Slash’s Wife Sounds Reasonable

Despite backstage at an Ozzy concert being a classy and regal affair, Slash’s wife Perla Ferrar decided to prove she’s not the jealous type by kicking a woman directly in the stomach, according toTMZ:

According to the police report, it all went down backstage — where Slash and Mrs. Slash were hanging out after Slash performed.
Sources connected to the victim tell us Mrs. Slash — aka Perla Hudson — saw her rock star hubby talking to the other woman and flipped out. We’re told Perla approached the two and kicked the other woman in the stomach.
The alleged victim refused medical attention — but she did contact police and filed a report naming Perla as her attacker.

In Perla’s defense, the two recently called off their divorce, and it’s pretty much a given that any woman hanging out backstage just wants to bang a rock star. Which is why you never see Ben Roethlisberger back there. “Ew, wait. They want to have sex? That’s gross. Have you seen my knife?”

Photos: Flynet