Simon Monjack: ‘Brittany didn’t seem that sick’

February 5th, 2010 // 36 Comments

After the results of Brittany Murphy’s autopsy report were released yesterday, the smartest move Simon Monjack could’ve made at that point is to disappear behind whatever large object could effectively shield him from view. Instead he’s going to continue to dig himself into a hole by giving interviews to People:

Monjack said Thursday that Brittany didn’t seem very sick on the day she died. She was “not that ill,” he said. “She wasn’t coughing up. I’ve had pneumonia and coughed up handfuls of spittle. So yeah, everything surprised us, everything.”
Asked about the coroner’s assertion that his wife’s death could have been prevented if she’d just gone to the doctor sooner, Monjack said, “I don’t know what he said so I don’t want to comment on what I haven’t seen.”
For him, a chapter has ended. “Case closed,” said Monjack. “As the coroner said, there’s no foul play.”

And Simon Monjack’s right, there wasn’t foul play. Just a general consensus that Brittany Murphy would’ve lived had she been taken to a hospital instead of kept at home out of fear of somebody discovering the prescription drugs she’d been illegally consuming to escape the fact she’ll never be a singing penguin. What a glowing review of the situation, Con-man Walrus. “Hey, I didn’t murder her. I just handled the situation like a moron because Mexican Xanax kept lamb chops in my belly. There’s a difference.”

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  1. fuckinggay

    come on fish,
    why sell out your whole site with that piece of gooey shit movie? An ad, sure, but the whole wallpaper? I have to leave now so I don’t look at it anymore.

  2. Ashley

    Come on, man. What are you talking about? They haven’t said exactly what medications were found in her system, but they were mainly cough syrup and medicines for her cramps. There’s no evidence she was on xanax. You REALLY want this to be an overdose, but it doesn’t look like that is the case.

  3. Ripper Owens

    Simon Kojak is an idiot. He deserves a Swift kick in the Cock!

  4. jenipurrr

    Where do you get “illegal” at??? She is on meds for her cramps, the same damn meds I take actually…. and they are LEGAL. Did you ever think that maybe she had a medical condition that made her cramps worse? I have stage 4 endometriosis and they SUCK. Try reporting things that are actually said instead of trying to say she did anything wrong. She was sick, took cold meds and took pain meds that WERE PRESCRIBED TO HER. Ugh. If you don’t have a news story – DON’T CREATE ONE!

  5. Danomite!

    @ #4 The meds were illegal because they WERE NOT prescribed to her. She didn’t get the drugs by seeng a doctor, she probably got them from Pablo behind 7 11. The drugs themselves may be legal but having them without a script is not. So, why don’t you cry about your cramps on some corner of the internet that gives a fuck? Oh wait, I forgot, this site that’s 80% tits is the perfect place for that and was built just for you!

  6. Doc Schweinstrudel

    So…American men sound like a real prize of husbands.

  7. HLM

    #6: He’s British, not American.

  8. jenipurrr

    @#5 I was only crying because you’re a stupid ass who likes to talk shit….. oh, and you’re ugly.

    ….actually i was just crying because you’re ugly. Sorry, about lying earlier, I was trying to cushion the blow of reality for you.

  9. Doc Schweinstrudel

    British men suck too.

  10. Kate

    Hmmm I still think there is a link to anorexia. Anemia is a common result of anorexia and starvation. It causes severe low levels of vitamin B12. If anorexia becomes extreme, the bone marrow dramatically reduces its production of blood cells. Not good. Not good!

  11. Right spittle. This guy is an ass.

  12. Pal

    She didn’t look all that sick? Even if she had viral pneumonia, which has milder symptoms than bacterial pneumonia, she would have been very ill since she died.

  13. meee

    why is everyone blaming him? did you ever think maybe she didn’t want to go to the hospital? i don’t know about you but never once have i run to the hospital because i had a cold

  14. r k

    the only way simon would have figured out that she was sick would have been the hospital/doctor bills — since this douchebag was obviously more interested in looking at his wife’s checkbook.

  15. juaquin ingles

    “Handfuls of spittle”? Nasty fuck.

  16. Pal

    “did you ever think maybe she didn’t want to go to the hospital? i don’t know about you but never once have i run to the hospital because i had a cold”

    Ever had shortness of breath or felt strong chest pain when you had a cold?

