Snooki Doing Yoga

September 20th, 2010 // 96 Comments

“We thought training the Ewoks in Eastern fighting styles might give us a tactical advantage ove Al Qaeda. Consequently, we ran into issues when their pickle rations dried up in the desert. The resulting mutiny was not… pleasant. On a quiet day, I can still smell singed fur and, provided the wind’s just right, Slim Jims. Extra spicy.”

- General David Petraeus, ISAF Commander speaking to U.N. Security Council.

Photos: Splash News


  1. It’s not Yoga. She’s just trying to pick herself up off the floor after a bender.

  2. Mary Jane

    More like Yogi.

    “Hey Booboo, I’m gonna get me one of those pic-o-nic baskets.”

  3. Talk about your “Down-ward facing Dog”…


  4. Viv

    Nice park, too bad about it’s visitor

    • Racer X



    • TAB

      Ha, ha, ha, ha..she doesn’t look as fat in these pics, at least to me. New face for Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Ediets?! As they are the only companies that I’m sure wouldn’t mind her being a face for them!

  5. Tyler

    yeah that’s not screaming “look at me look at me” at all.

  6. someone give the animal a pair of concrete slippers, so she can jump in the lake. please.

  7. Cock Dr

    Another day ending in the letter “Y” means another staged shot of this head case looking stupid. Well done MTV….the cable channel that helps inspire young Americans to buy stuff & act like drunken gangsta imbeciles.

    • The Only Hetero in this Joint

      You know – when Cock Doc takes the time to pull her examination mouth off of her patient she makes a lot of sense…

      • Cock Dr

        Is that how your Dr does it?
        When you’re an insecure & deeply closeted homosexual like TOHITJ I guess you have to grab any legitimate seeming excuse for gay sex that you can.

      • The Only Hetero in this Joint

        Maybe we should get Couple’s counseling? I’ll be Heidi Montag and you can be Spencer Pratt…

        Speaking of bombastic bullshitting: Are you really a Cock Doc or you just a Cock Dock wannabe…? (I’m betting you’re 350 lbs if you’re an ounce and your doc scrubs is really a moo moo.).

    • The Only Hetero in this Joint

      Wow Cock Doc a little defensive aren’t we? I mean I’m not the one who took the name Cock Doc as a moniker…

      Item 1 – Insecure? Yes aren’t all American males deeply insecure? Thanks to Obama admin, the economy, and rampant liberalism I’d hazard that most American men have no clue what it is to be a secure male in our society these days. We’re at fault for everything haven’t you heard?
      Item 2 – DEEPLY closeted? As opposed to shallow closeting? Interesting…I’ll bring this up with my therapist.

      Just spitballing out loud here but maybe you want to retake that bedside manner class you skippd out on cuz you were the quest hostess at a gang bang that day….

  8. dude

    the syphillis finally made it to her brain.

    There’s a “Retarded Midget” pose in yoga?
    Who knew?

  9. burton

    this woman is NOT HOT AT ALL.. there is nothing sexy or attractive about her, she is short and fat and in my books that is just not very pleasing to the eye.

  10. Q

    and lest we forget – this bitch is Peruvian or some shit…NOT Italian. What a lame phony. Honey, your problem isn’t your ethnicity, it’s your hoochiness!

  11. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
    Commented on this photo:

    Mmmmm I’d so totally do her, bet she’d be awesome in bed!!

  12. jains

    I really have to wonder by looking at her E.T. face, is she mentally retarded?
    does she have some sort of metal problem, why is her face so f8cked up?
    she kinda looks like a kid with down syndrome,
    I dont think is a race thing, btw what race is she, a mix between hispanic/asian and @sshole?
    why are her cheeks like that, is she deformed,
    I swear she looks deformed in the face,
    I’ve never seen another human being with her features or her proportions, the only thing coming close to her looks is sick people,
    so many questions…

    • I agree, every photo of her leaves me wondering if she’s mildly retarded. she holds facial expressions that normal people only have if they’re photographed like mid-sneeze, or one of those high-speed camera “punched in the face” pics.

      Every celebrity gets caught with one of these “looked really weird for a split second” photos, but with snookie it’s every damn time.

  13. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
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    you must be on crack, that woman is so gross and short and fat…all you would hear is complaining from her “i cant breathe your chest hairs are in my mouth”…too short and fat.

