Now Sinead O’Connor Is Just Making The Difficult Brown Too Difficult

“Remember the other day when I said, ‘Barry, difficult me brown!’ and you said, ‘Sinead, you can’t bloody come in here naked smokin’ a wee crack pipe? This is my office!’? What’d ya mean by that?”

What was once a tale of true love triumphing on the wings of butt sex, Sinead O’Connor and Barry Herridge’s marriage has fallen apart again because apparently my heart’s doomed to be a trapped passenger on their brown roller coaster and it’s difficult voyage. So here’s the crazy explanation from Sinead’s blog because have I mentioned she’s an insane crack addict? She’s an insane crack addict:

Ireland is a very fucked up country. Certain sections of our media are pure evil. These people, along with others caused enormous damage deliberately and maliciously to my innocent flower of a husband, purely because he was with me. And so his association with me became something very bad for his life. And slowly since we were married I became very ill as result of what was done to my husband and i was unable to cope. And became depressed..
The behaviour of one particular paper resulted in very serious damage to my husband and myself personally and consequently made the marriage untenable so that it is now over and I hope the media will kindly leave the poor man alone to get on with his life.
I will never again associate myself romantically with anyone as I could not bear to see these things done again to someone I love.
I have been told by the one paper who tried to destroy my husbands job that it is entirely my fault they did as I don’t just shut up and sing.
Well guys.. I’m gonna be me. And if anyone doesn’t like that they can seek therapy. Because I am wonderful. Exactly as I am. As Bridget Jones would say. And I shall continue being me. If being me means certain Irish media will try to destroy my romantic life.. So be it.. I have ten fingers and a number of toys (not really the toys.. But need them now so maybe u cud all post me some!)

So basically Sinead O’Connor is saying she’s Bridget Jones if Bridget Jones solicited butt plugs online and the Irish newspapers can fuck up as many marriages as they want because she’ll never give up her love of difficult brown blogging and the deep emotions it creates within her b-hole. Wow, I don’t see how she could’ve spelled it out any clearer. Up your arse, Irish media!

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