Sienna Miller hangs out topless with married actor

July 15th, 2008 // 172 Comments

These are the much ballyhooed photos of Sienna Miller hanging out topless in Portofino, Italy with married actor Balthazar Getty of ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. The dude has been denying in the press that he’s involved with Sienna, but just in case, his wife is flying to Italy to sort things out, according to NY Daily News. I hope she likes nipples.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that, for some reason, make me see Gilligan’s Island in a whole new light.


  1. YTooooooooo

    First?!??! :(

  2. Allison

    You’d think she wouldn’t cheat after being cheated on by Jude.

  3. Allison

    You’d think she wouldn’t cheat after being cheated on by Jude.

  4. Tiffany

    she’s totally naked in those first few pictures.. what a homewrecker!!

  5. jennifer

    she sure fucks a lot of guys who are not circumcised. eeeeeew!!

  6. Bob

    Yes, it’s totally her fault, he’s completely innocent, I can clearly see he’s there at gunpoint.

  7. Congrats to Balthazar for getting some pussy. Never knew a guy named Balthazar would be interested in pussy….

    Oh, #1 – you are a douche.

  8. charm

    She is so common.

  9. Jamie's Uterus

    This chick is a notorious slut. Its well documented. I think he could do better than her.

  10. havoc

    Um. not the best tits in show biz…..


  11. Mario

    For some strange reason these pics make me hungery for linguini w/clam sauce.

  12. Harry

    Just when I was beginning to think actors weren’t all narcissistic, self indulgent a-holes. Does that old broad in the picture complete the menage a trois?

  13. kim

    note to self: when cheating on spouse, stay away from open window and paparazzi… O.o

  14. Dee

    yah, whoopie, boobs. The payday for the pics was for the shot of snapper!

  15. Dude

    Actresses are some stupid vulnerable bitches

  16. shanipie

    What a fucking disgusting honewrecking whore. Its one thing if you dont know a dude is married but I mean its well known that he is so thats really really fucked up. I hate dirty bitches that do that to guys wives, She deserved being cheated on and she deserve to have those ugly ittle boobs, whole the hell do u have a saggy A cup anyways?

  17. will

    Oh, Sportsdvl – you are a douche.

  18. shanipie

    Please excuse the typos, I forgot how to type for a second.

  19. FCS

    skinny, stupid and pancake boobs. great catch.

  20. malicious

    how’s he going to explain this one to his four kids. For shame!!

  21. alisa

    what a dumb bitch…….
    i think everyone’s done some shady stuff at one time or another but he’s married with kids……… thats just sad. theres so many single people in this world too

  22. Yeahthat

    This headline should be, “Balthazar Getty likes to cheat on his wife with topless actress.” It’s not a woman’s responsibility to make sure a man is faithful to his wife.

  23. Kate

    You know I see a lot of “she’s a homewrecking whore” comments and I’m not saying she isn’t, slutty miller is a notorious skank. BUT come on, the dude is JUST if not more at fault, I mean he knows he’s married, he made the concious decesion to sleep with Slutty Miller, no one is holding a gun to his head. He looks pretty damn happy. Cheating is a two way street people, he’s just as much a whore and homewrecker as she is. And truth is, if it wasn’t slutty miller, it’d be some other chick, because once a cheater, always a cheater and this dude has no qualms cheating on his wife obvisously. So don’t just blame her, she’s not the only douche in these pictures.

  24. DaBoss

    Well he just ruined his marrage. Hope he has a good lawyer, because with pictures like these he doesn’t stand a chance. I think they are both horrible people. Her even more so, because she knows first hand the pain she is causing someone else. They are both trash.

  25. Laraloveslifehouse

    They totally just effed in those first few pics, she has no clothes at all and he is smoking a little ciggy…awwww…how absolutely whorish of the two of them. If I was his wife, I would come down there and slap the taste out of that beezy’s mouth. She should be ashamed…of those saggy ass boobies.

  26. yuelaw

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! …did i make it?

  27. __________________________________________________

    I think #17′s the douche. Fuckin fag.

  28. yuelaw

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! …did i make it?

  29. sandy

    who is the random lady in white in pic # 12?

  30. Jamie's Uterus

    Its probably the first time he’s had anal sex, thats why he’s so happy. This chick is a sexual Disneyland.

  31. bootlips

    She’s a fame whore…. Nice titties, though.

  32. Ted from LA

    One time I had intimate relations with a woman named Mary Ann and she was wearing the same hat. Her friend Ginger wanted to have a threesome, but she was ugly and annoying as hell so it didn’t happen.

