Simon Monjack is cashing in

A reportedly broke Simon Monjack is charging $1,000 per person to attend a memorial/”charity” event for Brittany Murphy, according to Us Magazine:

On Thursday, Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack is hosting a launch party to celebrate the Brittany Murphy Foundation, which is dedicated to arts education for children. (Monjack claims he started the foundation with $1 million of his own money.)
A source tells he is suggesting dollar amounts of $1,000 per individual and $10,000 from corporations to attend the event, which takes place at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.
Says a source, “Everyone thinks it’s very tacky that he is making it so much about money.”

What’s even more ridiculous is the autopsy report isn’t even finished yet, so if anyone actually donates money to this shyster, they’re going to feel pretty stupid when the cause of death comes back as “turkey drumstick.” Or over-consumption of drugs prescribed to Simon Monjack. Same principle.