Snooki Hosted a Pool Party

March 14th, 2011 // 224 Comments

Taking the old adage of surrounding yourself with women less attractive than you to a whole new extreme, Snooki hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas over the weekend where her bikini fought a losing battle with her ass, leaving nothing but death and carnage in its wake. Nuclear scientists are looking at these right now and wondering how radiation from Japan spread so quickly. “This can’t be right, and yet there’s Gamera eating that poor woman’s swimsuit. No, no, it’s too soon!”

Photos: Splash News


  1. Gen

    Her cottage cheese thighs and fat legs makes me feel better about myself. Honestly, she should go on a diet and stop embarrasing herself. She looks like a whale.

  2. cc

    Balloon knot? More like Hefty bag knot.

  3. Snooki Pig

    WOW!!! It’s a Jersey Boar!!!
    What a fucking pig!!
    What is her purpose in life , other than being a cum dumpster for guys with low self esteem?

  4. surlysara

    I didn’t realize that Spring Break was the official holiday of Endor.

  5. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like the creation of someone who hot-glued a dogs snout to a moldy catchers mitt.

  6. Shark60

    “That’s no moon, it’s a reality TV star.”

    “It’s too big to be a reality TV star.”

  7. medium rare

    Dirty rotten whore. I’d rather stick a broomstick up my arse than pleasure myself servicing that baboon.

  8. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Double D
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    Stegasaurus toe!

  9. Um, do they still sell the Thigh Master? Can they make one for her face as well?

  10. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    only strait man here
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    Be serious guys, that ass is AMAZING. Would so hit that.

  11. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    How is this fat little discusting slob ( that thinks she’s an A-lister ) get so popular and make so much money with her filthy mouth.

  12. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Now that is a poor quality camera, only one pic looks like it was taken by a pro. No one is perfect, so what can we say? Most photos on a magazine are photoshop

  13. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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  14. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Snooki needs to keep her cloths on or go on a diet . I mean quick fast and in a hurry. She’s not white or Italian she was adopted. She is hispanic from Chile, but she grew up in upstate NY.

  15. St.Ephanie

    Ew. Is she moo-ing?!?

  16. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    can you beleive this pig is getting rich on TV ? We’re doomed charlie brown !!!

  17. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    It looks like a hoggers paradise!

  18. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Oh my god, look at Ace Ventura birthing out of that crack

  19. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Simply put….she’s gross! That whole damn tribe of kids are gross!

  20. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Stop being so mean, guys! Snooki’s an awesome chick! All the

  21. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Snooki, I still love ya, hottie!!!!!! KEEP ON BEING YOU! You’re perfect!

  22. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Snooki, sweatheart, invest in a sarong. You have to have a near perfect ass to show off ass-meat like that. There’s no shame in wearing a little bit of a coverup over your bathing suit or finding clothes that fit properly. That way, people can’t take as many cracks at you.

  23. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Blue shirt looks to be having one helluva time. The one next to Snookie has a rockin body.

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