Simon Monjack cancels Brittany Murphy scam

After pretty much every news outlet in the world went “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me” in response to Simon Monjack charging admission for a Brittany Murphy memorial, the event was canceled last night, according to TMZ:

TMZ has learned guests for the event received the following email from someone at the Brittany Murphy Foundation, “So sorry but the memorial has been canceled due to an illness in the family.”
We spoke with Rabbi David Baron, who was supposed to conduct the memorial, who told us when the call came in, the person who canceled never gave a reason.

In Simon Monjack’s defense, it never had a chance of becoming the magical evening he expected when the coroner’s office refused to turn Brittany Murphy’s body into a functional marionette that can hold a credit card reader. At that point, it would’ve been a disgrace to her memory and artistic integrity to go on with the show. But, hey, thank God for mail fraud. Amirite?

Photos: Splash News