Sienna Miller hangs out topless with married actor

July 15th, 2008 // 172 Comments

These are the much ballyhooed photos of Sienna Miller hanging out topless in Portofino, Italy with married actor Balthazar Getty of ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. The dude has been denying in the press that he’s involved with Sienna, but just in case, his wife is flying to Italy to sort things out, according to NY Daily News. I hope she likes nipples.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that, for some reason, make me see Gilligan’s Island in a whole new light.


  1. #49, good for you Mama Pinkus, I respect that. You are intellectually honest and you have integrity.

    Unfortunately, there are many (American) women who also think that no guy on this earth is worth missing “Desperate Housewives” to make happy, yet who still want the perks of marriage. If their husbands have options (like Balthazar does) they will get sick of the neglect and nagging, and will seek satisfaction elsewhere.

  2. Omnibacon

    Only quitters get married

  3. 2for2true

    What a filthy disgusting gutter whore….with a married man, no less. She is lower than ten year old shit caked under a convenience store toilet. I can only hope he used her as the bottom feeder for a german brown shower video. Perhaps we’ll all be so lucky and she’ll rot away from scurvy.

    Maybe this poor guy can salvage his marriage after coming in contact with this diseased skank…for the kid’s sake I certainly hope so. No guy deserves to end up in divorce court over the antics of this piss sipping puke lapper.

  4. C

    A domestic violence report on Tom Leykis:

    The victim states that on 12/22/93 at approx 1:00 AM while in bed with the suspect, who is [REDACTED], the suspect and victim had an argument. As a rebuttal [to] this argument the suspect threw a glass at the victim striking her in the head. The suspect then pushed the victim’s head into a brick fireplace located in the bedroom. The victim stated that at the time the suspect grabbed her and threatened to kill her. The officers observed scratch marks on the victim’s left forearm. The officers also felt a large bump on the victim’s head. The victim was advised of her rights under 209A. The victim refused medical attention at this time. The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to Area A-1.

    Fuck off, Leykis.

  5. lambman

    she is a whore and a terrible actress.

    I am disappointed in him, I freaking love his band Ringside

  6. YeahThat

    Thank god for “whorebags” and “sluts”, because most of you jokers would never get laid without women who have really fucking low-rent standards for the kinds of men they want to bed up.

    When you catch yourself calling a woman uptight, because she won’t give it over to you, maybe she’s just encountered men out there whose personalities don’t reek as bad as yours does.

  7. YeahThat

    Thank god for “whorebags” and “sluts”, because most of you jokers would never get laid without women who have really fucking low-rent standards for the kinds of men they want to bed up.

    When you catch yourself calling a woman uptight, because she won’t give it over to you, maybe she’s just encountered men out there whose personalities don’t reek as bad as yours does.

  8. #54, falsely accused and never convicted, even in a legal climate that assumes that all men accused of domestic violence are guilty until proven innocent. Nice try though ;-)

    BTW, you probably believe Tawana Brawley and Crystal Gayle Mangum (Duke lacrosse team) were raped, right?

    Take it from me, that’s why men should never marry (unless they are losers like Kevin Federline) or allow women to live with them.

    If Balthazar Getty had avoided marriage he could bang Sienna Miller guilt free, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    Nagging, no sex, and risk of being accused of domestic violence. Men, just say no to marriage! Stay single and bang the friendly Sienna Millers of the world!

  9. YeahThat

    Tom Leykis. Dude, your arguments are really weak. And boring.

  10. YeahThat, dude, glad you finally figured out how not to double-post. Well done! ;-)

    And I agree with you, dude, thank god for whorebags and sluts! ;-)

  11. YeahThat


  12. YeahThat


  13. YeahThat


  14. YeahThat, dude, here’s a tip to prevent double and triple posting: click the “Post Your Comment” button only once, then BE PATIENT and wait for your post to appear.

    If your Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) forces you to keep clicking the “Post Your Comment” button, talk to your psychiatrist about increasing the dose of your medication. ;-)

  15. YeahThat

    You fail to get when you are being mocked….x 4.

  16. YeahThat

    You fail to get when you are being mocked….x 4.

  17. YeahThat

    You fail to get when you are being mocked….x 4.

  18. YeahThat

    You fail to get when you are being mocked….x 4.

  19. Ted from LA

    War and Peace

    Tom Lykis,
    Welcome aboard. Great splash on your way in the pool. As for your list

    “Men are simple. Keep our stomachs full and our balls drained, and stop nagging us to take out the garbage, and we’re happy.

