Sienna Miller puts makeup on her butt

February 8th, 2007 // 65 Comments

Sienna Miller says she got makeup put on her butt to cover up stretch marks while doing her nude scenes in Factory Girl. She tells Closer magazine:

“They spray makeup all over your body so you don’t see the stretch marks that we girls all have. One day I’ll wake up and my bum will be on the floor.”

To be fair I put makeup on my genitals. Not to cover anything up, just to make my penis appear smaller than it really is. I speak from experience when I say my penis in its natural state would knock women out from awe.



  1. Ted...From LA

    I love you. Thanks for the great dinner and wine. You’re right about having no hail damage on your ass too. Very impressive.

  2. drowningfool

    I cant wait to see “Factory Girl.” It looks like a blast…a blast of stinky make-up fart. Let’s all boycott this one for all the animals that had to get tortured just so that we wouldnt have to see Sienna Miller’s real nasty skank ass. (PS I really don’t care about animals but I want a reason to make Sienna Miller poor again)

  3. Mick

    To all the chicks here who are posting that they don’t have stretch marks.

    No one cares, You post it and than feel so good about yourselves because famous Sienna does and you down. OH Wow!
    As much as I hate this broad, I respect her for admitting she has flaws. I have flaws, everyone does.

  4. sugarpuff

    oh my god, youre all so damn rude…im sorry but i dont believe that none of you have stretch marks..even glamourous super models have them, growth spurts, overweight, underweight, it all leads to the road of stretch marks..i think its because shes British that youre going on like this.Get over it, shes hot, shes stylish and yes, she once had Jude Law.

  5. little_fleabag

    She is beautiful but she has rather a lot of “laughter lines” around her eyes for someone so young (24?). Too much sun.

  6. Spetsnaz

    I’ve done it. I don’t have stretch marks on my behind but I was trying and failing to hide a tan line.

    See, the difference is that Sienna is a skanky ass freckly-orange nobody with bad hair and I am beautiful and brilliant. So instead of trying to hide her hideousness, she should instead try and set herself on fire.

  7. freakflag

    The “stretch mark” story is bullshit. She needed the makeup to cover the bruises from my balls smacking her ass. They probably had to superglue her cooch to keep it from floppin open too.

  8. Sadachbia

    Still can’t understand why people like the author think having a big penis is so great. The average vagina is only 3~4″ deep, so what are you supposed to do? Leave the rest out in the cold?

  9. bassclefs

    Sorry Sienna, but girls who don’t fluctuate in their growth or WEIGHT GAIN don’t get stretch marks!!!
    I sure as hell don’t have any! gross.

  10. bassclefs

    sugarpuff, not everyone has stretch marks. Those of us who have been healthy and active all our lives don’t have random weight gains!

  11. meee

    thanks ted! you are a STUD and i will let all the other ladies know how great you are in bed.

  12. Ted...From LA

    I blush.

  13. wank martindale

    The average vagina is only 3~4″ deep?? WTF. that is bullshit. you dont know much about vaginas do you #58

    id say it is about twice that deep and i learned that from biology in high school so dont question me lol. plus since i have over 7in of manhood and my gf can take it to the hilt i know that cant be true

    well i do hate ppl that brag about there penis size constantly, it is stupid and gay… but usually it is just joking around… and sometimes it can be funny

    id say this chick in the above pic could (and does) take at least 12″ to the hilt, balls deep, 3 or more times daily

    good luck #58 on maybe seeing or touching a real vagina one day.

  14. well, thanks for ruining all the fantasy men used to have

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