Simon Monjack: ‘Brittany didn’t seem that sick’

After the results of Brittany Murphy’s autopsy report were released yesterday, the smartest move Simon Monjack could’ve made at that point is to disappear behind whatever large object could effectively shield him from view. Instead he’s going to continue to dig himself into a hole by giving interviews to People:

Monjack said Thursday that Brittany didn’t seem very sick on the day she died. She was “not that ill,” he said. “She wasn’t coughing up. I’ve had pneumonia and coughed up handfuls of spittle. So yeah, everything surprised us, everything.”
Asked about the coroner’s assertion that his wife’s death could have been prevented if she’d just gone to the doctor sooner, Monjack said, “I don’t know what he said so I don’t want to comment on what I haven’t seen.”
For him, a chapter has ended. “Case closed,” said Monjack. “As the coroner said, there’s no foul play.”

And Simon Monjack’s right, there wasn’t foul play. Just a general consensus that Brittany Murphy would’ve lived had she been taken to a hospital instead of kept at home out of fear of somebody discovering the prescription drugs she’d been illegally consuming to escape the fact she’ll never be a singing penguin. What a glowing review of the situation, Con-man Walrus. “Hey, I didn’t murder her. I just handled the situation like a moron because Mexican Xanax kept lamb chops in my belly. There’s a difference.”

Photos: WENN