Sienna Miller may or may not be a baby

October 13th, 2006 // 56 Comments

Page Six reports Sienna Miller threw a tantrum Saturday night when she was thrown out of Penny Folino’s Young’s Tavern in Pittsburgh because she didn’t have ID.

“Sienna ripped off her hat and said, ‘I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!’ ” Folino told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Miller, denied her vodka and tonic, stewed outside for 30 minutes. Bouncer Dan Kovacs said, “She was going crazy out there, stomping her feet.” Said Folino: “No ID, no entry – I’m sorry, we can’t bend the rules for anybody.”

Sienna has already started denying the claims, having her London rep say in a statement:

“These people are utter fantasists. We have 10 witnesses, including local Pittsburgh people, who can vouch that Sienna never reacted this way and left the bar quietly. It is utter rubbish.”

That’s probably the first time in my entire life I’ve ever seen the word ‘fantasist’ used. The first four times I read it I thought she was saying ‘fascists’ or ‘fanatics.’ Anyways, I don’t know which side to believe so I’m just going with the version where she rips off her hat and says “I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!” Because there’s really no way you can beat that. Not even with an atomic bomb.


  1. griffmills

    I banged her

  2. jrzmommy

    Hmmm….let’s see……she insults the city that she’s staying in and then she wonders why she can’t get a drink. Maybe next time she won’t be so quick to talk shit on the city that’s hosting her narcissistic ass….BITCH!

  3. RichPort

    That’s odd. They even offered my 5 month old a frothy glass of their finest piss the last time I visited. Maybe Pittsburgians just hate ugly bitches.

  4. ponk

    unfortunately Sienna is neither famous, nor an actress. Famous actresses today don’t stop at just ripping off hats.

  5. I don’t think this type of shit works in Pittsburgh. Maybe London, but not the heart of the steel belt.

  6. I am a fantasist too.

    Oh wait, that’s Fetishist. Sorry.

    - Fuck You Edna.

  7. I had to reread fantasists too. I thought they were saying fanatics and I wanted to know what the hell they were so fanatical about…

  8. magickal

    Admit it, Sienna… really DO think of it as Shitsburg, don’t you? Poor thing. Well, at least you still had the vile of coke shoved between your vaginal lips to take the edge off.

  9. slantingthroughdarkness

    Jude needs to start cuffing this bitch around some. Teach her some manners.

  10. Well, she was obviously drunk, which explains why she confused Pittsburgh for London — the only place she’s actually considered a “famous actress”!

  11. NipsyHustle

    unless she’s on all fours with jude’s dick in her mouth and his thumb up her ass, how are we suppose to recognize her? it’s the only thing she is famous for.

  12. jrzmommy

    I can just hear the Western PA barmaid…..”You can’t have vodka, but do you want a pop, hun?”

  13. LOL….Bitch couldn’t even get a Miller…….

  14. The Gilbs

    Sienna Miller is so classy. She reminds me of someone…oh yeah, Divine Brown. This chick is gross and she was probably denied that drink to stop the spread of oral herpes in the Pittsburgh area. Jude probably screwed the nanny to give his penis a break from her hard, crusty peeper.

  15. frenchtoaststix

    I’m too ferklempt to talk about this. I’ll give you all a topic: Sienna Miller, the famous actress, is neither famous, nor an actress. Discuss.

    Can she PLEASE get a role on CSI like K-Fuck where she’s punched repeatedly? And then her face is slammed against a brick wall. And then she ends up as the corpse. Sweet.

  16. PunjabPete

    After all, self importance is the most important importance….

  17. #13 Stallion – “Bitch couldn’t even get a Miller”……. Now that’s fuckin’ funny!!


    Now if she were a school teacher…and I was a student…growl.

  19. Rubbish… … I used to work at a school and a teacher told me a story about how his wife worked at a daycare. They had a 5 year old kid from England there for awhile.
    One day he asked the wife, (use your best English accent here) “Excuse me, but why do you call rubbish … trash?”

    True Story.

  20. “And yea, he came down from the mountain and said ‘Make Edna your project.’ ”

    And it was done…

  21. Justin Igger

    Dis white bitch is bangin i wood have gave her a sip of my forty and then put her to work.

