Snooki Doing Yoga

September 20th, 2010 // 96 Comments

“We thought training the Ewoks in Eastern fighting styles might give us a tactical advantage ove Al Qaeda. Consequently, we ran into issues when their pickle rations dried up in the desert. The resulting mutiny was not… pleasant. On a quiet day, I can still smell singed fur and, provided the wind’s just right, Slim Jims. Extra spicy.”

- General David Petraeus, ISAF Commander speaking to U.N. Security Council.

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  1. captain america

    please let me teach her some other “sports”!!

  2. Schnib

    “Italian Princess” shirt? You aren’t even Italian, you dumb ho

  3. Snooki Doing Yoga 3
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    she should be barking like a seal here. BORK BORK BORK

  4. Alice

    I’m confused. Minus the tan, I think she’s really attractive. I don’t understand why everyone thinks she’s ugly.

  5. Nero

    They shouldn’t teach this toddler how to kick guys in the nuts.

  6. Rhialto

    One-leg balance and even one-knee balance?! The miracle of Nature! How does half a brain cell process all this data?!

  7. Snooki Doing Yoga 1
    Tracy J
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    Finally a subject that has actually brought a sense of humor back to the superficial writer. ahhh… all is well

  8. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
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    You’re doing it wrong, Snooks. Arm and leg are opposite one another.

  9. Roxy

    She’s doing it wrong. You do the bridge with arm and leg being opposite one another, not on the same side.

  10. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
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    Yeah, Roxy’s right, she’s doing it wrong. It’s also necessary to maintain neutral spinal posture while doing the Bird Dog (pic 2)

  11. Chris

    lol, that’s not yoga, that’s just some fat bitch trying to stretch. She can’t even keep her knees off the ground while doing upward dog.

  12. kidchaos

    Take off the Italian princess shirt you Chilean grenade-grundle-chode!!! Fuckin poser!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jim

    Shouldn’t her shirt say “East Indian Princess”?

  14. Snooki Doing Yoga 3
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    Upward pig

  15. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
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    what a pig

  16. Snooki Doing Yoga 3
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    Like a beached whale…only fatter and harder to get out of the way

  17. CathyCathyBoBathy

    I want to run over her with my mountain bike.

  18. ur momma sexed me

    For the next 6 weeks this picture will be my virtual cold shower on the interwebs while my wife can’t give it up.

  19. michael

    looks like the pilsbury dough bitch

  20. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
    evil bill
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    the haters are great, is there something wrong with a short thick chick? I think other than the face she’s pretty hot

  21. Anon

    that’s not a park that’s willy wonka’s factory. oompa loompas have to stay in shape to get ready to bust their moves

  22. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
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    wow evil bill is right there is nothinginh wrong wrong with a short thick chick…im 22 and im only 4″9…but im not a thick(well i am now but thats only cause im 6 month preg.)but stop hating on her…most italian women are short…all the women in my family is

  23. DarkSock

    I peed in a horse once.

  24. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
    Rick's Daddy
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  25. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
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    I heard that she’s not Italian, she was adopted. Her roots are from Chile, I believe.

  26. Snooki Doing Yoga 3
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    I think she’s adorable. She seems really nice too.

  27. gigi

    *ITALIAN* Princess huh? I guess they were out of the more accurate *CHILEAN* Princess shirts?

  28. Snooki Doing Yoga 3
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    Why is she wearing an italian princess shirt? She’s adopted, originally born from Chile, which means shes 100% chilean. I dont get her fascination with being italian, its such a downgrade even with people who are partially this nationality. she’s disgusting and representing something she’s not.

  29. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
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    What Ann wrote is correct. Snooki is Chilean.

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