Simon Monjack: ‘Brittany died from cough syrup. IN YOUR FACE.’

Simon Monjack released a lengthy statement to RadarOnline – because they pay – where he touts his vindication over the final results of Brittany Murphy’s autopsy which shows she died from cold and menstrual medications because no one took her to a hospital. Haha. That’s not shady:

“Although Brittany’s autopsy report was incredibly shocking and sad to the family, to me, Sharon and I both shed tears. We are vindicated in that we always said Brittany never did any kind of illegal substances and that the medication she was taking was the medication found in her system and we hope now that people will understand the legacy of Brittany Murphy and the incredible body of work of Brittany Murphy.
“As the most maligned man in America, I hope people realize that they shouldn’t believe anything they hear and read and I love my wife as much today as I did on the day I married her.”

A likely story, but where was Simon Monjack when Boner died? Eh?

Someone’s gotta ask the hard questions.

Photo: WENN