Sigourney Weaver shits on The Hurt Locker

April 13th, 2010 // 99 Comments

Sigourney Weaver must’ve remembered she’s old and can say whatever the hell she wants now because she’s openly attacked Oscar voters for choosing The Hurt Locker over Avatar, according to Page Six:

“Jim didn’t have breasts, and I think that was the reason,” Weaver told Brazilian news site Folha Online over the weekend. “He should have taken home that Oscar.”
In a stunning rebuke hinting at frustration in the “Avatar” camp — who applauded gracefully when “The Hurt Locker” also took the Best Picture Oscar — Weaver added, “In the past, ‘Avatar’ would have won because they [Oscar voters] loved to hand out awards to big productions, like ‘Ben-Hur.’ Today it’s fashionable to give the Oscar to a small movie that nobody saw.”

Full Disclosure: I haven’t seen Avatar yet so I can’t be objective about its merits versus The Hurt Locker’s. That being said, I’ll be damned if I let someone say tits shouldn’t be a determining factor in any decision. This is AMERICA, goddammit, land of the free. My ancestors didn’t come over here just to drink themselves stupid because they were caught fucking potatoes in Ireland. That’s only half of the story. Three quarters at best.

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  1. KIKI

    Avatar was a piece of crap with good 3-D visuals. That is why it did not win. It was so fucking predictable.

  2. Shawn

    Fuck her & Avatar. Shitty plot saved by it’s billion dollar visuals.

  3. I saw The Hurt Locker and think it deserved its wins. That being said, she’s right. It IS the fashionable thing to do; sometimes it’s deserving, sometimes it’s politics. All the awards are politics anymore. I mean, Sandra Bullock? Really? And I like her.

  4. Pil

    Maybe the lack of breasts is what’s holding the academy to hand Sigourney an Oscar too…. who knows?

  5. Beeotch

    enough talk about the Oscars….holy man hand in first pic!!!!!

  6. ATLiend

    what a dumb bitch. be a gracious loser. Avatar in 2D was a shit movie – god forbid the academy wasn’t wowed by some stupid special effects. Hurt Locker was a badass movie that gave you goosebumps – not some cheesy sci fi bullshit

  7. Peanutty

    She always has her head up James Cameron’s ass anyways. Stick it further baby!

  8. xylus

    The Oscars blow… I refuse to see a film that wins one or is even described by critics as ‘Oscar bait’. It’s a sure sign that the filmmaker put politics before aesthetics….

  9. Charo

    Avatar was basically Pocahontas in 3D and I never saw the hurt locker because it looked like a movie I’ve seen 15 times. In other words, both movies blow.

  10. Greg

    Trey Parker nailed it: Avatar is nothing more than Dances with Smurfs. Avatar was a boring, preachy fucking piece of shit.

  11. pimp

    i’d eat her old ass…

  12. WTH??

    Avatar is so fucking boring and predictable, would be the most boring movie this year, but Remember Me beats it by a mile..

  13. Scott

    I didn’t see Avatar, (could have cared less) I did see the Hurt Locker- couldn’t stand it, it wasn’t believable in the least, the characters annoyed me- Generation Kill puts it to shame: if you want to know how just dumb The Hurt Locker is, watch that.

    I have to agree with Ripley… Well, in the way that anything else should have gotten it

  14. friendlystoner

    avatar was the most over-hyped predictable boring film i`ve ever watched since……….. titanic. i think i see a connection.

    The idea that a film should win cos its was a big production is ridiculous and then to compare avatar to a classic like ben-hur? wtf?!? in 40 years time no-one will remeber avatar as being some all defining epic representing the future of cinema.

  15. j

    Hurt locker was a peice of shit… describe the plot?oh thats right it has none… it is like the sienfield “show about nothing” … only in the desert. with fucking bombs.. What is next the person in Iraq that has to clean the porta poties? … I can see it now the guy comes back and can never look at a toilet the same way… so he deicides to do another tour of duty

    What did you do today? shaved… There you go there is a show..

  16. Keep the "Change"

    The Hurt Locker was the worst movie ever. Never saw Avatar so I can’t compare them. She has the right to her opinion.

  17. Jimmy

    Hurt Locker had no story. It should have been entitled “The Day In The Live Of A Bomb Disposal Unit.” Could have done the same story with some guy who services septic tanks or outhouses. Sigourney Weaver is right on target. The Academy wants to recognize unknowns, usually foreigners, or honor movies about perverts, like Brokeback Mt. and Milk or charlatons like Al Gore.

  18. The Mole

    I don’t think either deserved the oscar. Hurt Locker is better but it’s still not fantastic. I saw better films last year.

  19. Amen

    Anyone with half a brain wouldve given best picture to avatar…..the hurt locker who? what?

  20. Crusty

    The Oscar for Best Picture is way too often used to celebrate a cause, a genre, a prevailing theme etc. It’s seldom about what is truly the best movie in a given year.

    Look back at recent Best Picture winners. Slumdog Millionaire? Please.. I loved “The Departed” but prior 2006, have to back to.. Forrest Gump in 1994 to find a really excellent BP winner. Schindler’s List was amazing, Silence of the Lambs was OK and even “Rain Man” was better than anything offered up this year.

  21. KIKI

    Did anyone see The Road? It wasn’t even nominated! Inglorious Bastards was much better than Avatar.

  22. Basketca

    Avatar didn’t win because it has the simplest plot ever. And I haven’t watched “The Hurt Locker”, but it is true that, right now the awards are just politics. Few years ago they wouldn’t give an Oscar to a movie about gays. Now, they HAVE TO give an Oscar to a movie about gays.

    By the way, Tarantino should have won that Oscar.

  23. Nik

    The Hurt Locker is the first movie I’ve fallen asleep to since I was a young child. I could probably have said the same for Avatar if I had seen it in 2D. Both were totally overrated.

