Simon Monjack is a classy guy

Seen here taking a date to an Oscar party, Simon Monjack is now giving tours of the “infamous bathroom” where Brittany Murphy died. RadarOnline reports:

“You’re the first people to ever see the infamous bathroom,” Simon painfully told Saturday afternoon. “Today was the three month anniversary of her [Brittany’s] death and before I saw you I was actually with Sharon at the grave.
“This is the little doggy couch where she actually fell and she was put on her side right here,” Simon says pointing to a leopard print couch and a place on the floor next to it. “When the paramedics came in they pulled her through here, into one of the closets and into the main room.”
In a display of raw emotion and heart-breaking sadness, Simon takes a minute to absorb the images of the bathroom before telling, “This is the first time I’ve come in here actually. It’s shocking.”

Then, in probably the most unbridled display of the human spirit, Simon Monjack walked a check from RadarOnline over to the bank and wondered aloud if they’d pay to rifle through his dead wife’s underwear drawer. “Ha! Of course they would. To the automobile dealership! Vrooooom!

Photos: WENN