Simona Fusco, so, uh, wow, you just pull em out like that often?

March 27th, 2008 // 249 Comments

Simona Fusco Stratten apparently decided to air off her boobs while vacationing in Hawaii. Clearly those things were burning up because, damn, I’m sorry Kim Kardashian lovers, but there is all kinds of things right with this woman. And not because Simona flashed her jubilees like the sea water is the antidote. Which pretty much makes her a shining beacon of inspiration. I mean, Jesus is sitting in heaven right now going “And, fuck, I just got served. Way to be, JC.”

Big thanks to Roy who saw boobs and knew to contact a real expert. Then eventually me when that guy didn’t get back to him.

NOTE: First four pics are NSFW because of the wind in the boobage.


  1. carly

    i must know if her boobs are real or fake

  2. hahaha

    #36, awww, too jealous? It’s not Kim Kardashian’s fault that your boyfriend jerks off thinking of her and that you look like a fart next to her. Chill out and don’t be so jealous and maybe guys will like you more.

  3. meaghan

    on a related note….

    Last night I was at a party and I am nowhere near my goal when I weighed in today I was 337 lbs or so and this is in the morning usually night is not even that high . Anyway I am small portions of food but drank almost a full 2 litter of Ice tea at about 700 cals . I was very upset at the weight coming on I was really hoping to have hit my under 330 goal which will take me even longer now :(

    but im still busty and beautiful, what you think boys?

    Want me?!?!?!?LOL ROFLMAO !!!

    who wants a picture?

  4. Hey Meaghan

    Would you please set up your web camera and go ahead and tell us the link and then kill yourself. Or at least let us watch some giant black guy ass rape you or maybe gargle with feces for us. OK?

  5. alright!


    You’re kind of a douche…not quite like Binky, but a little on the lines of Randal.

    However, you are spot on here. Jesse’s just a dumb unclefucker.

  6. Groucho

    This is why I miss European beaches.

  7. Kim K is Fat, Simona is HOT

    Kim Kardashian is a fat pig. Her ass is repulsive and cottage-cheesy when she’s not wearing PADDING in it. Her tits, whatever, typical fat woman saggy big-nippled mother fuckers. Nothing I’ve never seen. And definitely not sexy. Not to mention her jiggly mid-section that she thinks is OK since she has a big lumpy ass and huge sag-tits. I’d fuck Simona before that fat whore anyday. Fake or not, those are nice tits! Perky, nice sized nipples…I’d suck on those any day. Gimme the thin girls, keep your ‘BBW’ Aka Fat Women Who Like To Think They Look Good.

  8. mike

    Meaghan, I want a picture. I think you are hot.

  9. Chris

    I love how many of you say alot of these celebs are ugly….and if you werent behind a computer you would be drooling over most of them and they wouldn’t even be looking at you.

    Behind computers geeks are so touch its funny

    ‘her boobs are so fake eww’ meanwhile in real life your staring like an idiot

    revenge of the nerds online.

  10. Meaghan

    Sure Mike, let me wipe my acne infested cellulite ridden dinge berry danglin’ ass and send it to you. That should give you and idea of my face.

  11. Meaghan

    Hey Auntie Kryst, nice attempt but of course I figured out that was you just from looking at the opening of the post. Your writing style is so predictable. Which is why I own you at this game. Seriously, you arguing with me is like me trying to out run some kind of Jamaican Olympic track star.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    Hey Meaghan BITCH

    i always knew you were a fat whore

    Let me say that I do not intend to be modest in this post. I DESERVE THIS! Yes, I do. I have been following the strictest diet in the world and exercising fairly regularly. I have been faithful my diet and exercise for months now, and now wieh a dainty 267lbs.

    you on the other hand are a fat whore

  13. mike

    So which Meaghan was offering the picture? The real one or the troll? I would still love to see a picture of the real Meaghan.

  14. Naya

    She’s got an amazing body! i just LOVE that swim suit!! anybody knows where buy one like this??

