SIGHTINGS: LC and Jason get drunk and stupid

December 27th, 2005 // 33 Comments

I don’t really consider the cast of Laguna Beach to be celebrities, but since none of you are sending in any sightings of real celebrities, I’m forced to work with what I’ve got.

ok…so a few days ago, LC and Jason from the popular TV show Laguna Beach were at Love Night Club in Washington DC. While there showing the world how stupid and intoxicated they could be, Jason took his shirt off as if he was going to fight one of the local “gang bangers” that often roam throughout the DC area. While Jason picked up fake trees and swatted them at people, LC looked as if she had had enough of his nonsense. Much of the time they were kissing and grabbing each others asses and looked as if they were together. Other then the time Jason went off and started talking to a bimbo hooker in the VIP by themselves.

Thanks to Daniel for the tip. And for reminding me why I hate everything about everyone that has to do with Laguna Beach.


  1. Binky

    Celebrities ? Sightings ? Hummm. What ? Sorry. I saw Bobby Hull once. (Those Laguna Beach celebs look like the people living in my basement – near the furnace)
    I DO remember Echo Beach – but that was far away in time. However – any story with ‘bimbo hooker’ in it; is worthy news.

  2. Captain Awesome

    Those faces are the best. Is this a screenshot from a new Pixar film?

  3. Bella

    hahaha well since you loved laguna beach so much, i feel i must let you know they are in the process of creating a new york city version. as if going to school with these people isn’t bad enough already, i’m gonna get to see them on my television. and for those of you who are actually intrigued by this, they will not show anyone blowing coke or getting laid. because it’s “reality tv.” sorry.

  4. turtlecock

    The guy on the right looks like a jeep from the Popeye cartoons.

  5. turtlecock

    The guy on the right looks like a jeep from the Popeye cartoons.

  6. tuesdayup

    Laguna Beach “stars” are similar to those on the OC except it’s a “reality show” with oddly perfect camera angles and scenes.

  7. turtlecock

    Dude on the right looks like a Hispanic version of Usher.

  8. hypesmom

    They are all on the websites and Wasted with drunk jersey guidettes.

  9. Smeeagain

    I have never seen the show, but was moved to find out which of these timothy leary acid-driven caricatures were sucking face. It came as no suprise that I couldn’t even find Jason on Google images! I visited 4 different sites before I could find a pic of him and that came from the MTV site. How weird. Even doesn’t think enough of him (or her for that matter) to post a pic. Even Tattoo from Fantasy Island warrants a pic on imdb.

  10. whatanicegirly

    Drunk and stupid? Hopefully they took a break from being stupid and intoxicated off themselves and tried their first drink of cyanide or strychnine We can only hope I guess…

  11. Bob Denver

    Who the hell are these people? And what the hell is Laguna Beach? And why would anyone in their right mind want to go there? (At least after seeing these photos)

  12. HollyJ

    I’m with Bob: Who the hell are these people?

    The two on the left just look like typical mentally-deficient Los Angeles twits, but the two on the right look cartoon superheros “Superteeth” and “GiganticoFace.”

    PS WTF is his hand trying to do on that guy’s shoulder?


    oh my god, that guy on the right has the grossest nose I’ve ever seen.

  14. j'

    haha, i was gonna say he looked like an asian usher!
    and that other guy is colin ferrell post-rehab

  15. Uh uh

    Ok, I’ve never seen this show cause they don’t play it in my country (in favour of skanky English reality TV – it’s the same thing, but with worse teeth) and I could be wrong…but isn’t that thing on the left the Little Duff??

  16. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT REALIZES THEY ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK? How the hell are they getting into clubs, they are “G” list celebs anyway… I hope they get drunk and run over someone and are forgotten FOREVER…

  17. hafaball

    “…picked up fake trees and swatted them at people.”

    That actually does sound like fun, but I still don;t get why people don;t understand why I say MTV is the downfall for our generation, and just society as we know it. In twelve years, they’ll be about 100,000 votes (if that) in the presidential elections from ages 18-36…just watch.

  18. Sarcastikus

    What the Hell is “Laguna Beach”? Never heard of it (as a show)!

  19. derekd

    I agree that show is lame. Its for teeny boppers who have no clue how things operate in the real world. Kinda like the characters in this show. Coincidence???!!! I THINK NOT!!!!!

  20. batteryacidqueen

    “How the hell are they getting into clubs, they are “G” list celebs anyway…”
    Unfortunatly, sadly, they are like all the other talentless celebutantes out there.
    Their talent is having no talent but, by drinking and whoring themselves out they are just like the “cool” kids in High School.
    I wouldn’t be suprised if a secret Laguna Beach sex tape surfaces soon… seems to be the no talent way to fame..

  21. cap077

    turtlecock you are SO right!

  22. cap077

    Speaking of celebrities I saw Bill Nye the science guy the other day at the mall. He looked pretty fine.

  23. RobotAttack

    ugh laguna beach is such trash… I just don’t get it. Often times I get addicted to stupid shows that I know I shouldn’t watch but this one crosses the line. It’s genuinely unbearable to sit through an episode. reality tv=bad. Faux reality tv=worse.

  24. rocketscience

    LC is hot and is not Kylie Duff. I’d bet my grandmas lungs that the two kids on the right are related.

  25. turtlecock

    mEGGSnBACON said:
    “that guy on the right has the grossest nose I’ve ever seen”

    Grosser than Usher’s nose? Oh wait, it’s the same nose.

    Bob Hope had a pretty gross nose. But it’s just two holes now since he’s been dead for a while.

  26. mrschickee

    It’s a sad day when bimbo hookers get to sit in the VIP section.

    P.S. I love the internet when I can read isolated lines like “turtlecock you are SO right!” ~ cap077
    You can’t get that in Shakespeare, baby!

  27. HollyJ

    Now I’m feeling motivated to google “Bob Hope’s dead rotted nose”

  28. turtlecock

    my wife turtletwat said “turtlecock you are SO hot!!!”

  29. Tania

    rocketscience said:
    I’d bet my grandmas lungs that the two kids on the right are related.

    Well I’d bet my grandpa’s testicles that they’re related AND married.

  30. Tania

    I’d also bet that ‘LC’ is short for “loose coochie”.

  31. LaydeeBug

    Um, who are these ‘mo’s? More of J-Lo’s Hobos? Laguna Beach? Never hoid of it! Where is it now, on reruns on channel 88?

  32. LaydeeBug

    Oh, and they are both Effing Ugly, by God! The guys I mean. Ewww, the girls too.

  33. LaydeeBug

    HollyJ you are a genius. VOTE HollyJ!!!!

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