Sienna Miller kisses Orlando Bloom

smiller_bloom.jpgSienna Miller was caught kissing Orlando Bloom – whom she briefly dated four years ago – at a Cartier-sponsored polo match in Windsor over the weekend.

“They spent ages cuddling, kissing and gazing at each other. There was real chemistry,” one witness said. Another guest at the event added, “They talked for ages but Sienna jumped off his lap pretty sharpish as she could feel everyone staring at them. She gave him her number and they arranged to meet again, away from prying eyes. She then left with her friends but looked sad to be going. She kept turning around to say goodbye to him.”

I don’t know, man, why would Sienna Miller be kissing Orlando Bloom when she could be kissing the man that cheated on her with her nanny? It just doesn’t make any sense. I’ve got a framed degree in my office that says I’m a relationship expert so I think I know what I’m talking about when I say most women enjoy it when their fiances cheat on them with the nanny. Wait, did I say framed degree? I meant ham sandwich.