Snooki Has A Fragrance, Too

December 2nd, 2011 // 66 Comments
Eau De Skank
JWoww Cleavage Fragrance
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Yesterday, we saw JWoww promoting her new fragrance “JWoww” at a Kmart, and now here’s Snooki promoting the also-creatively-named “Snooki” which we already knows smells like a dampened Ewok eager for cock, so naturally she’s at a Perfumania. On that note, just assume behind that paper wall is two shitting cows and a manager frantically breaking random bottles to mask the scent. “I think I did it, you guys. I’m only smelling lasagna and, wait – *sniff sniff* – shaggy vagina. Sonofabitch!”

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  1. If I want to smell bacon frying, I can go to a diner.

  2. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
    Commented on this photo:

    Big crowd.

  3. karlito

    to be sold at all Dollar Stores across North America.

  4. Hugh Gentry

    mmmmm….smokey bad breath.

  5. Dude of Dudes

    Smells like pickles, lasagna and a lifetime of despair.

  6. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    Goddamned right Snooki has a fragrance! It’s like wet dog with a tinge of bigfoot ass.

  7. Dan

    Is it just me or does Snookie look really good in these pics. I’m talking just about looks. Erase in your minds for a second how stupid she acts on the TV.

  8. sc4play

    Yes, I’ll bet she does!!!

  9. whiskeyafternoon

    and the fragrance is entitled “Wookie pheromones”

  10. Do_Freebird

    Eau de Used Condom

  11. EricLr

    Ahhh…t smells like moldy desperation!

  12. Vandinz

    Does it smell of crusty baby juice?

  13. Comes in two scents….. Bukkake and Yeasty Clot

  14. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    “Snooki” smells like semen and regret.

  15. adm.fookbar

    “Man, the other day the club the one stripper reeked so bad of vag I’d have given her a bottle of Snooki to make it more pleasurable.”

    Yea, I can see saying that. I guess she’s got her niche.

    (true story, btw, strippers wash your axe wound daily, and use wipes between dances)


    Not so much a fragrance as an odor – maybe sweaty ass crack.

  17. chev70

    Essence of Armpit, mmmmmmm.

    With the smell of a thousand under arm’s.

  18. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    Isn’t “fragrance” just a nice word for “odor”?

  19. Kris Jenner and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

    We simply don’t understand why those horrid people on that terrible show “Jersey Shore” are allowed to be on television.

    For us, airing a show presenting vapid and vacuous talentless persons without any redeeming values sets a terrible example and makes us question what is going on with television!

  20. Dave

    Snooki, fragrance? Must be an eau du “Toilet”

  21. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance Jionni LaValle
    Cock Dr
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    I see he dressed fancy for the rollout.

  22. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    Yes kids, you too can smell like the dirty dirty shores of Jersey and a lifetime of regret and stupidity. All for only $19.95.

  23. Bringbackbabalu

    Wait, what? Why does this even have a post on here, let alone its own post? MTV is for like 10 year olds, can we fucking get something less lame.

  24. The Royal Penis

    All the good comments already came out on the “Jwoww” version of this write up, my favorite being “It’s more an odor than a fragrance.”

  25. Poop head

    It’s called, Like Ass.

  26. Hilarious

    “Tuna” – By Snooki

  27. Venom

    Eau de Troll

  28. Tristyn

    Yeah!! Who doesn’t want to be covered in stupid drunken whore on a Friday night .?!?!?!

    • Good point. And since she’s gotten down close to fightin’ weight, she actually looks fuckable. But don’t forget the duct tape to keep her goddamn pie hole shut…but then how would she suck dick? Damn, this is getting complicated…

      • Venom

        What is sad is that all those exact thoughts you had about her I did too, especially the duct tape vs blowjob conundrum.

  29. Just in time for Christmas. I know what my wife is getting.

    • 0_o

      U must hate her, then. Jus get a divorce, instead of buying her something that makes her smell of desperate, whore, attention seeking cum dump

  30. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    i bet it smells like ragu and old tuna

  31. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    Wow, she actually looks kinda normal here.

  32. zomgbie

    k let me guess- walmart.

  33. TheMonkeemobile

    “Damn..something smells like sick on hot garbage with a side of covered in Camembert!”

    Nope Guess again! It’s the signature fragrance from Snooki!

    Now you too can learn to Identify Herpes just from the smell.

  34. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    she actually looks like a decent human being.

  35. Whoopi

    Snooki Has A Fragrance: Wet Dog Fragrance!

  36. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    be afraid be very afraid..

  37. ri

    Ha Ha I bet it doesn’t smell good!

  38. Nicks

    Why does it look like she has a hairy face?! Look at the close ups of her cheeks.

  39. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    It comes in a plastic spray bottle? Ooh, fancy.

  40. Meaty

    Who would buy this? What woman would see this in a store and go, fuck yeah, I want to smell like Snooki?

  41. forrest gump

    I can meet this BABY now?

  42. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    Jusding by the sexy legs on her handout, they photoshopped the eff out of her.
    Does Jionni have a job other then letting his GF humiliate him on national television?

  43. lkl

    Famous for nothing just like the Kardashians. Please make it go away.

  44. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    Just a spray will keep any decent person away.

  45. BillyBobsRevenge

    I’ve always wondered what the faint smell of sweat, semen, red bull, and vodka would smell like…

  46. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    a buggered vagina that hasn’t been cleaned for 2 weeks…

  47. Snooki Cleavage Fragrance
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    A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for cnotirubtnig!

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