Splash News, WENN


  1. Steelerchick

    Yep!! Have to agree she looks better without the war paint.

  2. God is Black

    Damn she looks normal despite the smell of STDs oozing out of her skin pores.

  3. rican

    Decent is too strong a word

  4. Snooki No Make Up
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  5. TaT

    She looks beautiful!!

  6. AnnaDraconida

    Doesn’t even look like the same person without a pound of makeup, as usual with females who are famous, with or without reason. Not as trashy, but still sporting The Duckface.

  7. She looks decent, but she’s still the reason I can’t eat pickles anymore.

  8. Snooki No Make Up
    Paul Phoenix
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    I would hit this, and probably not even kill myself afterwards.

  9. jamiewithanh

    the duck face proves even without makeup, she’s still a f*cking whore.

  10. Snooki No Make Up
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    Do my eyes decieve me??? does she actually look good without makeup? dare I say sexy? I thought makeup was supposed to make you better looking not ugly your a$$ up?

  11. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    I’ll admit it: cute as hell.

  12. Snooki No Make Up
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    To my shame, I have always gotten a boner from this chick….

  13. Drew

    I can still see the herps.

  14. Snooki No Make Up
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    ok, so apparently the duck lips are natural?

  15. Snooki Sunlounge Tanning Salon
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    DUCKLIPS! EVEN IN THE PROMOTIONAL POSTER! And she misspelled “Super” ?

  16. Snooki No Make Up
    tits mcgee
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    she looks better without the clown makeup

  17. Snooki No Make Up
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    Damn she looks good.

  18. disillusionisreal

    Amazing what a wash cloth can do…..

  19. cc

    Proving my theorem ‘Better to be plain than hideous.’

  20. it had to be said

    Strange It’s as if she can’t see that she looks respectably nice here (except for the duck face) and like a fucking troll in make-up. Chicks are strange.

  21. Snooki No Make Up
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    she looks way better without makeup. actually most women do.

  22. JC

    “Snooki Looks Less Like an Ewok Ladyboy Hooker Without Makeup?”

    There, I fixed it for you.

  23. Satan's Playground

    She actually looks kinda cute. I’ve always had a thing for South American chicks (and yes, she’s an adopted Chillaen, not a true guidette).

  24. doctor snuggles

    I absolutely ADORE high school girls.

  25. Snack pack

    Really people? That’s all it takes to change all our minds on this one? Have you never seen any clips from her show? Do you REALLY believe she is wearing no makeup and hasn’t had a ton of help to look like this in a fuzzy twit pic?

    • I can say with my head held high that I have never had the misfortune of seeing one second of this goddamned train wreck of a show.

      That said, I would rather plow her the way she looks in this pic, as opposed to plowing her when she’s painted up like Bozo the Clown.

  26. Austin "Danger" Powers

    Hmmm nose is a different shape. Is that even her?

  27. Rob

    You people are easily impressed. she looks “good” relative to her normal state…or a better term is, um. better. She still looks like a foam muppet.

  28. Sliver

    If that’s her, she certainly looks better than usual.

  29. Cock Dr

    The heavy makeup she normally pastes on enhances the flaws and makes her look older.
    I worry that this could have serious economic repercussions to the US beauty and personal care industries. Once people start waking up from the marketing hypnosis they may begin to realize that they really don’t need those tanners, false eyelashes, painted talons, hair extensions, gels, toners, rouge etc. What happens then?

    • Then we can finally declare the War on Terror over. Or is it, then the terrorists win? One of those.

