Sienna Miller suing UK papers over topless photos

July 24th, 2008 // 32 Comments

Sienna Miller was basically labeled a homewrecker after topless photos of her on vacation with Balthazar Getty emerged. It also didn’t help that Balthazar waited a week to announce he was separated from his wife at the time. So, Sienna is looking to cash in on the situation by suing The Sun, News of the World and Big Pictures for invasion of privacy, according to The Guardian:

It is believed that the writ relates to two articles that appeared in the Sun where Big Pictures contributed photos. The stories and pictures reported on Miller’s holiday in Italy and also referred to her friendship with Balthazar Getty, heir to the Getty oil fortune.

For the record, this kind of celebrity legal shenanigans is only kosher in Europe. Thankfully, here in the U.S., we understand the importance of seeing famous body parts.* Future historians will look back on our culture and revere Britney Spears’ vagina as if it were the Declaration of Independence. Damn, somebody should print some of my posts and bury them in a time capsule. People in the future should see how freaking advanced I was. Then they’ll build a moon statute in my honor which, for accuracy’s sake, should include me uppercutting a tank.

*Editor’s Note: The Superficial Writer, who is not a lawyer and simply hunts ambulances for sport, is making a broad, possibly inaccurate statement about privacy litigation. His assumptions are, legally speaking, derived solely from the anus.


  1. zegabe


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  2. I never really understood why people like this actress. I first saw her in Alfie – and beyond thinking that she was sort of pretty, I don’t remember her acting chops really catching my attention.

  3. zegabe


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  4. zegabe

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  5. I hear her new fragrance will be call Flat Chested Whore, by Burberry.

  6. shanipie


    DUMB BITCH – if you don’t want people taking topless pictures of you with a still married man, don’t fucking go out on the terrace with him without clothes on…

    Problem Solved


  7. metalman

    id rather look at her tits that britneys twat. my eyes still hurt. maybe we could ammend the constution just for brits vagina? JUST SAY NO!

  8. Jeniffer

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  9. damn i'm leaving

    All you fags before me aren’t first. I am.

    And whats up with the editor being a pussy? Come on now. A disclaimer so you don’t get sued either? JEEEEZUS.

  10. edna

    I print out your posts and use them in my cat box and kitty “buries” things there, does that count?

    If Sienna Miller doesn’t like pix of her tits floating around she needs to keep her clothes on when she’s outside…

  11. havoc

    I should sue the Sun for not getting more bottomless photos.

    Tits are nothing anymore.

    Now, some hefty beef curtains? I’d buy that for a dollar…..


  12. Zegabe (or otherwise know as douche who is so lame he/she/it has to celebrate posting 1st). I do not know who you are or why you give a shit as to my opinion (except for the fact I am brilliant and witty) but I’m not much in the mood to pick an online fight with some unknown person who I’ve never seen post on here before. I do appreciate counting you among my fan base.

    Obviously your pizza delivery job doesn’t start until later allowing you time to use your dial up connection to actually post 3 times on this thread. I’m impressed! Well that, or you are in the computer room at your local correctional facility….

    So, thank you for living to speak to me this morning. It is nice to know your first thoughts when coming here are of me and not Sienna’s naked titties or Kim’s fat ass.

  13. msallied

    #6 is so right on. What could they possibly have been thinking? Jesus. Maybe they didn’t think they were famous enough to attract papparazzi. Well, they’re sure famous enough now! lol

  14. Mojo


  15. His latest movie is called Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds…….

    … just saying…

  16. Mojo

    Balthazar Getty did to his wife what Jude Law did to Sienna with the Nanny, and THIS is who she wants to swap bodily fluids with? She’s either got the lowest self-esteem ever or she is one nasty skank.

  17. dragon43078

    don’t care what they do or who they are. Show TITS please. The more the merrier.


  19. ALSO, balthazar getty is not that fucking famous. he has a minor part in brothers and sisters for crying out loud. bfd. now that he’s a big fat fucking star, he’s dumping his un-famous wife and their VERY un-famous 4 children to romp around naked with sienn?? please. you’re a B- actor at best!

  20. Batman

    Do you think she will sue me after I start selling the “Sienna Miller is a homewrecker” TShirt that I recently designed? Hey, it’s not slander if it can be proven to be true, right?

    Other TShirts available at my online store:

    Tom Cruise is CRAZY
    Kim Kardashian is a MEGLOMANIAC
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    Pamela Anderson is getting OLD!
    …and many others!

  21. Stroker

    Why? It’s not as if the pictures caused me to jerk off or anything.

  22. Harry Ballzck

    Yeah – good luck with that law suit Sienna. You were photographed in public ,on a balcony, and naked where the whole world could get a peek – you don’t get to sue over your own stupidity dumb ass. That balcony was NOT private.
    In fact – I was hangin out below that balcony too …. I got some great shots my buds and I pass around of your gaping crotch !! Wanna sue me too ? It ain’t MY fault you have a canyon crotch and you’re stupid enough to appear naked on you balcony outside the room and flash it.
    But I’ll damn sure look !!

    ……………………………………………. _\\|//_
    ……………………………………………..( o o)

  23. hendero

    Judging by her boobs she’d better be suing in small claims court. Her only argument is the story wasn’t entirely truthful as it failed to mention her Skank of the Year honours.

  24. J@cko

    Rich on shanipie!

  25. tc

    “Then they’ll build a moon statute in my honor which, for accuracy’s sake,”

    I should probably point out that you mean statue rather than statute (for accuracy’s sake).

    Probably not suing over the pictures, which is near impossible, but for libel.

    If you think she is fair game, then you should also realise that The Sun (a UK arse-rag) is also fair game.

    Incidentally, this woman is totally gorgeous and very lovable.

  26. BunnyButt

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  27. siren

    Whatever! She’s a hoe hoe and so is he. He should have at least had the decency to announce beforehad that he was separated. Bitches.

  28. Jeniffer

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  29. George

    THE UK AND THE WORLD should sue her for showing her UGLY SAGING tits damn nasty whore

  30. I agree – people should have some sort of privacy.

  31. I agree – people should have some sort of privacy.

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