  22. CourtneyJade

    OK, Sienna needs to wise up. Obviously these people hate her and whether or not it’s true, it’s her own fault stories like this are floating around. She put her foot in her mouth in the biggest way and you reap what you sow! (umm, sorry about all the cliches’ in that sentence) She would have been better off to completely ignore it, instead of further pissing off Pittsburgh by calling them “fantasists”! She is a socket wrench and needs to be put back in the toolbox she came out of.

  23. CourtneyJade

    and BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! Who let Justin Igger have access to a computer?

  24. ponk

    lmfao – i love the site, mr. ferret.

  25. ValeWolf

    jude certainly fucked her up. She wasn’t like this before the nanny incident.


    Here in PGH we were sick of her shit months ago. You don’t populate your film with local extras then stalk about the set referring to the locals as scum. We have ears, you fucking poseur.


    Would you marry her or Jessica Alba?

  28. Edna Ballard. Guy Ballard. Rancho Santa Margarita. (Other info intentionally left out because I am not a COMPLETE asshole.)

    Edna – I am the god of all hellfire when it comes to spanking self-professed prophets on the internet. I spend 23 hours a day in this fucking cell, so I have plenty of time to cover you in fur and make you my personal play toy.

    So, once and for all, stuff your irrational right-wing bullshit up that tight little ass of yours, and kindly stay off this page – Forever.

    Otherwise, I WILL ask the Lord to take YOUR site down – Forever. And he has a tendancy to do what I ask.

    In the name of the Fazzha, the Muzzha and Johnny Cash.


  29. Post # 11 – haha. Nice!

    Wow, The Superficial needs to get some better stories. Last week your publishing was much better.

    I am member for life though. :-)

  30. Justin Igger

    #23 i stoled it bitch

  31. CourtneyJade

    Well you should have “stoled” yourself a Speak & Spell son.

  32. Justin Igger

    #31 how bout i stoled yo moms ass virginty

  33. mrs.t

    i think she’s really pretty. (whispered)

    ….and commence hateful posts……now.

  34. RichPort

    #33 – Everyone has their moments. It’s like when a pretty person has a picture taken with half an eye closed and says “that looks nothing like me!” That pretty much what happened here… her in between face is actually better looking than her actual face. For a split second, she was more than just a no talent classless whore.

  35. frenchtoaststix

    #28 Mr. Angry Ferret: Is Edna back? Have I missed something? Damn kids, always needing to be fed…I should just let them eat frosting out of the can and be done with it.

    #33 mrs.t: She is pretty. That’s probably why she’s an actress. She also wears trendy clothes that I sometimes find attractive. But that still doesn’t change the fact that she is classless and tacky and unappreciative and .

  36. frenchtoaststix

    oops! can’t use triangular brackets. the end of the sentence above should say [insert other negative adjective here].

  37. eric

    damn, she’s cute!

  38. mamacholina

    I have not been able to understand what Sienna Miller looks like. I see pictures of her, and still I have no idea. I couldn’t pick her out of a crowd. After looking at these photos, I now sit back and attempt to conjure her image. All I see is a blonde head with a milky haze in front of her face. And teeth.

  39. clarknova

    The Superfish is slowly but steadily becoming fun again. Those Kate Beckinsale works out posts were rapidly killing my hope in this site. Welcome back, guy, whatever your name is.

  40. c

    I sort of don’t blame Sienna for being pissed about not getting her drink. She isn’t underaged, and she was with her parents! The bartender must have been living under a rock not to have known who she was, given all the media attention she’s been receiving in town.

  41. justme

    Bitch please.. She’s a C-list actress at best..

  42. Hey Sienna, I’m from Pittsburgh! Go fuq yoself! Me and my bros at the steel mill don’t appreciate that shit.

    Just kidding, I’m from Maine.

  43. suzy

    ok, if she’s a famous actress how come the first time i heard of her was when jude cheated on her?

    i dont know of any movies she’s in

    she’s really an accomplished actress.

  44. TetterkeT

    Baby? No.
    Twat? Yes!

  45. checkyourshorts

    burnt sienna.

    it just had to be said.

  46. JB Fletcher

    she getting too big for her britches.

    maybe jude should be caught banging the toilet cleaning lady,so as to put her back in herplace.

    a one legged ,no teeth toilet cleaning lady,who indulges his faeces fetish

  47. Fawlty

    Someone who looks like her should be let in anywhere, ID or not.

  48. Cruzadas

    I’d hit her…in the ass…twice

  49. You know, I remember being carded… and that was fun. Sadly, now I just hope they ask me.

  50. purplepuppy

    …she’s a famous actress?

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