Snooki Hosted a Pool Party

March 14th, 2011 // 224 Comments

Taking the old adage of surrounding yourself with women less attractive than you to a whole new extreme, Snooki hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas over the weekend where her bikini fought a losing battle with her ass, leaving nothing but death and carnage in its wake. Nuclear scientists are looking at these right now and wondering how radiation from Japan spread so quickly. “This can’t be right, and yet there’s Gamera eating that poor woman’s swimsuit. No, no, it’s too soon!”

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  1. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Commented on this photo:

    That, my friends, is one hungry ass.

  2. Xavi

    uff, short lefs, fat ass..
    sooo wrong!

  3. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Damien Louis
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    OMG, they started filming Big Mama IV already.

  4. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    still hit it
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    thats not a pool in vegas……its a watering hole inthe sahara

  5. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I think I threw up in my mouth. Honestly, she’s supposedly like 5 years younger than me but she looks like and and has an ass like a 40 year old …. hmm

  6. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    is it me or does everyone look bored

  7. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    umm…are they barking at each other?

  8. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Bill Gates Jr. in the back there looks like he was headed to the golf course and got terribly, terribly lost.

  9. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    It’s like I can hear it as I’m looking at it….a mixture of Auto-Tune and that loud sound in Titanic when the ship crashes iceberg and I have to turn down my surround sound.

    Her inner ass cheeks to her suit bottom: “We’ll never let go, Poof-beast. We’ll never let go.”

  10. MLVC

    That is what caused the tsunami and killed all those japs….no way that does not smell like the Hudson River.

  11. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    The Truth
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    she is cock deisel, I bet she becomes a wrestler or monster truck driver.

  12. Where the hell are the Inuit people when the world needs them….

  13. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I thought heels were supposed to make a girls ass look good, not like siamese twins attached at the head.

  14. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    This right here is the cause of the earthquake.

  15. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Does anybody remember in Big Fish when they looked into Helena Bonham Carter’s eye and saw their own demise? I’m pretty sure this is what they all saw.

  16. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Kurt C
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    That bathing suit reminds me of that scene in Road Trip.

  17. Bob’s Big Boy has a new look. Called short fat troll.

  18. Ch4p3l

    That’s a huge bitch!

  19. America, this is what you get for teaching your kids that “ALL that matters is that you believe in yourself”. Nice job.

  20. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    So, how big are they making tanning beds these days?

  21. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    Something feels wrong here, it’s too easy…..Ackbar may be right, it’s a trap….guys, she’s a tard, you guys are making fun of one of them mongoloid tards…karma biotches, karma

  22. Everyone loves Marineland…

  23. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    If you look like that at 22 you’re looking at riding the scooters around Walmart by 40.

  24. Even Manbearpig would not be able to touch this. Ewww!

  25. Yeah Right

    the fat girl is hotter than her royal pancake ass thunder thighs

  26. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    This is the sort of picture that makes straight men gay and gay women straight.

  27. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Snooki Lover
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  28. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Snooki Lover
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    And yes, I meant that un-ironically.

  29. Everyone needs to leave this poor old lady alone.

  30. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Work it Khloe!

  31. Michelle

    Wow is that shirt ever slimming! Good pick who is your stylist. lmfao

  32. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I have heard people say to look skinnier hang out with people fatter than you…these people obviously haven’t seen this picture.

  33. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    billa bong
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    Please stop publishing anything about her — let her go away.

  34. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    It’s like a retarded pygmy drank a lot of cheap tequila, mated with a rabid rhinoceros, and 9 months later barfed this thing out onto a pile of fresh dog shit. Except less appealing.

  35. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    This is the best example of plate tectonics I’ve seen today.

  36. Carson

    High School Rule 57: Screaming like an ass and drawing attention to one’s self defeats the purpose of wearing a tee-shirt to a pool party.

  37. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    And to think they put this girl on the cover of Rolling Stone. I didn’t think RS could go any lower or lose any more relevance, but clearly, I was wrong.

  38. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I was going to make a joke about the squeeking sound of so many naked thighs rubbing together but that might suggest that anything in this picture is tighter than a bowl of oatmeal.

  39. cc

    At least the one in yellow wore a shirt long enough to hide her gunt.

  40. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I nearly choked on my oatmeal… on a different note, the guy in the background has a “I wish I had choked on my oatmeal this morning” look about him.

  41. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    yo that has will put u out… one fart..

  42. kara

    do her thighs attach for 8 inches as if she had webbed toes? please at least cut her head off so i don’t have to see her face

  43. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I hate you for this. So, so much.

  44. Alaran

    Jesus, like we haven’t had enough tsunami warnings for one month.

  45. Burt

    I bet she’s amazing at doing the cannon ball.

  46. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I bet that guy is going to show up on an episode of “I Shouldn’t Have Survived”…

  47. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Hakuna Matata!

  48. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    the captain
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    oh yeah O YEAH: PORN WITH HER MAY CAUSE DEATH, folks!!

  49. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Oh Snap
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  50. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Commented on this photo:

    with the heels, i’m going to put her at 3ft. TOPS.

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