    • gumption

      I agree much of the crap we are marketed and buy, including myself, only makes us WORSE off. I had gorgeous hair before I was convinced I should color it and now it looks like shoe polish. Let’s faced it, a lot of people in hollywood are butt ugly without the fixer uppers, but the general public doesnt need to jump on board. Have you seen megan fox without make-up and the add ons? ugly. But kim k looks a lot better without the make-up, quite striking. Snooki looks a billion times better sans make-up and she is not fat anymore. yes she remains a midget but Im not sleeping with her so whatev

  30. Next you’ll be saying Lady Gaga looks cute when she gets up in the morning. Did I wake up in Bizarro world?

    (Yeah, she does look better though)

  31. Snooki No Make Up
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow so she actually is a Latina. Without the four tons of whore paint you can tell. She’s cute!

  32. dontlooknow

    Eeep! This can’t be the prototype for the Plastic Ugly-Doll!

  33. Jill

    We seriously live in a crazy ass world when one of the world’s best selling pop artists (say what you will about heer talent, Katie Perry sells some music) looks liek a god damn gargoyle wihtout makeup on while one of the least respected reality stars who treat herself like a human excriment recepticle looks like a lovely young girl (maybe to far there) when she washes her face.

    • rusty shakleford

      Ok, KP is indeed “one of the world’s best selling” – but you skipped over the respectability part (let me clue you in: it’s NOT there)…and the “lovely” part re: snooki is a bit much, dontchathink???

  34. Sheppy

    *So confused right now*

  35. Clarence Beeks

    I think she looks great. She is still a piece of shit, but she should stop wearing all that crap o n her face.

  36. Jill Ess

    I’d rather see Snooki without duck lips on.

    • oh i know

      but she NEEDS the lips ON, she usually looks like she has NO upper lip–this is actually an improvement!!

      • gumption

        she had filler in her lip so she is trying to look sexy. she needs to stick with the filller because she is missing a lip but slap that ugly ass duck face off

  37. Snooki No Make Up
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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I would hit it ’til she walked funny and I now feel vindicated in this decision. She’s rill perty

  38. MarkM

    Are you SURE you didn’t accidently switch the Snooki without makeup photos and the Jessica Simpson story below photos?

  39. dontkillthemessenger

    Ummm…. I still don’t see the pic of her looking good without (or even with) makeup.

  40. Snooki No Make Up
    Commented on this photo:

    damn! bitch is hot

    why the fuck does she hate herself>>>???

  41. Snooki No Make Up
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    Wow, she is really cute. Why does she put on so much ugly makeup?

  42. Mandy

    Let’s be realistic here. “No makeup”? Definitely not. Foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss – at the very least. Probably bronzer, blush and other stuff too.

    She looks good without the crazy dark eyeshadow, but this is far from “no makeup”‘.

  43. vekfan

    To fap or not to fap?
    But it’s Snoooooooooooki!
    *blows brains out*

  44. maddox

    Less makeup than normal is more like it. It is obvious that she is wearing makeup and that she knew she was going to have her picture taken, as evidenced by the fucking stupid “sexy” face she is trying to make. Still a pig!

    • I don’t know about the “knew she was going to have her picture taken” thing. For famewhores, this stupid duckface appears to be an autonomic response – like breathing, for most people.

    • mrsmass

      she knew she was going to have to picture taken because she took the picture herself.

  45. CranAppleSnapple

    If you can look cute like this, why would you ever turn yourself into the tranny oompaloompa we have been trying to shield our eyes from for the past few years?

  46. Snooki No Make Up
    Randy Landers
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    I’ve never understood women who are addicted to makeup. I remember seeing Asia Carrera without her exagerrated Asian makeup and thinking she was really hot with the natural look. Same way with Snooky. Ladies, KISS — Keep Is Simply, Stupid

  47. Snooki No Make Up
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s no way that’s her… The nose is different, nostrils visible, mostly flat cheeks.. come on.

  48. Jessesgirl

    She’s still wearing makeup, just minimal (foundation and eyeliner only). It’s a big improvement but please lose the lip injections.

  49. Anon

    Hard to tell if that is really Snooki without a booze going down her throat while Vinnie’s dick is up her ass at the same time.

  50. Snooki Lover

    What are you talking about? She looks good with makeup on, also.

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