Sienna Miller isn’t very exciting

August 8th, 2007 // 37 Comments

Sienna Miller was spotted on a Balearic Islands beach in maybe the most boring bikini pictures I’ve ever seen. I could put up pictures of an encyclopedia and it’d probably be more exciting than this.

Photos: Splash

  1. ghfgh


  2. chickengood


  3. victorisanasshole

    lookin good

  4. parispoop

    GOD this site is slow…

  5. Bite Me!

    Is it time to go home yet?

  6. Cronus 10

    From what this girl could have been…. it’s a shame.
    She had so much potential.

  7. parispoop

    I wish it was time to go home! It’s only 3:45 here :(

  8. Bite Me!

    It is pretty bad when the post is so boring, nobody has anything bad to say!!!

  9. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    nice hat

  10. gotmilk?

    that’s because she’s boring & is one of the most overrated actresses around.

  11. Gerald Tarrant

    Is this the chick Jude Law cheated on with his nanny? I can’t keep the Sienna’s apart from the Sierra’s. What the fuck ever. Bikini pics are only worth a shit when (at a minimum) the top is off.

  12. Bite Me!

    I wish I had milk and some Oreo cookies!! Only 20 more minutes!! WOOO HOOO then I get to go sit in traffic

  13. We don’t want everyone to be as colorful as Britney. A little normalcy in from celebs is appreciated every so often! Just be patient, I am sure she’ll give us something…especially since Diddy is close by!

  14. Bite Me!

    @13 OK I will be patient and do a little shopping on your web site. Is there a bra and panty section?

  15. Supervixn

    Why do celebs think that if they take pictures of the paparazzi it’s some kind of revenge?


  16. Mr. Truth.

    Dear All,

    Mr. Truth sees the world turn grey (*gray* for American spelling-bee rejects) when Miss. Miller steps outside – he thinks somebody had a theory saying she was the cause of black and white television. Mr. Truth is bored by her – he believes her to be Gwyneth Paltrow in slow motion (yes, slower than that slow-motion sea scene in “Sylvia”).

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr. Truth’s Office Drones.

  17. Malffy Hernandes

    I’m from England and I still don’t even know what her reason for actually being put on this Earth is. and let’s stop with the camera thing, it just makes you look silly…er.

  18. ali

    but shes cutttttttte. and jude law has wrecked her.

  19. Malffy Hernandes

    cute? She’s like 24, and she’s got the mug of a 40 year old Sienna Miller is indeed my Anti-Drug.

  20. nagger please

    She is so desperate to be famous.. She loves the attention..

  21. woodhorse

    She has a nice figure even though it doesn’t look like she excercises…. why does everyone copy Britney’s hat? I cannot get over Britney being a fashion icon-she wears hideous clothes!

  22. star69

    Who cares about this neckless tard?


  23. GG1000

    Natural tits and a top that actually fits. Yeah Sienna!

  24. frenchie

    God these paparazziz are like fucking cockroaches!!! They all need to be arrested. Dirty pirates!!!

  25. Steve P

    So, I’m English and even I don’t get what all the Sienna Miller crap is about. Not an amazing actress, hasn’t done anything remarkable, yet is in the paparazzi all the time. I say kudos to her management, they are doing a great job maintaining the profile. Now, all she has to do is put some work into her actual carreer.

    Rumour has it that she’s in hospital soon for some surgery in the throat area, yup, time for a givanectomy for Sienna.

  26. Guy

    So why post them then superfish, WHY!?

  27. sienna

    Don’t pick on me. I’m a god to your mortals.

    I was in Alfie don’tchokno.

  28. Hagar7

    So then post the encyclopedia excerpts instead of tired bullshit like this. I’ve seen enough bikini shots of randoms and losers on this site in the last three months to last me for the next three decades. Try posting some real gossip, like the fact that they confirmed that Scary Spice secretly got married last month. TMZ is leaving you in the dust, plus they don’t have any no-longer-funny comments about how massive their pecs are and how many models they’ve done and dumped. Get your shit together, Fish.

  29. tessa

    She’s boring like Gwyneth Paltrow, Faith Hill and Naomi Watts. Retire is the answer!

  30. Am I the only one?

    Who noticed her friend?

  31. Shallow Val

    I’ve never seen a more forgettable actress. Can’t name a thing she’s been in. As exciting as Gwyneth Paltry.

  32. ceecee

    slow site, up to date site. who cares. because i topped non work related internet usage — i got this site banned in my office i was like.. no! no! no! love this site. i dont care how many slow days come. :D nyahahahaha. i love it because it does not try too hard.

  33. wedgeone

    Bet the papz that have to follow her around are the newbies that get about $5 a photo. They sleep in their cars & eat once a day.

  34. Kamiki

    So she’s normal and fucked off with paps trying to pap her? Good for you Sienna.

  35. Hayden Brooks

    Sienna Miller is a lesbian

  36. CJ

    Too bad she didn’t appreciate the fact that you took so much time invading her privacy. Or maybe her goal is to bore you into leaving her alone during her attempts at enjoying her personal and private times.

  37. scott

    I’ve never seen a more exciting person. Could name everything that she’s ever been in. Learn how to spell Gwyneth Paltrow. Suck on it Shallow Val. You’re a fucking loser!

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