Sienna Miller does some topless tanning

August 21st, 2007 // 144 Comments

Not sure when Sienna Miller turned into Lindsay Lohan, but she was spotted in Ibiza, Spain today doing some topless tanning. And I have to admit, she looks pretty good for somebody who I’ve never seen in a movie and wouldn’t even know was famous except that people tell me she is. This might as well be a picture of my neighbor. She was on Family Feud once and I think that makes her slightly more famous than Sienna.

Click the picture for the NSFW uncensored version.


  1. Danner

    Not bad!

  2. JOE


  3. Maecy

    her armpits! gross!

  4. Spook

    This bitch is useless.
    She’s a n!gger lover.
    Can’t have that.

  5. Hemlock Queen

    She’s pretty, but aging fast. The sun is lovely for turning youthful skin into hard baked lobster shells.

  6. god damnit i was just in spain! how did i miss this?!

  7. Are you happy Mike? Here she is with her perky little A’s

  8. adeliza

    That’s what you do in Ibizia.

  9. I have a question.
    My roommate posted pictures of me taking it up the ass on the net.
    And, he posted a video of me blowing 4 guys.
    So, my question is; do I have legal grounds to sue?

  10. p0nk

    #6 I was just in Sienna Miller and I missed Spain.

  11. eh…I’ve had better….then again, who hasnt?

  12. Jimbo

    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I would totally hit it. Then I’d get Biteme and Frist to fuck my ass and Jrzmom to lick my hairy balls, and then veggi to climb on top of me and dance the jigaboo dance. Danner and Joe and Kristin and hemlock Queen can suck all the cum outta my ass once Biteme shoots a big load in there. Yeah!

  13. veggi

    Nice pOnk! ahahaha!

    Oh, and Jimbo, why are you such a fuckbucket?

  14. I don’t care if she’s a slut. Sienna is a beautiful thang.
    when celebrity goes ghetto.

  15. @13 Hey Veggie, the fuckbucket is our favorite troll. She has been around all morning. The cute little fuckbuckets has no life and no one like her. She just spends the day in her bed room trolling people to make her life have meaning.

  16. I wanna lick dem nipples.

  17. Chauncey Gardner

    In the case of Sienna Miller, I wish “topless” meant “headless”.

    I also wish that the “Burnt Sienna” variety of Crayola Crayons was a reference to Sienna Miller’s lifeless husk after being cooked to a golden brown in a large commercial oven.

  18. Boogie

    I do love me some boobies.

  19. soapy

    She was once in the elevator in my building, trashed with Jude Law while filming Factory Girl She has a fuzzy face. Probably due to her anorexia.

  20. Kam

    He thinks he’s Eminem – but he’s not.

  21. El-Coyote

    For the first time in my life I like Sienna Miller…


  22. Donkey

    It’s not natual for a girl to have to lift her arms over her head to get the boobies perky

  23. #20 I think you are on the wrong post

  24. Texas Tranny


  25. michele(south africa)

    Goodness, makes a girl never want to appeared nekked if this is the reaction one gets!!! Filthy boys. Silly boys.
    Boys just never grow up, its just balls and cocks and potty , dumb minds. Women rule.

  26. P911gt10c

    she’s a nobody, but luv the lil boobs.

    oh, and #2, you’re a loser.

  27. G Money

    P Diddy was banging her I heard EWWWWW!

  28. woodhorse

    Hugs & kisses, happy to see you!-as always

  29. Tt7xdgkl

    is that why people liek her so much ? because she has the body of an eleven year old girl ?

  30. Ok, I’m truly bored.

  31. Texas Tranny


  32. Do you need a prank phone call?

  33. Texas Tranny

    Or an obscene one?

  34. Annie Rexia

    I geuss a titty fuck is out of the question with this bitch.

  35. Bugman4045

    perky little A’s

  36. TT I would only give you an obscene call

  37. @29

    No. Because she has the body of an eleven year old boy.

  38. Sheva

    Just wish she more of … well who the hell cares. Perky is always nice, tear drop even better.

    Shape over size, any day. But the small nipples are my favorite. They’d go better with hers.

    She is the definitive stick figure though. Which is fine. Beats fat American biyatches any day.

    Still not one comment on the bird behind her. Hmm…

  39. Texas Tranny

    Promises, promises

  40. eww

    well its good to see that some members of hollywood have decided to stay all natural. who knows, she could get the same surgeon that tara reid had so she didnt want to chance it… but ive seen bigger boobs on barbie dolls, which is really pathetic… & is she french or does she just not know what a razor is? no one wants to see her nasty gross pit hair…

  41. PPonTT

    Texas Tranny you’re always talking about your sexy panties, yet never showing. Boo

  42. TT There was no listing to the phone book for Texas Tranny

  43. Awww look at tha tiny little stars….

  44. Spook , why the racist remark. You Americans kill me. Land of the free home of the racist!!!

  45. @44 what perfect country are you from?

  46. American... not UKanian

    It’s called free speech Jimmy boy.
    I might not agree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.

  47. Bite me where was your comments when the remarks were made coward

  48. Texas Tranny

    All I need is your email addy.

  49. Why? He’s not American… stay alive

  50. bob

    40, does she count as a member of hollywood? she’s been in what, -3 films?

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