    Four phrases that lead to a happy husband:

    * long hair
    * stay slim
    * sex anytime
    * shut up”

    I had to show this to Mrs. Ted from LA. She has medium length hair, is slim, we have sex all the time (even middle of the night bumps in the night) and she really never complains to me about my behavior or tells me what to do. Therefore, if she would grow her hair about 4 inches longer, by your standards, she’d be the perfect wife. By my standards, she already is. The key to marriage, from what I’ve learned, is to cooperate with each other, not compete with each other. If she’s happy, I’m happy and vise versa. I also clean the house a lot and transport the kids whenever I can. The real key to marital happiness is exercising together, working fewer hours so you have time off each week together during the week. The sex is way worth the fewer $$$ Afternoon Delight is not just a song from many moons ago in our life. Lastly, keep your kids home more and your family running for sports less. We’ve lost our fucking minds in this country following kids around and ruining our quality family time sitting on our asses watching our burned out children competing in a sport they have about .6% of ever playing in college. Thanks for triggering these thoughts Tom Lykis. As for this thread, it’s dead. People shouldn’t cheat. If they do, there may be more to the story than meets the eye. Most importantly, if you’re criticizing her tits, you’re either a blind or bitter person. Amen.

  20. And your double posts #56 and #57 were supposed to be “mocking”? Riiiiight, junior, you’ll have to do better than that. Keep trying though, and don’t forget to take your Adderall ;-)

  21. Will

    those are sad tits

  22. Renee

    My friend told me that she saw her profile with hot photos on~~~~~ Mixed Mate. c o m Is that true? Maybe… OMG, is she looking for new relationships? I’ll check it out.

  23. Ted from LA

    We also sometimes do it in public places. Inside job?

  24. Ted, you and the Mrs. sound like very smart and wise people. You are both lucky to have each other, enjoy! ;-)

    I agree with you, married people shouldn’t cheat. If you make a commitment, stick to it. But if you look what most American women (not Mrs. Ted) bring to the table in 2008, any successful man, and certainly any celebrity like Balthazar or A-Rod or Paul McCartney, would be better off avoiding marriage (again, excluding the delightful exceptions like Mrs. Ted). Most American women in 2008 demand and expect and feel entitled to too much, while giving too little, to make the risks (loss of “community property” that is mostly his, vaginamony, domestic abuse accusations, custody battles, increasing child support demands, etc.) worthwhile. It just isn’t worth it anymore in 2008.

    But thanks for your welcome Ted, and again, congratulations for finding one of the “good ones”. ;-)

  25. YeahThat

    It’s called “sarcasm.’ It’s often used in writing. Most people get it. When in #56…and then again in #57, I wrote “Thank god for ‘whorebags’ and ‘sluts’”, did you notice the quotes? I was being sardonic. I was mocking, um, you.

    You fail.

  26. Kate

    Wow Tom Leykis, where do you work? Because I wish I had as much time as you did to spend all day rebutting every comment made to you. Seriously dude, you do this for fun or what? I mean I might stop by the site for 10 mins a day, but that’s it. You’re really putting a lot of energy and care into this. So we can all safely assume you aren’t getting laid tonight? Because if you were, you wouldn’t be wageing a “comment arguement” on the fish. Whatever man, whatever.

  27. YeahThat, dude, you should just quit while you’re behind. You are only digging a deeper hole.

    And I was being sarcastic back when you were still spitting up your baba and pooping in your diapers, son. ;-)

  28. YeahThat

    You’re hilarious. But boring.

  29. Ted From LA @ 69:
    It is so adorable when you flash your vagina in public, metaphporically speaking

  30. YeahThat

    Hey guys! Tom Leykis just admitted to being old enough to be any of our dads. Rest assured, you may confidently file all of his thoughts on women under “Antiquated Ideas”.

    **Sorry Mom and Dad (and a whole slew of other people your age and older) because you guys don’t suck at progressive thinking.

  31. Don’t worry YeahThat, dude, you’ll learn, the hard way. Fortunately, you’ll probably never amount to much, so you won’t have to worry about losing much in a divorce.

    Wait a minute, is your name Kevin Federline? Then by all means, marry often, and only to women who are more successful than you (which is almost any woman) ;-)

    Unless you’re actually a woman. I admit, it’s hard to tell if your writing is that of a woman or a metrosexual “male”, the styles are so similar. ;-)

  32. Evelyn

    Tom is an ugly, fat, double-chinned, Chiclet-toothed, needle-dicked fuck who thinks that the old “mysogynist shock-jock” shit is clever or original.
    No wonder the you were stuck bagging a worthless, loudmouth Spic newsreporter as a wife.

