Simona Fusco, so, uh, wow, you just pull em out like that often?

March 27th, 2008 // 249 Comments

Simona Fusco Stratten apparently decided to air off her boobs while vacationing in Hawaii. Clearly those things were burning up because, damn, I’m sorry Kim Kardashian lovers, but there is all kinds of things right with this woman. And not because Simona flashed her jubilees like the sea water is the antidote. Which pretty much makes her a shining beacon of inspiration. I mean, Jesus is sitting in heaven right now going “And, fuck, I just got served. Way to be, JC.”

Big thanks to Roy who saw boobs and knew to contact a real expert. Then eventually me when that guy didn’t get back to him.

NOTE: First four pics are NSFW because of the wind in the boobage.


  1. HuckyDucky



  2. rosa parx

    if you are what you say you are..
    a superstar…
    than have no fear.
    the cameras are here!

    I have to shit so bad that i have chills.

  3. rosa parx

    It is not difficult to see why this can be an advantage, including the fact that traffic cones also have the same plastic rim.

  4. fABIO

    JESUS get a new story/post/whatever.

    This chick is busted. I prefer the European dark-haired beauties who have 0% body fat and smoke like fuckin chimneys.

  5. Meaghan

    I have abnormally swollen veins in the anus. I guess that is what is called hemmeriods. They are much like varicose veins you might see on legs. Sometimes I feel it swell, burn, and itch, becoming very painful, sometimes even bleeding a little. I would like to know why we get it and do I have to see my doctor, also what kind of treatment they use for hemmeriods?

    On a related note, I’m thinking about removing this site from my list of gossip entertainment as I don’t like the spin on this article (& others for that matter). Get a picture with Angelina Jolie in bikini and her tats and everyone’s like ‘oooh hot!’

  6. Auntie Kryst

    Simona, I’m shaped like a apple, as you are, kinda, most all my weight is in the abdomen. I had to have a hormonal shot to get my period started even after going through puberty. I have A LOT of hursitism. I have to shave daily and get a “five o’clock shadow.” I can count on two hands how many times I’ve had my period without hormonal help. My daughter already has the symptoms and is only 17. Please help me. I’ve got to loose this weight, but it seems impossible to do!

    I have been battling a weight problem for years. My husband has constantly questioned me as to why I could not be successful like other women. I have recently come to terms with some hurt from the past. I feel like I can finally beat my issue of having a weight problem. However, at the same time, my husband has the need to play mixed doubles tennis. I am very jealous and asked him not to. He said I am over-reacting. I feel like this is a real kick in the teeth. Am I over-reacting, or do I have a legitimate reason to feel hurt? Regardless, he is playing tennis.

    hmm. ive got to change my id here.

  7. Bhoona

    WAKE UP SUPERFISH AND GET A NEW POST ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joe C

    She looks pretty good except for the cottage cheese all over her ass and thighs. She’s still fuckable, just from the front.

  9. stickykeys

    ooooh mama!
    *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*

  10. Dumpy

    Wow. I just blew a pretty nice load over these pix!

  11. I this this chick has induced a virtual bukkake.

  12. race

    Okay, am I the ONLY one that noticed that you can see EVERY single rib in pic #6???? She is too f’ing skinny. And even worse, she is skinny fat, meaning she has no muscle definition what-so-ever. I don’t get the fascination!!

  13. Releasevalve

    @212, you got that right. I’m still cleaning up!

  14. Hemlock Queen

    Who is this bitch?

    Grandma Lobster Tits. eeew.

    Pubelicity Whore. Nothing more.

  15. Meaghan

    I should have never started the weed isn’t a drug debate here because clearly 90% of the people who come on here are intelligent or cool enough to formulate their own opinion on anything. These are most likely the people who pop prescription pill after prescription pill, and then say weed is a drug. Hey you guys, plants are bad for you! Lettuce is like crack to me. I get so fucked up when I smoke it…haha. Heroin? Fuck you, I would never do heroin I’ve witnessed what heroin does my entire life to people because I grew up in Southern California where they have other drugs to worry about besides weed, you pussies. It must suck to be from some town where weed is all outlawed. Out here in Southern California if you get pulled over with weed, as long as it’s under an oz the cops will give it back to you because they’ve got better substances that they know are a true threat to society to go after, such as heroin or meth even.

  16. Meaghan, shut the fuck up.

  17. Meaghan

    Elliot, ohhh herr ha ha ha ha good one. I’ll shut up, only if you use my anus as a vaporizer from some kind of Kush.

