Simon Cowell on Clay Aiken

September 24th, 2008 // 83 Comments

Simon Cowell responded to Extra today about the obvious news that Clay Aiken is gay:

“Wow, that’s a shock. It’s like being told Santa Clause isn’t real — unbelievable.”
Cowell then softened and encouraged Aiken with “Good for him. If he said it, it’s the right thing for him. Good for him.” As for how Aiken’s fans will react, Cowell opined, “I don’t think anyone cares. Let’s face it. It’s 2008. You know, who cares?”

Wait a minute. Santa Claus isn’t real? There goes Christmas. Fuck you, Simon Cowell! And by the way, people do still care if you’re gay. They’re called Republicans, you fat Grinch. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to silently pray Paula Abdul stabs you with a whiskey bottle.


  1. lol Ive just realize all the “claymates” been sabotaging my nickname on this site…

  2. Just like Rough Douchenozzle was suprised when he was sitting in a stall at the minneapolis airport innocently tapping his foot when all of a sudden his mouth was filled with cock! The lack of oxygen (due to airway being blocked by penis) and having the back of his head pounded against the wall obviously causing some trauma related amnesia.

  3. it's me Fuckers!

    “Fuck you, Simon Cowell! ” ROFL!!!

  4. Sarah Palin has a large, loose asshole from her slut days.

    According to her Pentecostal church, you’re still a virgin if you partake in anal sex. And boy did she partake. :)

  5. Hillbilly? I take wayyy too much of your time my friend,,,keep me out of your fantasies freak…stop being threathren by roughness hes here to stay….

  6. it's me Fuckers!

    BTW, Mr. Fish, where the fuck is the woman friendly posts! I want to see more cock head! And certainly not this fucker’s cock head! *gags* MORE MEN IN UNDERWEAR POSTS!!! But not Clay, thank you.

  7. Hollywood Hillbilly=measure of a man

  8. Cowell mounted Clay? I wonder who’s really aiken there, get it aiken?!???

  9. i like em big

    Clay Aiken has fans?

  10. lloyd johnson

    Based on the title I was expecting pics of gay sex…

  11. Randal

    Simon is right, after all.

    Such announcements are no longer a big deal in the 21st century. As long as Clay Aiken is happy being who he is, he’s not only being true to himself but also his fans. Any fan that is still a fan today would support him 100% in who he is.

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay, it’s just a different feeling of pleasure.

    The FISH is behind you, Clay, pumping its support.


  12. Rough Douchie, if your persona on this board is sarcastic then I salute you. If not then you should realize your name is slang for older lesbian who prefers young girls. Given your mercantilist tendencies I would guess you are a log cabin republican. It really doesn’t take much time.

    #8 You are correct.

  13. BEAM

    Republicans don’t care if you’re gay either.

  14. Matthew

    “Last month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new estimate of the annual number of new HIV infections (HIV incidence) in the United States, revealing that the HIV epidemic is — and has been — worse than previously known. That estimate indicated that approximately 56,300 people were newly infected with HIV in the United States in 2006, which is about 40% higher than CDC’s previous estimate of 40,000. The new estimate also confirmed that gay and bisexual men of all races, African Americans, and Latinos were most heavily affected by HIV. Overall, white gay men account for almost half the number of new HIV cases.”

    Simon Cowell: “I don’t think anyone cares. Let’s face it. It’s 2008. You know, who cares?”

    Some of us care. We’ve paid taxes for health and education programs for HIV/AIDS so that white gay men like Clay Aiken can COMPLETELY IGNORE them and go on behaving in a way that sustains and broadens a lethal epidemic. Sure, there will be continued calls for “education” and maybe that’s important for the poor minority drug users who contract HIV, but as the statistics show they’re not the group primarily responsible for making this such a huge public health problem. Gay white males, like Clay, know perfectly well how HIV spreads and a lot of them simply choose to behave irresponsibly and thus sustain an epidemic that could have been all but ended by now, since it’s controllable through voluntary behavior.

    The cat-and-mouse “am I gay” game that Clay played, George Michael and his public bathroom adventures, Larry Craig, Mark Foley…it’s not so cute when you think of some of the consequences of the secretive promiscuous gay lifestyle.

  15. havoc

    Yep, that’s why politicians don’t use bookmarkers.

    They like their pages bent over.

    Har har har!!!!


  16. Hillbilly? you realize you’re about three cent short of a dollar don’t you? you’re a bore….and have issues!!!

  17. Buddy Love

    Matthew: I take it you’re not fond of the homos then?

  18. Jennifer

    Is it me or does Clay look like Chucky?

  19. @ 13 “correct #8″ he thinks that’s a compliment…
    hahaha Hillbilly? you don’t answer the door when the phone rings do you?

  20. Jennifer

    Is it me or does Clay look like Chucky the killer doll?

  21. kait

    matthew…i’m not going to lie, that was officially one of the dumber things I’ve ever heard. 1987 called, and it wants it’s homophobic propoganda back.