  15. Meaghan

    Mike, I am really popular with quite a few guys I know if you know what I mean,
    so what makes you think a pretzel like me needs a beer can like you, you fucking loser?

  16. holby

    how on earth is Kim Kardashian fat?

    some people have lost all sense of reality.

  17. martino

    @ 51

    They look like fake tits that have been made pliable by pregnancy (or gravity)

  18. alright!

    @59 — agreed.

    I imagine that the typical eggplant shaped person typing “Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguillera are fat!” probably pays for sex with people who are much feral-looking than a serial killer.

    I’m sorry…Kim Kardashian might not float everybody’s boat, and I honestly can see how she might not, but the commentary on her tends to border on third grade stupidity.

  19. kali

    can you say SUNBURN?

  20. alright!


    Wal-Mart. With the right body, the suit doesn’t matter.

  21. Auntie Kryst

    @61 What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t disagree my writing is predictable, that’s why I can’t believe you are confusing me with someone else. I’m still giving you shit on that Janice Dickinson story. I hadn’t bothered to read these posts until now. I do like how you trolled me to insult yourself though #62. You win with that maneuver. That wasn’t pathetic at all. I’ll let you go ahead and argue with yourself here on out. Enjoy.

  22. mike

    @65 Meaghan, That is pretty rude. I have not given you any crap like many other in here. I am assuming this is the troll Meaghan and not the real one. Who ever it is, you can kiss my ass!

  23. Auntie Kryst

    @61 Was it the #53 post? I can see that, I would start a post that way. Nope, not me though. Obviously I let myself get suckered into another troll merry go round, I should know better. I’ll just cover every bases and call all of you douchefuckers just to be safe. “Douchefuckers.”

  24. #10 is a fucking douchefucker too. What did I just say? I said I was never coming back to this site, so obviously the #10 was not me. .

  25. Conscience_Found

    This week of her vacation has been a photographic bonanza!

    I bet the bikinis funky by now tho.

    Meaghan its nice to see you fell off the Jesus wagon as we all knew you would.

  26. I have a cold

    I think I have a sinus infection. When I look at the snot after I blow my nose, it’s green and there is also a little bit of blood in there, too. It’s very thick and it’s such a momentary relief to get all that stuff out of my nose, but 30 seconds later, I’m all plugged up again. It’s like sex with my black boyfriend. It feels so good when he’s finished and pulls out, but then he just wants back in again. Sex with my black boyfriend hurts because he is very large. I wish I had Oprah’s va-ja-ja which must be larger than mine, since she is a black woman and I’m not.

  27. pat

    I’d do ‘em both – and I’m not even a teacher.

  28. I have a cold

    You guys sound so sexy. I wish I could put all your penises inside my vagina at the same time!

  29. FRIST, how was the dentist??

  30. kitty_kat

    Who the hell is this chick and why are we suddenly seeing so much of her? How much is her publicist paying you, Fish?

  31. alright!


    You’ll be back. I keep hoping Meaghan will go away, and she won’t. I have no animosity to you or your trolls, so I will spread chicken’s blood at my computer and stage a ceremony in order to bring you back.

    You’ll need to come back. Binky’s parents usually don’t let him out of his cage until late at night. You probably won’t get to review his genius postings until morning.

  32. yogagirl

    You provincial morons. You’ve never been anywhere out of the USofA obviously. If you had ever been to Europe you would get so all worked up over some T&A. ooooohhhhhhh! I can see her boobies! But wouldn’t fuck her. She’s too old has has a few dimples on her ass. Translation. I’ve never been anywhere and the hottest beach I’ve been to is the Indiana Dunes. My wife is a cow. I work as a manager at Target. I couldn’t even afford to have a woman who looks like this do a sex toy show let alone fuck me. And no woman who looks like this would fuck me for any other reason. So I think I’ll blog about her cellulite and baggy tits. Losers.

  33. Jdub

    I couldn’t agree more… Way better then Kims saggy tits and grossly fat ass.