  24. Emily

    Because she’s not biased or anything… Jesus. Avatar was fucking terrible! The Hurt Locker was pretty good, but I’m with #22 — Inglourious Basterds was by far the best movie of the year.

  25. dude

    newsflash sigourney/susan/whatever..BOTH MOVIES LOOK F’IN GAY!

  26. KIKI

    Well, at least Precious didn’t win. That is the usual Oscar type winner. By the way I have not seen Precious but I thought for sure it would win.

  27. Bangkok Betty

    Inglorious Bastards should have won as should every (almost) Tarantino film ever made. His movies are amazing but Hollywood would never give an amazing picture an Oscar; they save their Oscars for the pictures that nobody saw just as she says.

  28. seastay

    Avatar was a decent movie, but it was not as good as Inglourious Basterds or even 12 other movies from last year. The Hurt Locker was very boring, dry and possibly the most unentertaining movie I’d seen in a year. (Yes, that includes the latest SAW flick) Worthy of the best picture? NO. IMO, the most undeserving winner since Crash.
    I think she’s right….the director won because she was a chick (I don’t see how her “directing” was that special.) and its basically politics.

  29. DareBear

    After watching some clips of generation kill (which I’ve never seen before), I can say that it is way better than The Hurt Locker in entertainment and accuracy (and logic). This clip tops the sniper scene Hurt Locker with no effort.

    If the Oscar was for which movie had more thought put into it, Avatar should probably get the A for effort.

    Bigelow should maybe just write essays, not make movies like that.

  30. small asian penis

    She is entitled to her opinion. BFD.

  31. What did she say?

    Hurt Locker, Avatar, who gives a f*ck.

    I’d do Sigourney in a heartbeat.

  32. Giorgio!

    She is a bad loser. Avatar was a piece of shit, melodramatic soap opera with great visuals and a horrible, very predictable plot. The dialogue was almost laughable and the plot was dreadful despite copying four other movies. OVERRATED!

  33. Deacon Jones

    She’s right…to a point.

    If Hurt Locker was directed by a man, it wouldn’t have won Best Picture. Nuff said.

  34. canonman

    sigourney keepin it real. i saw the hurt locker before all the hype, and it did not deserve best picture or director. not by a mile. if anything, inglorious or avatar, in that order.

  35. Mr. Nice Guy

    Hurt Locker was OK. Avatar will still be watched in 20 years. Quick, who won the Oscar over StarWars?

  36. zebop

    Sigourney’s just bitter because Kathryn Bigelow has bigger tits that she has.

    The scariest thing in Alien wasn’t the alien. It was Sigourney’s flat as a board ass.

  37. alienintheattic

    i’m no nobody

  38. Duke Nukem

    I agree with #35. Hurt Locker will be forgotten quickly. Avatar, while it had a weak story, was much more memorable and entertaining.

  39. zebop

    Sigourney Weaver is a fucking crybaby and sore-ass loser. Avatar made a billion bucks and y’all still want to bitch? Wah-wah. Boo-fucking-hoo.

    Sigourney is a classy broad.

  40. neptune

    I think she has every right to make this comment. She’s being honest. She’s not saying The Hurt Locker sucked, she’s just saying Avatar should’ve won. I don’t think she’s out of line at all.

    And I think all these people who go out of their way to say how much they hate Avatar just refuse to like something so mainstream, which seems really dumb to me. The basic plot shell of Avatar is predictable, yes. But the climax isn’t. And the allusions to American Indian history and the European colonization of Africa were very intelligently presented. To me, the only part that was lacking was how shallow the “bad guy” characters were – they needed more depth, which could’ve easily been done by further explaining why Earth needed unobtainium. Other than that, it’s a legitimately excellent film.

  41. neptune

    @35 That is such a great point. I wonder if that came into play when the academy was voting – that Avatar didn’t need the award to be remembered. Hmm.

  42. chelsea

    the hurt locker won because there IS A WAR right now, and people want to see it, see what’s going on and attempt to understand since tons of people don’t and think it’s pointless. she’s just a old hag that’s upset because she didn’t get that added to her title of work lol. i haven’t seen the hurtlocker so i can’t fully comment on how ‘great’ the movie is, but given that it is ‘real life’ controversy i’m pretty sure that’s just an automatic win anyway. Or at least because majority of the hollywood scene is democratic. which they choose just cause they’re blind of everything that doesn’t involve them lol.

  43. zebop

    Whether or not Avatar is “better” than The Hurt Locker or people will still be talking about it 20 years from now doesn’t matter. One movie cleaned up at the Oscars and the other cleaned up at the box office, so everybody wins.

    Sigourney Weaver has the right to be disappointed Avatar didn’t win, but she should have enough class to keep her opinion to herself and not look like she’s bitter about losing to her director’s ex-wife. No way she comes out looking good in a pissing match like that.

  44. Holy sour grapes Batman!

  45. omgijustlost6linesofcommentaryfixthesite

    avatar, the titanic sci-fi

    ripley, out ( watching District 9 and conquest of paradise)

  46. Jay

    I’ve seen both Avatar and The Hurt Locker, Avatar was a decent movie, but I liked others more, like Inglourious Basterds, and Law Abiding Citizen. The Hurt Locker was one of the most boring, unimpressive piles of crap I have seen in a long time. I kept waiting for something to happen, but nothing did, and Jeremy Renner’s character is just an unlikeable @-hole.

  47. Reg

    Anybody else agree that ‘Pocahontas in Space’ is a good description of Avatar?

  48. Jim Jones

    Sorry Sigourney, Hurt Locker was the better movie. Avatar was a fun pop-corn flick, but nothing more.

  49. Lil Guido's

    Both movies sucked……..

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