  18. Meaghan love...

    …may I grudge fuck you sweetheart? I like your posts even if I hate you. You make this fetid cellar of perverted psychosis a bit more so. I like that.

  19. commish

    *shaking head*

    Meaghan’s posts are like late night schizophrenic blatherings. If you want to post inane personal shit, go to and let it out.

  20. Meaghan, shut the fuck up. I hope the fingertip fairies pay you a visit while you sleep and lop the tips of yours off.

  21. Spud Nokker

    Mo’ of the ho’

    works for untitled 1-35 or so.

  22. lila

    This chick becomes more and more of a camera hag with each passing “article.” She isn’t even that pretty, take those implants away and that stringy straw hair and you have a too-tanned boy.

  23. “peach of an arse”

    Uh yeah, if you mean man-bum. She seems to have left her ass in her other bathing suit.

  24. s0fa

    wow look at that tan line, been wearing the bikini everywhere?

  25. That’s so sexy and hot .She is so pretty .I love her style.I saw her always dating in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . c o m”.Dose she had searched her new love in this site?Dose she really has a new baby?

  26. CJ

    It’s called a boob…what is the big deal? I don’t know why she is even bothering with any kind of suit or cover…it’s obvious it’s annoying her. The world would simply implode if suits were just simply not worn…but tugging away at suits makes more sense. right. Let’s go back to insisting on ankle length dressing for the beach and be done with it.

  27. Erica

    Who the fuck is she!?

  28. xc

    seriously your taste in women is horrible. kim kardasian is wayyyy better looking than this bitch. i dont even know who she is but shes got a cellulite ass and ugly face


    I was interested to see what you cunts male and female had to say on this. You all are fuckin brain dead and should go fuck yourselves. I’m leaving you perverts to bitch with each other forever. You should be on Grow up and find some balls…………

  30. She is hot. Just saw her sexy photos on a dating site called WealthyLoves.c o m where people can find their perfect matches or quality friendships. Don’t know if it is her.

  31. mike

    Now that’s hot…..Kim is a dog!

  32. mike

    Kim a godess?? thank god we all have our own taste because Kim is the most unattractive beast I have ever seen.

  33. Alex López

    que buen fudillo de vieja

  34. what the fuck happened to this?


    this site and all its comments used to make me laugh so fucking much.

    now its just full of dumb fucks that have nothing better to do than to make fun of one another rather than the stupid celebs.

    Meaghan, i fucking hate you. what you say isn’t the truth it is just you trying to stand out because you think the people on the internet (not just on this site) are your friends. because you can’t fucking get any friends in real life. fucking cunt go die.

    come on people!!! lets get back to the making fun of the celebs not talking about each other and about fucking pot

    by the way who the fuck is Simona Fusco?

  35. Can I play motorboat with her butt cheeks please? YUM!

  36. Jowe Baker

    Well whoever she is that god fot the Superficial! She is really hot!

  37. ashesvicious

    Omg, I can’t even read all this pathetic bull shit, but I do have to say that MEAGHAN is a fucking retard. You’re seriously that proud that you smoke weed? Like fucking no one else does? Like it makes you awesome? You’re so fucking pathetic, I seriously hope something bad happens to you and you’re no longer able to have these thoughts. Omg, dumb bitch.

  38. ashesvicious

    And #230 – “Grow up and find some balls………”??? Seriously? What is that even supposed to mean? Holy shit.

  39. joe

    wow. First ive seen better looking girls then this but she’s not bad.

    And to all u ppl on here who talk crap about each other are pathetic. Get lives

    Granted some are funny but most are stupid

    And to this meghan girl. U talk about being in so cal and that pot isn’t a drug. Its still a drug no matter where u live. Granted like everyone at my high school has tried it cuz its popular out here, but it still is illegal. I live in so cal (represent!!!!!) but it doesn’t mean I do pot. U say its not bad and nobody cares if u do it, that’s wrong cuz it leads to stronger drugs like x and crack

    I look forward to ur response :)

  40. great photos and amazing information about Simona Fusco, so, uh, wow, you just pull em out like that often? thanks

  41. I love her thanks for sharing Simona Fusco, so, uh, wow, you just pull em out like that often?

  42. Sabine

    Thanks, little girl, for exposing her buttcrack to us!

  43. haha funny pics, thanks for sharing the anatomy of a beautiful woman.

  44. Uhh she is so hot…

  45. Where to find nmore pictures?

  46. First time in my life I see such a great classification on scheduling blogs.

  47. nice post here,thanks for share!thanks again!

  48. now its just full of dumb fucks that have nothing better to do than to make fun of one another rather than the stupid celebs.

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