Sienna Miller nipple slip

October 31st, 2007 // 56 Comments

Sienna Miller’s character seems to have a cold in her new movie Hippie Hippie Shake. She also doesn’t seem to wear a bra. Sienna must be playing some sort of inspiring female role model that other women can look up to. Wait, of course! She’s Susan B. Anthony. I should’ve known. The nipple was a dead giveaway.

Photos: Splash News

  1. cawl

    Who cares? Must be a slow day to show these slips after we got full frontal not too long ago.

    I’d hit it

  2. Crotch Kicker

    I think her recent totally nude slip ruined it for this post.

  3. Crotch Kicker

    #3 You fucking bastard! I can’t believe you beat me to it.

    I’d hit it too.

  4. Why is it poor people can afford clothes that stay on but rich folk can’t?

  5. PotSmokersLikeSiena

    9 out of 10 pot smokers agree: Smoking premium weed in a bong followed by naked bed wrestling with Sienna would be an ok way to spend a day.

  6. bosendorfer

    this is really not much of a nipple slip, people.

    whatever will this person do when her body begins to fade?

    “funny t-shirts hoodies & bags”

  7. A little nipple is always nice to brighten up your afternoon

  8. veggi

    @7- why does the one pot smoker not agree?

    oh, and I like her jacket.

  9. PunkA

    #9, that is what we got. A little nipple. Her dimes have been seen before. She needs to sell out like other British tarts and get implants already.

  10. when I say brighten up your afternoon, I mean a big boner that makes me go YOWZER!

  11. LL

    She looks better blonde.

  12. is that a suitcase or her purse?

  13. She would look good with some nice round Cs

  14. IFuckingHateYou

    #7 – is the 10th pot smoker really a pole smoker?

  15. Pretty bra, I wonder if she’s wearing matching panties?

  16. @17- I am. I wonder if anyone notices. I wish I could wear them on the outside of my pants. But my little wanker fits nicely into these.

  17. Susan B Anthony

    Nipples! Yummy….

  18. PotSmokersLikeSiena

    @10 and 16

    The one smoker didn’t know what the question was. He was busy trying to get the girls here to go to his pants party. The party. In his pants.

    I gotta lay off the crack man.

  19. Preaching to the Choir Dick.
    I’ve known about the wonderful feel of pretty panties for many years.

  20. p911gt10c

    #4, you’re right

    oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  21. Silly wabbit – hippies don’t wear bras!

  22. This was posted on the Daily Mail like 2 days ago…


    But I do agree with TT that the bra is really cute.

  23. sportsdvl

    Shouldn’t the nipple be visible before it’s called a “nipple slip”?

    Oh, #1 – you are a bigger loser than those who love Lohan or Britney.

  24. ph7

    Looking under that star was a big disappointment.

  25. WhatIsSheDoing

    So what is Sienna doing in this movie? Trying to smuggle a suitcase of pot into Canada. I’ll bet she gets arrested and works a charge of “felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell” down to “jaywalking” by having sex with a roomful of policemen. It is gonna be a great movie.

  26. #20 Who is the crack man? I need to find him. I’m kinda tired since I forgot to lay off the pot man.

  27. Googolygoo

    WEAK! That IS her bra. and putting a large, oblong fuzz-box over her chestal area does not a nipple-slip make.
    Most of the pics are her bra and minimal cleavage.
    Considering you’ve posted her in her altogether, the only conclusion I can reach is that it’s s slow news/paps day.
    Robert Goulet naked– post-mortem– would be more interesting.

  28. Jimbo says:
    I love that good and plenty
    Jimbo says:
    It really tastes so good!!!

  29. @ 30
    Fuck off troll

  30. @30 & 31, Wow that is pretty funny, my troll tells my other troll to fuck off. This is starting to remind me of the movie Multiplicity.

  31. I just watched that movie last week!!!

  32. DId you send something to my MySpace?

  33. Hand Solo

    You know, after seeng this chicks tit and pussy the other week…..WHO GIVES A FLYING CUNTING FUCKING CHRIST ABOUT A NIPPLE SLIP YOU STUPID COCKSUCKERS?!?!?!

  34. uh?

    lol. who cares about seienna? who is she? what movies has she been in?

  35. Ript1&0

    So everyone here thinks this chick is hot?? Looks rat faced with an anorexic body to me. I didn’t get Family Guy, I don’t get this one either..

  36. Danklin24

    Wow, after seeing this chick completely naked, snatch and all, a nipple slip means…well, nothing actually.

  37. Dragula

    Nipples are too low on her boobs….a la Britney.

    Oh, and she has no boobs either. Nipples are too low on pecs then.

  38. 38383838

    what 38 said!

  39. Stop conflating “troll” with “nicswitch,” people!

  40. Fashion Police

    The coat she is wearing is from the mid ’70s and not the’60s. They need a new wardrobe person on this stupid move.

    Who now-a-days gives a shit about hippies. My grandma is from that generation, and she told me that all this equality, peace, love, and the rest of the BS is selective hindsight. She told me that she saw a lot of really nice, expensive RV Winnebagos at Woodstock, so not everyone was roughing it. Moral – The Trust Fund Babies from the ’60s now rule the world……. Hippies what a joke…..just a bunch of upper and middle class kids acting poor.

  41. Mama Pinkus

    In pic # 4 I can see the man-on-the-moon face on her mound.

  42. BishOP

    Where the fuck is her cardboard box? It looks like they shot a homeless person off the street. Also, who is this chick?

    She’s homely and flat. Not to say huge, fake boobs are attractive, but something to grope when you’re doing the business is better than uh..not.

  43. This is indeed a nipple-slip. But this girl simply has NOO TITS. If this shot has to bring you horny feeling I’m going to help myself with a picture of kim kardashian. That will succeed for sure though!!

  44. Is this the girl from the Alfie movie she looks totally different.
    She should do like in the beauty pageants and use tupay glue
    and glue her clothes on.

  45. Michael Motorcycle

    Who cares about the size of her tits. All I can think about is that sweet, long-lipped vulva. She was standing straight up with her legs closed and you could still see that thing poking out between her legs. Ahh sweet heaven.

    Fads are funny things sometimes….like most girls shaving their pubes these days like they’re porn stars or something. I’m no personal fan of shaved bush, probably because back in the 80′s when I was a young boy the best we ever got to see in movies was bush. Now with the whole shaving craze, you get to view the whole sweet tamale. Now that’s feminist progress baby!

  46. blizzy

    NEW RULE: You can no longer call the appearance of a nipple a nip slip when said nipple is attached to a-cups.


    The Man Law Council

  47. xman

    expand your field, if that is a nipple slip then brit wear underware

  48. xman

    expand your field, if that is a nipple slip then brit wears underware

  49. cj

    Get over it. It’s a nipple.

  50. selina

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