1. god dammit i looked :(

  2. Maeby

    what am i lookin’ at here?

  3. dafs

    Snooki loves being photographed, but apparently her bikini is camera-shy.

  4. bernard

    4-way death snatch
    the cosmic chasm that will destroy us all

  5. Codot

    I have seen the face of Hell; Somehow I always knew it would involve Jersey.

  6. Shabazz P. Jones

    does anyone except for guido douchefaces from noo joiyzee think this ceature is fuck worthy?

  7. That, my friends, is one hungry ass.

  8. I thought heels were supposed to make a girls ass look good, not like siamese twins attached at the head.

  9. Anon

    This right here is the cause of the earthquake.

  10. Drea

    Does anybody remember in Big Fish when they looked into Helena Bonham Carter’s eye and saw their own demise? I’m pretty sure this is what they all saw.

  11. So, how big are they making tanning beds these days?

  12. This is the sort of picture that makes straight men gay and gay women straight.

  13. jlo


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