Sienna Miller goes crazy on photographer

February 1st, 2007 // 54 Comments

Sienna Miller flipped out in New York City yesterday and shoved a photographer trying to take her picture. Which is probably what I’d do too if I was wearing those boots. You don’t want photographic evidence of that. It’d be like getting caught wearing a banana peel as a hat.



  1. alwaysclassy

    I seriously don’t understand why everyone thinks she is a fashion icon.

  2. Binky

    “Sorry boys. No pictures with my pants on”

  3. llllllllll

    wow this dude is taking the same pics perezhilton has

  4. llllllllll

    wow this dude is taking the same pics perezhilton has

  5. misanthrope

    Why is she wearing pants?

  6. highknee

    poor guy. he just noticed some hayden streaks on her finger and was zooming in for a closeup.

  7. Jedi Kevin

    She wouldn’t make the news any other way.

  8. She is such a nobody that she makes other stars less famous just by standing next to them. You ever wonder what happened to the case of “That 80′s Show”? Well you’re looking at what happened.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    Just give her a year she’ll be begin to be harassed by paps. But they won’t and afterwards she’ll be filming shitty, unshaven, eastern european porn.

  10. Seargant Sexy

    This girl seems like a real bitch. She’s super hot I’ll give her that, but needs to learn how to dress.

  11. BarbadoSlim



  12. lambman


    Media doesn’t tell the public who’s a celebrity, we tell the media!


  13. RussianMafia

    british cunt. go get a toffee and sail back to the queen.

  14. Sep

    Where’s her keyboard?

  15. The Devil's Prom Date

    Who the fuck is Sienna Miller? No, seriously- who the fuck is she?

  16. Onenewshoe

    How is it the asshole that writes the UNFUNNY fuckin’ captions to all these pictures never has any constructive criticism for anybody? What a dueschbag, I bet he’s a fat ugly troglidyke looking biAtch.

  17. Niecy

    I’m sure he just wanted proof that she actually owns a pair of pants.

  18. crazyotto

    I am still confused as to who this whore is and why there is an intrest in her obvious drunken life.

  19. crazyotto

    oh shes a Brit,thats what you get from an island nation

  20. Shadow*Walker

    What is this, Sienema Miller day? I think I see some cum on her jacket.

  21. shakeitout

    you’d think she’d want the publicity… since nobody knows who she is. when did she get the authority to shove cameramen?

  22. Shadow*Walker

    Or it might just be on my screen. Either way.

  23. Shadow*Walker

    Damn you #21, you ruined my continuity, damn you to hell!

  24. kathleen170

    She has terrible fashion sense. I don’t get what the big deal is about her style.

  25. I want to slam her in the pooper.

  26. 86

    Yes those boots are bad even for Victoria Beckham.

  27. kate

    I’ve heard she’s a total bitch. Remember her ragging on Pittsburgh while she was still filming there? And then throwing a nutty because she couldn’t get into some bar?

  28. I want to slam her in the pooper.

  29. Cardinal Ximenez

    Reese Witherspoon is the illegitimate spawn of Satan. Rumor has it Sienna has a $5000 a week coke habit. But she is still better than Reese. Everytime Reese smiles, God kills a puppy.

  30. Carsten5577

    Is it a prerquisite to be a dumb, slutty cunt before you’re allowed to become an actress (i.e., an over-paid prostitute) or do they just naturally become those things upon reaching Hollywood?

  31. JungleRed

    Why is she taking it out on that photographer? He didn’t hold her down and wrestle her into that outfit. Bitch should be punching herself in the face for that abomination.

  32. D'oh Eyes

    I just think it’s amazing that there are people who actually recognize this broad. I mean, I STILL haven’t seen anything that she’s been in.

    Guess that’s what comes of being named after the color of diarhhea.

  33. D'oh Eyes



  34. Homer Simpson says “BOOORING!!”


  35. Lowlands

    Who’s this girl?In the second pic,it lookalikes this 20-dollar streetwhore didn’t get her money by one of her customers.Now she’s trying to steal his camera in a steamy catfight.

  36. Lowlands

    Maybe the customer paid her with a banana peel?

  37. Shelley Bonnechance

    Those boots are truly vomit-inducing.

  38. metaphor

    Good for her, she should have got him on the floor and beat the crap out of him. Paps are all dirty upskirt perves anyway. I’m only surprised she touched him I hope she washed her hands after.

    #19 She’s American not British.

  39. madaboutmark

    #8, lol
    #12..Dam..I was going to say the same thing “Media doesn’t tell the public who’s a celebrity, we tell the media”.
    #21, totally agree!!! who the fuck those she think she is?
    #29, why are you up Witherspoon’s ass like that?…why the hate?
    #30 no I think they naturally become those things upon reaching Hollywood(your correct).

    ..ok,Thank you.

  40. woodhorse

    I can’t tell the difference between her and Tara Reid. Could someone in Hollywood hire different looking people please? And by different, I mean attractive but separate. Not Brandy and a silly-putty stretched photo of a carp.

  41. wedgeone

    And yet the news headline of the day is how she can’t wait to have kids.

    I’m detecting a reprise of Britney with this one … in about two years, she’ll be flashing her cooch to the paps.

  42. Sheva

    She looks like some idiot high school girl from like 1981.
    The guy should have just tapped in her stupid boot and that would send her sprawling face first to the pavement.

    Go back to your fucking country you negative ass twat.

  43. Since when did Vin Diesel start taking photos of celebrities?

  44. ambrosia

    I just realized (as those of you with jobs should) that this is all NSFW. I highly doubt everyone really hates paris hilton lindsay lohan, tara reid and would really like them to die. If you google screen name ( whichh you most likely use in another internet area) all your post comes up. I was listening to NPR and there is a site where you pay a company like ten bucks a hour to “clean” your internet record. You can never truly delete anythinig they just add so much random good stuff that bad stuff is hard to find.

  45. 4DPants

    OMG, I love you people!
    #2, 8, 29, 31 funny as all hell!

  46. metaphor

    44# Ambrosia your comments both amaze and astound me at the same time. I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about but keep it up. Your an enigma wrapped in a puzzle and probably the most entertaining person to post on this site.

  47. cole007

    WOW @44- I don’t give a shit. If I did, I wouldn’t be here.

    I think we should worry more about what kind of bullshit the vice president of this country is trying to do rather than posting stupid crap at work.
    for starters….crime #0002537B:
    Let’s see, lying to get us into a war that benefits his investments and cronies

  48. cole007

    Oh, I forgot to post on sieeneplex – she has the worst taste known to man. in the middle ages she would have been my wench.

  49. cole007

    Who – $5k a week coke habit?! I’ll be damned. Can’t wait for that cute little nose to collapse!

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