  14. GravyLeg

    America’s Accidental Sweetheart?

    We are in the DEEPEST of shit…

    I guess even celebrity quality is affected by recessions…

  15. Marcus

    lard butt

  16. Nancy Pelosi

    Looks like she’s about to go Daniel-san on Johnnie during the All Valley Karate Tournament.

  17. Snooki Doing Yoga 1
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  18. yikes


  19. Lady Blah Blah

    Superficial: presenting only an appearance without substance or significance.

    Snooki is overqualified.

  20. All the yoga in the world isn’t going to do anything about that alcohol gut.


  21. Snooki Doing Yoga 1
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    MTV must be destroyed

  22. fester

    Watch out Snooki, they’re after your Lucky Charms!

  23. Once again I’m led to believe MTV is using the same people responsible for every faked Speidi shoot to make the Jersey Shore idiots seem like everyday people.

  24. Racer X

    I’d hit it.

  25. akira

    she’s just….. busted, like you get mad if a girl like this is checking you out. Damn tv is awesome. It can make anything awesome

  26. greg

    I thought I felt a slight disturbance in Earth’s gravitational field.

  27. My only regret with this post is the ass shot wasnt from behind :-( but positive as a ucla coke test id hit it.. just the once..

    • anonymous

      Your statement is confusing because UCLA coke tests are inconclusive. Look at Lindsay Lohan. The fine experts there said she wasn’t a cokehead even though she left coke residue on her discharge forms.

  28. Is that Snooki or Captain Jack Sparrow?.

  29. not a hater

    she looks like she lost some weight!! Go Snooki! Make yo money!!!!!

  30. GravyLeg

    Italia Princess?


    Not even close…

  31. guy rossi

    Dear Al Qaeda,

    You were right

    I left the keys under the mat.

    Guy Rossi.

  32. jewishornet

    whats with the shirt? she is Chilean, not Italian…

  33. Mr. T

    You know if there is one thing nice about pics of Snookie on this site, is it brings all the different races, classes, genders, and political affiliations together….everyone hates this pig. Lots of times you see people arguing on this site but not with a Snookie Pic. We are one nation under God all hating this useless fat piece of shit. It’s quite beautiful seeing different people coming together united for one cause….

    • LOL Mr. T it is a beautiful moment in healing the wounds that divide us. Snooki is good for something after all. Who woulda thunk it?.

  34. welldoneson

    The A-10 was designed to provide close air support (CAS) for ground forces by attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with a limited air interdiction capability. It is designed exclusively for close air support.

  35. welldoneson

    No wonder Chile is so underpopulated

  36. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
    Commented on this photo:

    I would have given $100 for someone to come up behind her and give her an epic falcon punch right in that cesspool she calls a vagina

  37. Lionel Mandrake

    This has to be one of Fish’s funniest comments here in quite a while.

  38. Lady Blah Blah

    I’d hit that.

    With nunchucks.

    I’d tap that.

    Actually, I’d only double tap that.

  39. She looks way skinnier! She was becoming quite the heffer for a while there…

  40. I like how her shirt says Italian Princess and she is not even italian. What a moron.

  41. 100%

    This fucking Bridge Troll isn’t ITALIAN!!! She’s some dirty S. American orphan! FUCK HER!

  42. I just saw a magazine cover that said something along the lines of “Snooki’s Battle with an Eating Disorder”. I would say she won that battle quite handily.

  43. Pauly D

    you’re gonna need a lot more the yoga nasty lil spic troll. omg it urges me to no end that this disgusting vile creature claims to be itailan and a guidette. 100% you’re 100% correct. we need to boycott this pig asap!

  44. Snooki Doing Yoga 1
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  45. RantingOne

    Even more so than when she’s just standing there normally, her in that pose makes it impossible for me to resist the urge to kick her square in the cunt…

  46. RantingOne

    Oh, I also forgot to add:

    what an ugly, wop, twat she is…enjoy your 15 minutes you pig

  47. Rough "gots" game

    And I just saw Snookie in midtown today getting into a cab. Perhaps, she was trying to make it to General Petraeus’s speech at the U.N.

  48. Snooki Doing Yoga 2
    Commented on this photo:

    haha I’m just horny that’s all.. come on she’s not that bad!!

  49. Luca

    This retarded sea lion is not italian.

  50. getout

    Please, please stop posting this waste of carbon.

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