UPDATE: Simon Monjack found dead

May 24th, 2010 // 123 Comments

Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack was found dead in her Hollywood Home last night. He was discovered by Brittany’s mom which had to be awkward considering all that sex they had on top of Brittany’s money. PopEater reports:

“The preliminary cause of death is natural causes,” Sgt. Louie Lozano told the Associated Press. Another police spokesman, Sgt. Alex Ortiz, said, “We concluded there no signs of foul play or any criminal activity involved.”
Ortiz said that the coroner’s office was taking over the investigation because criminal activity had been ruled out.

I can only assume the constant controversy surrounding Brittany Murphy’s death coupled with his weight was more than Simon Monjack’s hearts could handle. Which is exactly what the penguins would want us to think…

Fat in Peace, You Fat Fuck.

UPDATE: And now it’s looking like an “accidental overdose.” If someone finds a turkey sandwich nearby, I’m going to be the next one to die from all the shock.

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  1. moshi

    this is sad :( RIP

  2. moshi

    also i cant believe what you wrote sw…wow grow up you ignorant bastard…

  3. aww, that’s not nice superficial person. that last part is what i’m referring to. you’re better than that. i realize he was an idgit, but really… don’t be like the other gossip fuckers out there.

  4. aww, that’s not nice superficial person. that last part is what i’m referring to. you’re better than that. i realize he was an idgit, but really… don’t be like the other gossip fuckers out there.

  5. turd da third

    I think we need Kojac to investigate the death of Wojack… seems odd

  6. sorry about that dup. i still love you but ding dang that was not nice.

  7. Slappy White

    Come on, you idiots. It’s a gossip website, not legacy.com. If you’re all broken up about this and want to mourn the fat fuck, you’re on the wrong site.

  8. robyn

    “Fat in Peace, You Fat Fuck.”

    that isn’t very nice of you… whether or not he did some stupid things shouldn’t you at least be respectful? you should edit it before too many people see it and get offended :/

  9. what?

    sorry but totally deserves to be spoken about horribly. from someone who actively seeked to profit from his wifes death i think he got off lightly in this piece.

  10. daisy

    wow.. thats f’d up

  11. wow.. what a strange ending to the whole brittany murphy saga.. just gets weirder.

  12. havoc

    Maybe he had a “cold” too……


  13. grim reaper

    It was time.

  14. Senior Pepe

    Stay classy and on that high road, SW!

  15. noodle

    i love how people assume that youre a nice person SF writer. youre deliciously douchey.

  16. Ainoah

    Wow superficial you are such a BITCH have some respect for this dead man, well at least those who criticised him, blamed him and generally behaved appallingly toward him after his wife’s death, can no longer hound him. RIP.

  17. fappuccino

    I wanna suck his stiff dead penis.

  18. TBozz

    I think by now we should have all made peace with the reasons we come here.

    Get over it and move on.

  19. Jenna

    He was a jerk, and probably a criminal. He exploited his wife’s death. Isn’t that enough to mock? Fat is really a misdemeanor not worthy of comment given his other crimes. And he’s been dead less than 12 hours. Jeez.

  20. Rhialto

    Whaat?! *Totally surprised* R.I.P. Simon Monjack!

  21. fuck you nasty troll person.

  22. rob

    poor taste…don’t mock the dead.

  23. josette

    I think Brittany’s mom has something to do with both of these deaths.

  24. Hugh Jorgan

    Gee, I guess this guy must have been the equivalent to Hitler to deserve such an ignorant comment.
    I find it highly hypocritical that a person that profits off the stars is so upset about someone that profits off a star.
    Later people. This site will be removed from my Yahoo page as soon as I hit the “post comment” button.

  25. veggi

    It so crazi! When I read first, I say to myself, whoa! Then, I thought, hmm. Now, I know what to think! I facepalm!

  26. To think that Sharon Murphy has found both of these people OD’d has to be too much for one person to bear.

    Without any evidence that she is involved, that’s a terrible thing to say about her.

  27. Nero

    I’m washing my hands in innocence when i’m saying ‘R.I.P.’. R.I.P.!

  28. i won’t ever quit you superficial.

  29. grobpilot

    Shit! What the fuck do we have to talk about now?

  30. Chupacabra

    wow. he didn’t last long.

  31. Dusty

    Show some respect, this is a disgraceful article and should be pulled down, no repsect what so every, i feel sorry for the family may god bless.

  32. sirrix

    At least he wished him fat *in peace*. I think you’re a sweetheart.

  33. Happy and Blissful with drink in hand

    Good riddance and I think Fish was right on! The guy WAS a fat parasite and of no use to this world.
    Bye byes now. Time to rot away!

  34. Frank

    What you have written is disgusting. I’ve been reading this site for years and generally find you very funny but this is taking it too far. And the comments that this site attracts never fail to worry me. People, get the fuck out of your houses and get a life.

  35. anni

    Fat in Peace u Fat Fuck???!!! thats just not how u speek about people who just passed away..do u know that guy? u wish u did!!!
    Whoever u are who does this page (superficial.com)—it sucks! You´re a perverd who is just waiting for the next ass or tit picture. who raised u? a bunch of pigs??? last time i visited it! boykott on facebook coming soon!!!
    i feel sorry for u!

  36. smarterthanyou

    @36- boykott on facebook? Wow. You’re quite the little activist! You and your 12 friends CAN make a difference!!

  37. chick

    Fat in peace you fat fuck??!! That comment is totally unacceptable at the end of an article announcing that the guy is dead. I find your postings quite hilarious but this one is just shitty.

  38. @16 seems like you are afraid of death, like it commands some sort of respect; are you catholic?. What is this morality you impose, and why is it different from the SW’s?. Does it really exist?. He’s not breaking the law, because that is where morality resides this days doesn’t it?.
    @36 you are so righteous; at least tell why.

  39. dubba

    why, why couldnt have been lohan instead….

    ill jsut hafta wait another week or 2

  40. alex

    Okay, 36, you made me laugh.

    The mocking of the dead is kind of rude but this Simon Monjack guy seemed kind of skeevie. But I guess if some cute actress liked him, he must have been a good guy….

  41. @36 are you a housewife or a really lazy person that has the time to boyCott a gossip site?. Have you considered going back to school, doing something for the rest of your people?. Then you would have the moral upper hand.

  42. smarterthanyou

    @42. House wife or really lazy person? Careful. You’re making 36 look smart.

  43. Duke Nukem

    Is “accidental overdose” the new term for “killed himself on purpose?”

  44. direchef

    O.K., the guy was a skeez. I don’t think anyone can argue that. His wife was obviously the only good thing he had going for him. When someone in his position loses that it’s only a matter of time. Fat? Yes. In peace? I doubt he ever was. Lessons to be learned here people.

  45. mdmpsychosis

    As much as I loved the original post, the comments are wayyyyyy better. Can’t wait for Randall’s eulogy.

  46. @43 you think so, then I’m sorry… unemployed?. Some housewifes do work a lot, middle/upper just hire nannies.

  47. Slappy White

    I will never understand why someone would come to a website that mocks celebrities and then cry when said website mocks celebrities.

  48. Deacon Jones

    You can tell looking at this guy a mile away he had problems from his skin tone (or lack of). Means one of two things – heart condition or drug problem.

  49. So Right

    Wow – how sad :(

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