  34. Her Cup Size

    So this is an example of 32Long?

  35. Wow

    Has she ever heard of sunscreen??

  36. monkeyfightclub

    her body is way better than that sloppy, hairy, mcdonanlds eating Kim K. This plastic leather chick has an insane body.

  37. i dont get it

    Kim K is way fat/nasty with that huge gaping sore between her legs. Why the comparison? i love how all the girls are yelling about this girls big ‘fake’ boobs when they are apparently real. She’s very hot, just live with it. Kim is a fat, diseased mud shark who fucks on film for money.

  38. Auntie Kryst

    Anyone who thinks I’m dumb enough to put caviar in my hair, It goes right in my stomach, thanks very much.

  39. Meaghan's a dumb cunt

    I hate seeing your retarded name plastered all over these comment boards. You’re a stupid cunt and you don’t have anything worthwhile to say. Go away. Now.

  40. kayla

    Does this chick not have any other bikini??

  41. Sven Oljaski

    I’m not saying this girl isn’t hot.. but she was left in the easy bake oven a little bit too long. I think what we need to do is line them up naked side by side for comparison, and then use the size of the boner they create to determine the victor.

    At this point I’d still rather wake up to see Kim still riding me like an Arabian pony over this blond I would have dropped off the night before.

    But then again, what do I ,a connoisseur of women and beauty, know?

  42. Meaghan

    #90, do you have the voice of Michael J. Fox, back to the future style? For some reason I pictured you crying at me, and then saying “hey doc”. Thanks for letting me know that you actually give a fuck about anything I say. You think 20 people on this board trying to make fun of me is really hurting my cyber feelings? If anything, this reassures me that yes I am the shit. It’s kind of the same way that the paparazzi chases after Britney Spears, no matter how many people claim to dislike her. The very people making fun of her are the very people who were listening to her shit back in like 2000, or secretly want to fuck her. I piss of everyone on this website because everything I say makes you uncomfortable. Why does it make you uncomfortable? Because it’s the fucking truth, it’s original, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Every last one of the 6 inch dicked guys on here would do me.

  43. ashesvicious

    I’m not really a huge fan of this chicks, like, at all. But I don’t know what you guys are talking about. She doesn’t have an old lady ass….. And Kim Kardashian is pretty huge.

  44. lol

    Kim is a fat, diseased mud shark who fucks on film for money.


  45. ashesvicious

    And omg, it’s MEE-GEN again. Holy shit, help us all.

  46. ashesvicious

    Hahaha! Ok, Meaghan. I just read that whole thing. You truly are fucking retarded. Seriously? You seriously think that what you say is clever? You just sound like a total moron with a completely messed up view of herself. I hope to God you’re just someone fucking around and this is a joke……..

  47. Meaghan has no Life (she is ugly with uterine coat hanger scars)

    I personally would not fuck you and my penis is larger than 6″. I would allow you the honor of sucking it if you aren’t too hideous.
    You are here all day and now this late at night. What kind of sick life is that. I bet you have zits all over that nasty grody cottage cheesy ass flab of yours, don’t you? I bet you sit naked at your pc and stroke that smelly clit when mean guys like me talk to you. I bet that metal chair you sit on stinks too and is full of ass pus and blood. I bet there is detritus strewn all around the tv dinner table that you rest your outdated laptop on. A graveyard of corn chips and candy wrappers and roach exoskeletons and tampons and spatterings of mung gravy and chicken bones and spit and snot and a few scabs from your yeast infected pussy and lots and lots of pubic hairs all over the mound. I would love to see this and would pay you handsomely for the pic. I would come over to your trailer and eat the mass before somomizing you.
    My darling.

  48. ileana

    i think her boobs look kinda weird… like big deflated balloons

  49. Meaghan

    If you’d like to come over to beautiful Southern California and visit you’re more then welcome to. I may even be nice and get you stoned with the dankest of the dank. I’ve got some Afghani Kush. It tastes like fucking fruity pebbles. Good shit. Anyone else?

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