Snooki Hosted a Pool Party

March 14th, 2011 // 224 Comments

Taking the old adage of surrounding yourself with women less attractive than you to a whole new extreme, Snooki hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas over the weekend where her bikini fought a losing battle with her ass, leaving nothing but death and carnage in its wake. Nuclear scientists are looking at these right now and wondering how radiation from Japan spread so quickly. “This can’t be right, and yet there’s Gamera eating that poor woman’s swimsuit. No, no, it’s too soon!”

Photos: Splash News


  1. I would totally demolish every single one of those little butterballs with my meat hammer.

  2. What shocks me is that a “pool party” hosted by Snooki is in Vegas and not Kirstie Alley’s gravy filled belly button. But then again, unlike Vegas, I guess Kirstie Alley has standards.

  3. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    The hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), or hippo, from the ancient Greek for “river horse” (ἱπποπόταμος), is a large, mostly herbivorous mammal in sub-Saharan Africa, and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae (the other is the Pygmy Hippopotamus.) The hippopotamus is the third largest land animal (after the elephant and the white rhinoceros) and the heaviest extant artiodactyl, despite being considerably shorter than the giraffe.

  4. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Is she serious with this? She is HUGE. I am a size zero and I would still not wear a full on bikini in public. How humiliating are these photos? Do these people not realize they are making asses of themselves? Gross, this is so trashy and people actually like these low class people.

    • JR

      oh please, come on, not everybody has to be overly obsessed with their weight! If she’s happy with her body and can be proud of who she is without being a size zero- kudos to her. You should be jealous of the confidence she has that you’re lacking, rather than being disgusted.

      • Really JR? Pride without accomplishment? Confidence without ability? That’s something to envy?

        Self reflection is not a liability, it’s a internal “spell-check” built in to prevent this sort of ass-clownery. Just because somebody doesn’t have self doubts doesn’t mean they aren’t a piece of shit, it usually means the opposite.

  5. Steve

    Grandma? Is that you? I thought you died 5 years ago!

  6. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Pretty sad

  7. stink-pants

    Pool Party?
    More like a drove of pigs wallowing around a mud puddle.

  8. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    can somebody please tell me how do you get a ass that big into a bikini that small????

  9. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    “Release the Kraken!”

  10. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I have seen the face of Hell; Somehow I always knew it would involve Jersey.

  11. Deacon Jones

    I’m sure the group conversation is enthralling.

    It probably sounds like the dude from “Saw” talking to himself.

  12. Myclamisaninnie

    she is fugly, but she is enjoying life more than all of you do in a month.


    • I guarantee you that any woman who”s drunk 24/7 and still resorts to a coverup wherever she’s near a pool, beach or any other body of water to cover her fat rolls really isn’t enjoying life.

  13. cc

    Hmmm, reminds me of a stripjoint I heard of where they pay customers to show up.

  14. Compound9

    Run hide Save yourselves.

    Holy Shit the Troll Escaped, Hide the Unicorns. Hide them all now if she tastes one she will never stop eating!!!

  15. Peter Pantsless


  16. Righteous, dude

    I would perform analingus on Snooki all night long. Yuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Shabazz P. Jones
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    does anyone except for guido douchefaces from noo joiyzee think this ceature is fuck worthy?

  18. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Righteous, dude
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    Does her wrist band say “repulsive”?

  19. Fame Whore

    She has problems.

  20. I think you accidentally added the letter “L” in the “Pool Party” headline.

  21. Arzach

    The Japan earthquake had awaken Godzilla!!!

  22. cc

    So, is a huge gravy boat called a trough?

  23. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    horn dog
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    Is that for real? It looks like they took the pic while standing in front of a fun house mirror – everything is so wiiiiiiiiiiiiide

  24. Ishmail


  25. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Cock Dr
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    Frolicking fatsos…..dangerous to all unstable tectonic plates on the planet.


    It’s one of those trolls I’ve been talkin’ about. You people think I’m crazy!

  27. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    So that’s where Kate Gosselin disappeared to..

  28. Ray Sist

    Where is some crazy Muzzie when you need them.

  29. Mike


  30. GrandDragon

    There is no line of delineation between her ass and the back of her thigh. Very cartoon-like.

  31. The Critical Crassness

    There is something demented and very warped about an landlocked whale hosting a pool party!

  32. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Somewhere there is some lonely trucker wondering what happened to his hat!

  33. Clarence Beeks

    on the one hand, good for her for being proud of her body, and having the self esteem not to care what people think.

    On the other hand, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT.

  34. I hear she made a big splash.

  35. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Double D
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    Wow. Right past cankles and straight to thankles. Yup – thigh/ankles.

  36. Good call

    “…where her bikini fought a losing battle with her ass.”

    Bravo, sir, bravoooo!

  37. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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  38. Turd Ferguson

    Come on – when will this shit end?
    What a fucking disgrace.

  39. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    At least she has the fat legs to go with the fat ass, consistency, unlike Kim K’s

    • Ginger

      That is just because she can’t afford as much lypo as Kim can. And yeah, she really should have borrowed Kim’s leather pants.

  40. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Shut the hell up @JP @ELLE @ LAFAB2001 some people can not help their weight, get a life assholes.

    • DM

      They might not be able to help it, but they can wear clothing the correct size. No reason her ass should be sucking those shorts faster than she can finish a dozen of dunkin’ donuts.

    • That is true Andrew. But is they have any regard for their fellow human beings they don’t have to put that crap on display.

  41. Man, I thought I was logged on to “People of Walmart” for a second there.

  42. Hey Snooki, Everything Heinous And Nauseating About the World As We Know It called – it wants you back.

  43. antoine bugleboy

    It looks like Mr. Tumnus from Narnia right after the White Witch turned him into a stoned orange douche.

  44. She looks like a real dope in those trucker hats.

  45. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Commented on this photo:

    Snooki is a hybred of an EWOK and a WOOKIE..

  46. Queequeg

    Hog calling at the livestock show.

    I guess I meant sow calling, sorry.

  47. She fat, ugly, trashy, low class….wtf? Do these people not know how ridiculous they look? Snooki is HUGE, she looks like she can roll instead of walk. YUK. And it is sad to know that she actually has “fans”..

  48. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    I thought the most horrifying images I would see all week would be the tsunami and earthquake damage in Japan.

  49. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Her legs look like drumsticks from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Except not the kind I want to bite in to.

  50. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Wait a minute, Vegas isn’t on the exact opposite side of the earth as Japan by any chance?

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