Sienna Miller is pregnant with Jude Law’s child

smiller_pregnant.jpgSources have revealed to Star that Sienna Miller is six weeks pregnant with Jude Law’s child. They allegedly gathered friends and family at their London home to announce her pregnancy before Jude’s affair with the nanny was exposed, though reps for Miller and Law have not confirmed or denied the pregnancy.

“She [and Jude had] discussed names for the baby,” a friend tells Star. Now, Law “had destroyed any chance they had of bringing up the baby together.”

Additionally, Star reports that during Jude Law’s marriage to Sadie Frost, the mother of his three children, Jude cheated with no fewer than six women – a model, a celebrity’s assistant, two A-list stars, a rock star’s ex-wife and a lap dancer. I guess Sienna Miller should be grateful Jude only cheated on her with the nanny, as opposed to the bevy of Catholic school girls he probably had his eyes on. And considering he’s Jude Law, he probably could have had those Catholic school girls if he wanted. Fuck, now I wish I was Jude Law. Not because I want to have sex with Catholic school girls, but because I wish my last name was Law. Man, that’s such a sweet last name.