  17. Emmy-Em

    Wow, come on Fish. I expect better from you. Why?? Ha! I don’t know! Seriously, just because she had prescription drugs in her system, THIS TIME, obviously only means, they had been PRESCRIBED. Not illegal drugs. Prescribed. By a Doctor. For her. See? I think her husband is a lump of old bread dough with mold on it..but Brittney just..died. Sad, but it happens. I had walking pneumonia once, I delayed going to the Doctor..BAD CALL. I got lucky. I lived. My Doctor put me in the Hospital. The thing is, I really did not feel that bad! I also have Mitral Valve Prolapse. It’s a tricky thing, that Mitral Valve.
    She was too thin, she was undernourished and stressed.
    But let it go. It’s done.
    I know this comment is anything but clever and funny. Sorry. But, it’s sorta sad that you keep doing this. And I do know, this IS the Superficial. But still…

  18. Blech

    Ugh. If only ignorant, idiotic people were imprisoned, the world would be a far better place to live in.

  19. Lori

    Make a REAL wish!

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted…


  20. Jeff

    haha she did have an annoying voice good one fish

    i woulda loved to have those lips around my wenis though

  21. Amber

    She didnt have to “look” sick since she wasnt immunocompromised or 75 years old. Unfortunately, because of her Ativan, Vicodin, Prozac, as well as cough suppressants being taken together while she already had problems with her lungs, that was a recipe for death called respiratory failure. Shame on ANY doctor for allowing an Ativan-Vicodin combo in the first place.

  22. dontneedone

    i agree with what someone else said earlier, why keep blaming him. she is an adult she could have made the choice to go to the hospital. she could have asked him, or her mother, or gotten anyone to take her, or of course if she had timeshe could have called 911. i do believe it was a surprise, to everyone, i dont think anyone knew how serious it was.

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    You mean HER? She should have done everything herself because she is an adult? I wonder what did she marry him for, what the marriage vows were ” I use your cunt exclusively while you are by yourself and have to look after yourself yourself”?
    Then again. I wouldn’ t go to the hospital either if I were expecting medical bills the way they charge it in the US and I’m sure that happens a lot. And you guys still think you don’t need government founded medical care? For fuck’s sake doctor is a noble profession, it shouldn’t be polluted by those who are after gold, there is already such profession, yeah hookers, bankers and politicians. Anyone want someone with mind of Tila Tequile treating you?

  24. She is really looking nice in between these penguins.

  25. Penguin gang, I gotta get one of those. Sad to hear shes gone though.

  26. gwen

    She is dead, and it is very sad. She should have gone to a dr. End of story. It looks like alot of folks made mistakes here. and it really sucks. She had a responsibilty to say, Hey I totally feel like shit. and people around her had a responisbility as well, Nobody stood up, so somebody fell, someone who could aparently, no longer stand up for herself.

  27. Penguin gang, I gotta get one of those. Sad to hear shes gone though.

  28. People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our conuntry and safeguard our policy. Join Kis sm ilitary.coooooom, show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  29. Her feet don’t look happy in these pics.

    Did anyone see photography gallery three? That Lecter mask might be a clue about her weight.

    @ 23 – With socialized medicine they’d just give her an aspirin and wave magic feathers over her.

  30. Blech

    Let’s face it. Her husband is a douchebucket. My husband got sick not too long ago, had a fever for a number of days, and if it continued to day #__, I would have
    called a f*cking ambulance to take him in. He’s stubborn and refused to go to the doctor, but if you don’t handle some health issues in life, you can pretty much die.

    Her husband neglected her obviously failing health. As her husband, he should have called a doctor, even if she didn’t want it. That’s what a supportive spouse is supposed to do. I don’t give a sh*t about what anyone else thinks about that. Using the “she didn’t get the penguin part in Happy Feet 2″ is about the lamest a-hole excuse I have ever heard.

    What a waste of a young life to marry this guy who blames everyone else for what’s occurred and avoids even a tiny amount of responsibility for his wife. I hope karma bites him really hard on the ass.

  31. This guy is a fool, he has been to several interviews and its only just now that he is trying to justify his wife’s death . He needs a wakeup call he is so pathetic just trying to gain 5 mins of fame . he should be morning in a secluded place of some sort asking for privacy . such a loser.

  32. Wtf

    I actually felt a bit sorry for this guy first off, but with all this crap that’s been going on and his inability to keep his mouth shut. Meh, any sympathy I had is quickly disappearing tbh.

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  34. SuperCosbySweater

    @8 That was probably the worst comeback i have ever heard. ever. i wipe my ass with shit like that. keep it up dumbass.

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