Sienna Miller is better at cheating than Jude Law

Sienna_Cheats.jpgIt’s been a tough year for Jude Law. His hairline began to quickly recede into Vin Diesel territory, his penis turned out to be all cold and no mountain, his son busted him for diddlin’ the nanny, and after it was revealed that he regularly had threesomes with Sadie Frost and Kate Moss, he’s been receiving mysterious death threats from a jealous stranger. (I know where you live, Law, and I’m watching you.) And if all that wasn’t enough, he learned this week that while Sienna Miller has been giving him a hard time about his affair, she had been having an affair of her own with actor Daniel Craig.

Jude Law must be kicking himself right now. To think, while she was sleeping with what may very well be the next Bond, he was sleeping with a woman that looked like the poor man’s Ren