    ALSO: doesn’t clay aiken have his belly button peirced? did he really expect this one to be a big shocker?

  22. Jessica

    #22 – typical. Name-calling and invoking “homophobia.” There’s really not anything more to your approach, is there?

    The stats are what they are. AIDS in America is much worse than previously thought because gay men haven’t changed their behavior to prevent the transmission of HIV. Its an inarguable fact.

  23. LOL @ 19… I agree, but at first I thought you said “Chunky”. But I guess that too would be appropriate.

  24. toolboy

    beat me to it-

    Lighten up Francis, one of these Gay men just might save your life some day, then again maybe one won’t. Using your “controllable through voluntary behavior” theory, we should stop medical benefits for many heart disease, lung cancer and type 2 diabetes patients also.

  25. ummm...yeah

    How could anyone NOT know this buttcruncher is gay?
    Geez…about 95% of Hollywood is…
    Randal, you prick, I hate you.

  26. Sport

    Classy Mike Oxbhig, you douche.
    Keep your illiterate politics to yourself fag.

  27. @15, so by not “coming out” means you’re behaving promiscuously? And don’t gay men and women pay taxes, too?

    @23, are you a fag hag? Is this how you know these inarguable facts? Work in the medical profession, do you? Executed your own scientific poll? If you had a gay or bisexual child would you disown it? Enquiring minds want to know.

  28. lulu

    if you think gay men spread AIDs then don’t have sex with a gay man.

  29. pat

    1) The US is not the only country in the world.
    2) There are more AIDS Cases outside the US than in the US.
    3) There are more AIDS Cases in Africa than in the US.
    4) The majority of AIDS Cases in Africa are not incurred by gay white men.
    5) If two men who don’t already have HIV have sex, neither one of them will catch it. HIV / AIDS doesn’t generate spontaneously from gay sex. You catch it from someone else who already has it. Promiscuity is a bigger factor than homosexuality.

  30. Barrie O'bama

    God cares if people are gay. That’s we he created the AIDS virus…..

    God loves Republicans which is why I’m going to lose in November. But, me and Rev. Wright are going to put about 30 million cracks in that “Black Ceiling”. Then I’ll go back to doing nothing in the senate except passing ass loads of earmarks to my corrupt butt buddies in Chicago.

    BTW, you are some backward ass, fucked up losers on this site. Get some help. And, don’t vote for me. I don’t want f’ed up freaks voting for me….

    Barrie O’bama

  31. KC

    Gay is the new code word for “fat.”

  32. Groucho

    Yeah yeah, whatever. But why is this article accompanied by a picture of Donald Trump? Confusing.

  33. Oral Roberts

    We should all that God guide and heal this deviant sinner, and his soul, through turbulent times, decisions and choices.


  34. Oral Roberts

    We should pray!

  35. Paul

    @#5 – There you go again, talking about your Mother. One thing though – you used past tense. Your Mom stopped turning tricks? Last I heard, that mangy twat could suck start a jet with that toothless, groaning pit of a mouth she has.

  36. Piglet

    Boy, has he gotten Fat! What a Porker!

  37. Piglet

    His hands look so clammy, who would want to touch them or him. I bet his hands are all sweaty and discusting, and, wait, this is not a picture of Donald Trump, then who is this guy in the photo.

  38. English Girl

    He has nice teeth.

  39. Ferdinand Narcos

    15-Thanks for the bullshit homophobic bullshit.The incidence of HIV transmission amongst gays plateaued years ago.the vast majority of HIV transmissions,for more than a decade have been heterosexual.many of them,no doubt,caused by jerkoffs named Matthew who really prefer the cock,go out and get it uop the ass and bring it ghome to mama.

  40. toiletduck

    Kind of explains the song, “The Measure of a Man”, don’t it??? Measured in inches I am sure…

  41. toiletduck

    I’m “aiken” for some stiff cock right about now….

  42. jesus

    pat you must be a fag. aiken is a limp wristed faggot

  43. You all still think america is sort of “MORE” than europe?
    be sure: FAGGOTS ARE JUST EVERYWHERE, folks!!

  44. tc

    Urrrgh. Yuk.

    He is a bummer.

    He bums men, and gets bummed.

  45. Styxchix

    Clay Aiken looks ghastly in this pic! Awful. Flat hair, pancake makeup, podgy……gak.

  46. immmers

    Trust me, Republicans don’t care if Gayken is gay. Because ya know, NOBODY cares. At all. About Gayken. Seriously, when was the last time anyone did?

  47. Jeff W.

    Wouldn’t a better title be, “Clay Aiken got fat and has bad hair” (?)

  48. CDC

    “Overall, white gay men account for almost half the number of new HIV cases.”

    So much for the myth of heterosexual AIDS in America. Gay men are about 4-5% of the population and they account for 50% of all new HIV cases. It’s not “primarily a heterosexual disease now” and it never has been.

  49. Oral

    Don’t forget about Gods furnace (hell). Designed just for degenerates, deviants and other sinners.

    Let us prey.

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