Sienna Miller goes crazy on photographer

February 1st, 2007 // 54 Comments

Sienna Miller flipped out in New York City yesterday and shoved a photographer trying to take her picture. Which is probably what I’d do too if I was wearing those boots. You don’t want photographic evidence of that. It’d be like getting caught wearing a banana peel as a hat.



  1. tess

    Give her a break. The girl has just been busted by the paparazzis, sneaking into a hotel lobby with no other than P. Diddy. Given the fact that Diddy’s official girlfriend just gave birth to twins, Sienna looks like a total homewrecker/immoral wh**re.

  2. sexybitch

    #50 ambrosia, what the righteous fuck are you talking about? I mean the last 3 sentences of your post, the first part is just..,OK, whatever.

    “She is a public figure for acting. Not pictures of her going to see her agent or pick up groceries or go shopping.”

    The Coherency Police are gonna bust you any second now. Are you trying to say that paparazzi should only photograph her at public events? So why exactly are you on this site, again?

  3. what the hell is wrong with them? i’d love it if someone took my picture…lol

  4. D.

    I can’t decide if I’m attracted to Sienna or not. Part of me thinks I am, and that part is my penis. The rest of myself, the brain, thinks that she looks like a vagabond. And for the record, homeless people aren’t sexy.

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