Sienna Miller in a bikini

August 14th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Here’s Sienna Miller (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) in Ibiza yesterday most likely celebrating the fact she was actually in a movie people wanted to see for once. Well, at least for the first weekend until word gets out Channing Tatum has the screen presence of mayonnaise.

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  1. The 'A' Man

    First Bitches!!!

    I wanna make love to her!!!

  2. Richard McBeef

    You know you would.

  3. Dylan


  4. lizzy

    “Well, at least for the first weekend until word gets out Channing Tatum has the screen presence of mayonnaise”


  5. uhue

    cant wait to see how many people think she’s fat

  6. db

    thats one hot 12 yearold.

  7. Richard McBeef

    Are those Kardishisian slut sisters making out with each other in that ad? WTF? Bitches will do anything for money.

  8. HUMAN

    I wanna take her home for a week… :P

  9. She'sNotBadJustNotBar

    She definitely has a good body. Bar is better but maybe Siena is a better actor so maybe it depends what you want. If a naked body is enough then Bar is better. If a naked body telling you that “You the man and it’s so big” is what you need then maybe Sienna is a better date.

  10. Kaiser

    She needs a buttfuck. Like every good looking woman out there.

    But I’m not unfair. If you have a brown bag for your face, I’ll also buttfuck the ugly ones. For money. You pay.

  11. I dont care who sienna not suppose to bang! I think shes a cutie and underrated in the hot department…

  12. Jeff

    HAHAHAH @11, so true

    shes so fucking hot as the baroness

  13. gotmilk?

    this bitch is a total snoozefest.

  14. AlGore

    When the people on that boat aren’t having sex do you think they ever talk about Global Warming and the melting ice caps and starving raped children in Africa. I didn’t think so either. I saw Sienna’s butt crack smile at me. I’m in love.

  15. Get real

    Finally, a decent looking woman! MUCH better looking than Bar what’sherschnout!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oliver

    Nice British white meat! Thank you suh, may I have anotha…

  17. misterfister

    If she knew what I just did to her in my head she would go home and douche………

  18. JustSayin

    yes Sienna has a body that would stop traffic but she also has a face that stops smiles

  19. Erica

    Very cute. And her charming personality takes her up further a couple of notches.

    and #11 LOL.

  20. LAWDY,LAWDY...

    I’m just glad she decided to wear the TOP of that bikini cuz she has some UUUUGGGLLLYYY tits…. for having little ones they sure do SAG. Guess we all know now why Jude Law screwed the Nanny………hey, where’s BALTY her adulterous boy-toy? Uh-ohhh, he has kids too……….. wonder what HIS nanny looks like…..

  21. Shamus O"Hara

    Much hotter than Bar !
    Hey Now !

  22. Sport

    nice to see a non-fake, real body. Not perfect but REAL. Me likey.

  23. Richport's Ghost

    I just dumped lots of potential babies into a tissue based on that first picture.

  24. jal

    She’s hot! I’d do about anything for legs like that.. speaking of.. i’m off to the gym. :)

  25. metrosexual

    She looks too masculine for me

  26. straight man

    I wouldn’t complain if she sucked my cock until my balls shriveled up like raisins

  27. holy moly… the things I would do to her… the unmentionable things… *gasms*

  28. bridget

    she is hot! love her style

  29. Dread not

    26. Richport’s Ghost – August 14, 2009 3:37 PM

    I just dumped lots of potential babies into a tissue based on that first picture.

    Dn: Well, the world doesn’t really need anymore Trig Palins’, no matter what, Sarah Palin says, so no worries, yeah?

    29. straight man – August 14, 2009 5:35 PM

    I wouldn’t complain if she sucked my cock until my balls shriveled up like raisins

    Dn: Dude, that’s commitment, is what that is.

    I’ll pretty much fuck any woman with a hole and a heartbeat, just as long as, Ashton Kutcher hasn’t touched her first. Sorry, Demi, but life bes that way sometimes. Any other bitches that Ashton has skanked up, you either lie, or it’s sayonarra, so long, goodbye! That webbed toe shit just freaks me out!

  30. jim

    she needs to put down the big macs. just a fat ugly slob is all i see.

  31. She’s alright looking, certainly by British standards. However not good looking enough for North Americans. Fail.

  32. I saw “G. I. Joe”. Sienna Miller is no Baroness. Actually “G. I. Joe” is no G. I. Joe.

    I guess Channing got by on his All-American slack jawed slurring.

    Think I did like it better than Transformers 2 though, despite the disturbingly casual body count.

  33. Well, beats Lindsay Lohans latest pics, i’ll give her that.

  34. Packinwood

    Who is she? Is she a celebrity? She’s kind of nasty.

  35. Christhebliss

    This is epic win

  36. 12 year old boy

    ewww gross

  37. Gando

    She’s still in shape from her recent movie role.

  38. kingpin

    Manky, shrivelled-up whore

  39. j

    She may be a skanky tart who sleeps with married men, but she does have a very nice body and an ass that I would eat all night long! Too bad she was wearing a bikini in these pics as she is usually topless…

  40. RR Fields

    Here’s my girl!! Beautiful!

  41. Woow.. “For me personally, I feel like God created the body, and the body is beautiful” Sienna Miller in a bikini…

  42. Well, she is hot but I think Kim Kardashian looks much better in her bikini. Have you guys ever seen Kim in bikini? :)

  43. Sienna Miller Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Farting in your hand through a wet bikini is just nasty.

  44. Sienna Miller Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Cup of cheese bitch!

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