Snooki is ‘Thin’ Now, Mel Gibson Said Words and A Special Holiday Message From Our Lord and Savior

[EDIT: Bumped Jesus to the back because the So Freaking Hot section pulls the first pic. Apparently you kids can’t get enough of your blurry, manipulative orange Ewok photos.]

Not so much in celebration of Zombie Weekend as hardly anybody’s at work to blow off being at work, we’re bolting for the day. Granted, we could cover the “explosive” Mel Gibson interview where he literally says nothing revelatory but people are breathlessly reporting that he doesn’t care if he acts again despite spending half the interview talking about how excited he is to act again. Also, no fellatio-themed threats of arson, so eff that noise. In the meantime, enjoy the pics of the new, “thinner” Snooki which she just posted on Facebook. I say “thinner” in quotes because clearly someone taught her about camera angles and the slimming qualities of having your picture taken from 800 yards away.

Most Important People up shortly. Stick around.