Snooki Doesn’t Want To Be Called Snooki

Paving the way for her to finally be called, “Shitty Wicket,” Snooki is reportedly tired of her famous nickname and wants to go back to whatever the hell her real name is. Snooktopher? Via the AP:

The reality TV star says the moniker that helped make her famous has gotten a little old and she misses her name.
“I miss my real name. I miss people calling me Nicole,” she said.

God, today’s celebrity are lazy. George Reeves was tired of being associated with Superman, but instead of bitching about it, he found a creative solution to his problem using hard work and good old-fashioned Chutzpah. Shit, even Mikey from Life cereal had the integrity to mix Pop Rocks and Coke. Be creative.

Photos: Splash News