Simon Monjack Had Secret Love-Children

June 14th, 2010 // 15 Comments

Apparently Simon Monjack had two secret love-children that not even his family or Brittany Murphy knew about. His mother and brother discovered e-mails on his laptop which they handed over to the police despite Brittany’s mom begging them not to. TMZ reports:

At some point they went through the computer and found emails from two women who wanted money from Simon for child support. According to people who have reviewed the emails, Simon had a son by one baby mama and a daughter by another.
Also in the computer … wire transfers of large amounts of money — as much as $48,000 in a single transfer. Simon was sending the money to lawyers, as well as someone in Europe for some sort of settlement.
We’re told Simon’s mom and brother felt the coroner should have the computer and handed it over. The coroner’s office is currently reviewing the contents.

Wait a minute. Do these kids have flippers? A hunger for fish? Uncanny tap-dancing abilities? It all makes sense now: Daddy Blubber breeds Happy Feet killers to make druggie wife’s mama go ga-ga for whale penis. If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times…

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  1. what?


  2. friendlyfires

    oh great more twits who will expire in next three months on Britany Murphy’s carcass.

  3. Jay Jeffries

    So, the fat turd fathered kids with women he was not married to? Figures. Glad he’s gone; he was a total screwup & criminal.

  4. FrankNfrtr

    He’s dead.
    She’s dead.
    Story over.

  5. Michelle

    This means more that just Murphy and her mom had sex with that loser. Ick!

  6. He seemed like such a nice guy.

  7. grobpilot

    Some needy whore actually allowed this schlub to fuck her? What some people won’t do to be even remotely related to celebrity.

  8. Richard McBeef

    yaaaay! I can comment again!

  9. Anon

    Why would his mother and brother release the emails?
    The whole family are a bunch of fuckwits.

  10. Irene Barcelo

    This is such a tragedy. Ms. Murphy’s death was a sad loss. It is unfortunate what her husband is putting her through now in death.

  11. stinky mcpoop

    “Fat in peace, you fat fuck” indeed. (

  12. sobrietyisacrutch

    I almost kinda wish he wasn’t dead now so I can beat him to death with a baseball bat. And it has nothing to do with him having kids.

  13. turd da third

    The only way he could be banging these other broads is if he was paying for the sex…well, I guess he did end up paying for the sex 9 months later

    what a tool, these semen slinging adventures are a true testimate to the incredible character of this bozo

  14. captain america


  15. public person

    Although this is interesting info, this was a very poorly written artical.

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