    Oh, nevermind, nothing fresh (entertainment-wise) isn’t going to come from a New Yorker.

    The only good thing I can say about this fucking toad is that he’s an old, dried up piece of shit that undoubtedly won’t spend much more time on this Earth, and a good motivator for the mass extermination of the worthless fucking baby boomers that are wasting our resources and keeping society stuck in the past instead of allowing succession of the world by my generation (generation Y; I’m 16).

    And enough with the fucking winking, ya old SHITBAG. You think that’s how people are supposed to type on the Internet? Huh? Is that it? You think that’s what all the young people do?
    Stupid fucking COPROLITE.

    Here’s to hoping that both of your sisters get attacked by a pack of burly black hooligans in some parking lot, have their skulls bashed in, every orifice violated to pulp, destroyed physically, psychologically, and spiritually, so they have their souls ripped from their bodies and are left with no motivation or enthusiasm in life.

  33. Sienna is smoking hot and this dude’s a lucky bastard to be tapping that ass. Doesn’t matter if he’s married, y’all put yourself in his position. Hot bitch actress with a tight body wants to Mack. Don’t care who you are you’re all over that.

    PS: Sienna it’s time to step up to this!

  34. YeahThat

    Tom. Why do you keep winking at me? That’s just creepy.

  35. kirsten dunst

    i wonder if he ever gets tired of writing about such horribly useless information.

  36. YeahThat

    You just compared me to Kevin Federline. Now I’m really fuckin’ bored.

  37. Evelyn, Evelyn, tsk tsk, so young and already so angry and bitter. You have truly been chugging that misandrist feminist Kool-Aid, how sad.

    Boys, in 15 years or so women like Evelyn will be an even more angry and bitter yet desperate-to-procreate biological clock-watchers who will be lying to you about being on birth control and manipulating you into “commitment”, if they haven’t come out as fully lesbian. As bad as many American women are now, looks like the next generation will be even worse. Boys, good luck finding another Mrs. Ted in Evelyn’s generation. Fortunately, there will always be Sienna Miller types around, especially in other countries.

    Evelyn, this wink’s for you! ;-)

  38. Ted from LA, if you and Mrs. Ted want to hear more about the 4 phrases (8 words) that lead to a happy husband, listen to


  39. riz

    so i was hoping after all of his largely uninformed comments that tom leykis would at least be young and still in his prime, if not attractive.

    sadly he is neither. in fact, he is so far away from neither that he might even be considered in another universe of ugly and sad.
    i mean, when was the last time he even HAD sex, do you think? just to prove it even further, how many hours has he been commenting on this single article? INSTEAD of having sex with a young, beautiful woman? yeah, we’re out there, and yeah, we like to have sex, but NEVER with someone as sad as him.
    you think that having a radio show and being a sexist bigot is cool? think again, sir. i’d bet anyone money that when that pig has sex it lasts for two minutes. he probably can’t even handle a real woman, and for that, i pity you tom.

  40. oddity

    Eh, it’s obvious Tom is a troll and you’ve fallen prey to his devices. He’s chuckling dementedly in his little corner- why even bother to get worked up over his misogynistic comments? It’s clear he’s a loser, but you’ll be reduced to one too by arguing with him.

  41. oddity, I resent being called a misogynist! There is no such thing as a misogynist!

    A misogynist is a man who hates women almost as much as women hate each other, and no man on earth hates women THAT much! : P

  42. Who are these people and why are they showing their ding dings and dong dongs in public?

  43. Duck

    With all the cash behind this Getty guy it can’t be too hard to get her …
    Actor S). Yeah … any hobby is fine, I guess.

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  45. Katty

    Wow,they’re so sexy.One of my friends told me he saw their profile on the millioneiredating site named”"M i l l i o n a i r”"”It is said there’re so many hot and sexy pictures about them on the site.

  46. Boggled

    My god… she’s supposed to be a movie/tv star and she has tits that horrible?

    God, she’s ugly inside and out.

  47. Kim Lardassian

    Didn’t realise Sienna was so small breasted. Maried men though? KEEP OFF FOR FUCKSSAKE.

  48. those aren’t nice tits … seen worse … and have seen/had better **… neither blind nor bitter …

    ** [and I'm not talking about vulgarly globulous fake tits ... I'd at least take Sienna's over fake ones]

  49. wonderland

    lucky stinkin fishbag.
    how many hot guys has that bitch had?

  50. Lau

    Hey Superficial-
    There is some kind of virus on your site- everytime i open it- a virus warning pops up on my computer- can you guys take a look at it?

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