Snooki’s Wearing a Neck Brace Now

May 31st, 2011 // 85 Comments

After crashing into her police escort yesterday and refusing medical treatment at the scene, here’s Snooki suddenly requiring a neck brace in Italy today which I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with the two police officers she put in the hospital having legal grounds to sue her, and everything to do with her not being accustomed to violently moving her neck back and forth. Definitely that last part. Us Magazine reports:

While Snooki is unlikely to face a criminal prosecution, she could be taken to court in a civil action suit by the two police officers injured in the crash. (The officers, ironically, were hired to escort the reality star through the ancient Italian city.)
“It was nothing serious and they have been released, but they will not be back at work for a week,” a Florence police spokesman said. Under Italian law, the male and female officer — who suffered whiplash injuries and cuts and bruises — have up to 90 days to decide whether to take civil action against Snooki.
As per Italian law, Snooki — having injured fellow motorists — automatically lost her license to drive in the country.

Granted, her pain in these photos is palpable, I love how Snooki tries to act like she got hurt, too, so why make-a with the lawsuits? Because getting injured suddenly makes you no longer responsible for your own actions, in this case, driving a moving vehicle into a parked car. I’m pretty sure that’s how that works. “Yes, your honor, my client did shoot the plaintiff, but for the record, the gun burnt his finger and it stings like a bitch. Move to dismiss.”

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News


  1. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    Is she going to be sticking it to the virgin Connie Swail later after the Pagan ritual?

  2. justahunch

    Because she didn’t look ridiculous enough already?

  3. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
    not first
    Commented on this photo:

    i have never seen jersey shore, yay me !

  4. Inmate 12236969

    Oh give me a fucking break man!

    • qwerty

      “The officers, ironically, were hired to escort the reality star through the ancient Italian city.”

      Police escort? Fucking hilarious….no one’s heard of this loser in Europe

  5. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    Holy shit. Just realized the neck brace was put on AFTER those sun glasses…. LMAO.

  6. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    Oh. My. God. She actually found a minion more hideous than herself…

  7. stevebeagle

    shoot that lil pig !

  8. Dirk Digler

    I’d let her gobble my Snooki, then shoot my Snooki all over her Snooki.

  9. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    She needs to be killed. Shame on Italy for letting this clowns stay there.

  10. Tyryannosaurus Rex

    “Oy! I’m a little verklempt, I have to go die now! Talk amongst yourselves.”

  11. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    I work all day and night to feed my family, and this person….. this person … I have no words.

  12. hmna

    I do have to admit it looks like she’s lost weight.

    • fx

      yep – the not so ample cleavage and disappearing cup size give it away. too bad the beer gut still wants to poke thru and say hello

  13. MarkM

    She probably got a thought in that empty head of hers and her neck couldn’t support the extra weight…She’s lucky to still be alive!

  14. fx

    I really hope some mafia dood gets offended by their show…

  15. Jake

    Pour some Gorilla Glue around that collar.

  16. whiskeyafternoon

    now, with the addition of the neck brace, she can really have the sort of correct posture she’ll need to compete with the top Pomeranians in the Toy Group at the AKC shows.

    • Fletch

      She already has the paws for it. And speaking of, wth are those things she wears around her feet? Is it cold everywhere she goes?

  17. Phukaduck

    Now her head looks like a “reservoir tip.”

  18. It had to be said

    That’s no neck brace. That’s a cone to keep her from chewing her own ass. My dog used to have one.

  19. MisterSuccint

    Wear it 8 inches higher and save the rest of us from eye injury.

  20. “No WAY, get OUT! they done decorated this whole city like that hotel in Vegas!”

  21. Inmate 12236969

    Where have I seen this before? Then it hit me Goons on the Popeye cartoon show.

  22. Blinded by the light.

    What. The. Fuck. Is. That?

    Whatever it is, shoot it and put it in the bucket.

  23. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
    pinto beans
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, step back and take it all in.

    Goddamn worthless. You know that film crew wants to commit mass suicide.

    • Ruth

      Nah, this is the same crew that filmed those documentaries in sea caves, up Everest, and in the cannibal jungles of Papua New Guinea and are now looking for that new adrenaline rush.

  24. GeneralEmergency

    Argggghhh! Snookie Mams!

    Where’s my EYE BRACE?

  25. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    Okay, I’m no fan of PETA, but this is going too far. Using Khloe Kardashian as footwear is way unethical!

  26. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    Oh look! It wasn’t a “real” neck brace. It was just part of her stripper costume for her new routine where she walks into a room full of men pretending to be handicapped. Oh wait . . .

  27. mouthy moutherson

    Not sure how she can be carrying what appears to be a heavy bag with a neck injury… unless of course it’s fake heavy bag.

  28. Sigh…you silly Italians. That collar is only going to keep Snookie from gnawing on her OWN crotch.

  29. Tom

    This Snookie is the ugly and fat only east coast guys watch or like this type of woman and us west coast guys can’t stand to look at such a thing, yes thing since we don’t call that a woman on the west coast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Elle

    Is it me, or does it slim her out a little?

  31. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    Snooki is not italian, SHE IS A CHOLA…she was adopted, so there is no italian blood there at all.

  32. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    “haha, just kidding”

  33. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it me, or does that chick slim her out a little?

  34. Turd Ferguson

    What a pig.
    Call me when the 15 minutes are up.

  35. Sharkbait

    As per Italian law, Snooki — having injured fellow motorists — automatically lost her license to drive in the country.

    Why doesn’t this exist worldwide

  36. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
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    Well, there goes the worker’s comp claim.

  37. When they threatened to introduce her to the Italian penal system, she thought they meant, ” penile” system, and her head popped off with excitement.

  38. The Critical Crassness

    No offense to the brilliant and witty contributors of this comment thread but I think ScarJo needs to find out who Snooki’s photographer was for this picture and make sure they are the one to take all of her candid running photos in the future. Whoever the photog is, they understand how to use bad camera angle to make a sad subject look almost human, even with a neck brace on.

  39. anonym

    everyone is looking at her like a circus attraction

  40. Rabbit

    Damn! She just looks like a fat little pig.

    Oink Oink!

  41. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
    Commented on this photo:

    “And if I wrap my maxi pad around my neck, I’m invincible…. or something, I don’t exactly remember it properly”

  42. mike

    Snooki has a neck now?

  43. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
    Scoots McGoots
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn, Ernest P. Worrell can still make me laugh with when he does the Auntie Nelda character.

  44. Jersey Shore Snooki Neck Brace
    Commented on this photo:

    well first off, thats not how you treat the brace snook. second, if your trying to use the excuse that you can not see whats going on down below the chest area as a reason to wear those boots, your full of shit. if you can run around waving it like a lunatic, you can see those boots as the wrongness that they are. stop this shit. stop it now.

  45. TomFrank

    I can’t believe she has more than one pair of those ridiculous fur boots. Do they have a name? ‘Cause if not, I’d like to suggest calling them Ughs.

  46. JohnS

    The newest reason why she can’t see her own feet.

  47. tlmck

    I finally get it. Snooki is the live action version of Miss Piggy.

    Sorry Miss Piggy.

  48. the captain

    a VAGINA-BRACE hasn’t been invented yet.

  49. cc

    Clearly someone tried to throttle her. Now the police have to narrow down the list of of suspects from ‘everyone in Italy that isn’t totally infirm’.

  50. KC

    She only needs a neck to keep her airhead from floating away.

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