  33. morga

    He’s the worst actor on that show.

  34. Balthy's Ballz

    Well he’s sure fucked now. I mean, his marriage is… obviously with Slutty Sienna, he’s been fucked over and over the last few days.

  35. antsy pantsy

    #16 & #24 & #25: Wait, she’s MORE horrible and MORE responsible than he? Because she’s the one sticking something in him?

    Oh, right. She also should take more blame for making his wife miserable and ruining his children’s lives. He’s just a tool.

    Yes, the wife should DEFINITELY blame her. Her husband just couldn’t help hiimself.

  36. Mike

    She’s only marginally attractive, but she gives off this easy sexuality. Like you could just bang her all day and she’d never bitch, never complain, never ask anything of you, it would be all about sex, almost like hanging out with one of the guys, but who happens to be a girl with a perky rack and a decent enough body.

    If you can buy into that illusion, you’ll have fun. At least until she drops you out of the blue and you realize you’re riddled with P. Diddy’s STDs and on the verge of a costly divorce and a bloated lonely middle age.

  37. The women outraged at Sienna and this married man are living in denial. If married women would spend more time making sure their man is sexually satisfied and less time chopping off their hair, packing on the pounds, nagging and criticizing, and rationing sex with an eyedropper, fewer men would cheat.

    Men are simple. Keep our stomachs full and our balls drained, and stop nagging us to take out the garbage, and we’re happy.

    Four phrases that lead to a happy husband:

    * long hair
    * stay slim
    * sex anytime
    * shut up

    Sadly, most American women can’t/won’t follow at least two of the above.

  38. cady

    Oh, She love nake walking at home. not only this, she also like to do others. Fitness Loving Do Tcom has some records about what she did naked at home.

  39. boo

    So it’s the WIFE’S fault! Thanks for clearing that up #37, ya ignorant douche

  40. kit kitten

    my problem with sienna is that i can never recognize her from movie to movie. and in photos sometimes she looks pretty and other times she looks fug. like now.

  41. indian


    If you were running for president I’d vote for you.

  42. #39: “So it’s the WIFE’S fault! Thanks for clearing that up #37, ya ignorant douche’

    You’re welcome! Now go cut your hair shorter, eat some ice cream, and keep on wondering why your husband has been “working late” at the office so much lately. ;-)

  43. Do_FreeBird

    I think it’s a beautiful thing that Skipper er Sienna is doing for us. Not only that, but I figure she’ll probably get around to me around September of 2013. And no pushing in the back of the line.

  44. B-N

    he is totally hot. too bad he’s a douchebag. i won’t even comment on the other party involved.

  45. dew

    @37 – No wonder why your ex-wife wouldn’t give you any, geesh. She’s probably giving lots to whoever’s treating her nicely now, and relieved to be away from her 3rd-world-marriage.

    Re: Sienna and Balthazar, I blame him the most, because HE’S the one that made a promise on his wedding day. But I also blame Sienna, because how could she not know he’s married. But I’ve seen lots of women tricked by lying men, but then again, neither of them were famous and being reported on all the time.

  46. #45 “@37 – No wonder why your ex-wife wouldn’t give you any, geesh. She’s probably giving lots to whoever’s treating her nicely now, and relieved to be away from her 3rd-world-marriage.”

    Yet another woman in denial, who sees marriage as a one-way street where it’s the man’s job to keep HER happy, while keeping him well-fed and sexually satisfied is somehow degrading and “3rd world”.

    Then she is shocked, SHOCKED when she sees pictures of her hubby embracing a slim, long-haired, friendly, smiling, all-inputs-open slut like Sienna.

    Keep on thinking like that and you’ll soon be making your contribution to the 50% divorce rate. ;-)

  47. britney's weave

    “Men are simple. Keep our stomachs full and our balls drained, and stop nagging us to take out the garbage, and we’re happy.”

    let’s all praise jesus (or other appropriate figure) that you don’t speak for all of them. well, excluding the ones that don’t matter.

  48. #47, just because you have no clue how to keep men happy doesn’t mean other women haven’t figured it out. Those are the 50% of married women who don’t get divorced. ;-)

    If a woman isn’t willing to keep her hair long, herself slim, her body available to her man, and her nagging to herself, that’s fine, she shouldn’t do those things are “beneath” her. But, she shouldn’t get married either. You can’t have it both ways, ladies. ;-)

  49. Mama Pinkus

    Tom Leykis you are so correct – that’s why I will never marry – there’s not a guy on this earth worth THAT much

  50. britney's weave

    like i said, you don’t speak for all men. peace.

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