SIGHTINGS: LC and Jason get drunk and stupid

I don’t really consider the cast of Laguna Beach to be celebrities, but since none of you are sending in any sightings of real celebrities, I’m forced to work with what I’ve got.

ok…so a few days ago, LC and Jason from the popular TV show Laguna Beach were at Love Night Club in Washington DC. While there showing the world how stupid and intoxicated they could be, Jason took his shirt off as if he was going to fight one of the local “gang bangers” that often roam throughout the DC area. While Jason picked up fake trees and swatted them at people, LC looked as if she had had enough of his nonsense. Much of the time they were kissing and grabbing each others asses and looked as if they were together. Other then the time Jason went off and started talking to a bimbo hooker in the VIP by themselves.

Thanks to Daniel for the tip. And for reminding me why I hate everything about everyone that has to do with Laguna Beach.