Snooki Gets One of Those CGI Videos

August 10th, 2010 // 31 Comments

I legitimately believed there was no way to top the Lindsay video. — I was wrong.

Adding… Haha! She can’t see above the water. It’s funny ’cause it’s true.


  1. chupacabra

    i love that.

  2. funny–if only there *were* such a trapdoor after 15 mins!

  3. Justin

    Clearly they’ve never actually seen her body before, or an Ewok’s for that matter.

  4. Bmurphy72

    that was AWESOME!

  5. Crusty

    Aside from having the occasional stuck accelerator and the tendency to bomb unsuspecting harbors on Sunday mornings, the Japanese are some funny-ass people..

  6. stinky mcpoop

    At least Adult Swim has the courtesy of translating them when they show them on TV. But I love these videos.

  7. bitingontinfoil

    OMG LMAO @ the bitchslap!!

  8. Bunny Girl

    this would be funny if it wasnt made by asians. theyre more annoying than anything on TV.

  9. Anony

    Obviously, whoever or whatever that makes these has now realized that we love them here.

  10. Viv

    Have they made one about Britney Spears?

  11. M

    What… the… fuck.

  12. ed47

    So Superficial is now the “All Snookie All The Time” website huh? That retarded orange midget makes my blood boil. I can’t in good concience continue to torture myself by seeing this whore on a daily basis. I’m outa here.

  13. underwaterlols

    hahaha omg the hot tub scene is great, too short for anyone to notice. The video probably replaces my current falcon punch remix of snooki actually

    Seriously, she gets out of a 10% tax tanning bead with a wine bottle and cracks obama in the face? wtf is this madness XD

  14. Internet

    Hate her — She wins.
    Love her — She wins.
    Either way — She wins.


  15. suck it

    This made my day. Fucking hilarious.

  16. Mayor of Loompa Land

    LMAO; Barry O. getting cold-cocked with a bottle. Love it!

  17. Haha, I loved the part “J-Woww has the biggest boobs.” Really all that needs to be said of her.

  18. TheAdmiral

    Whoever makes these videos is a genius. A GENIUS. The newspapers need to hire these people to save them from obscurity.

  19. captain america

    please let me raise her again?

  20. Snooki
    I still can't believe its not butter
    Commented on this photo:

    LMFAO shit is that Obama in the pic too?

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