Sienna Miller gets dressed with her eyes closed

June 11th, 2007 // 94 Comments

Sienna Miller showed up to this year’s Isle of Wight festival dressed like some sort of folklore creature. She looks like she should be living under a bridge, jumping out at passersby and threatening to take their first born unless they answer three riddles.



  1. I think she looks sexy!!!!!!

  2. Chauncey Gardner

    This broad is totally NOT hot. Judging by her legs, she looks like she’s been marinating in the bathtub in Room 217 of the Overlook Hotel.

  3. getoutofmygalley

    I swear I saw those lovely boots in Holt Renfrew’s catalogue last week…but where’s the matching hippopottamus bag?

  4. Sheva

    Krazi, you can sick anyone you want on me. But just so you know, I didn’t send any email. Be wary of those who claim to be the majestic one.

    Thous shallz nizel wurshop any Sheva udder dan mez.

    Dat be duh dwevlth issuethmandth.


  5. yukadoozer

    She’s off with me lucky charms!! Nice pookabeads.

  6. yukadoozer

    She’s off with me lucky charms!! Nice pookabeads.

  7. bungoone

    some of you people act like everyone’s suppose to know wtf the Isle of Wight festival is. simma down.

    festival or not, she’s dressed like a fucktard.

  8. jrzmommy

    Senor Kelli, let’s get one thing perfectly straight here….you don’t “sick” me on anyone…okay?

  9. bungoone

    24, speaking of “smarts”, you should probably learn how to spell.

    16, if this is “fashion” we’re all pretty much screwed.

  10. MrSemprini

    That was amazing. And, there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it.

  11. Retards Unite

    Who the fuck cares what everyone else dresses like at a music festival?? So, you are saying how great it is that she dresses completely out of character just to fit in?
    Gosh, I really admire you! It’s great to have no opinion and just do what everyone else does!

  12. She sort of looks like my aunts basket of clothes for the good will from 1974 blew up on her. Wow, that Isle of Wight must be some happening place.

  13. got

    what is the deal? why are you people getting so defensive about this nobody and a stupid festival that no one’s heard of. who cares, she’s dressed like an idiot. and if you showed me someone at the superbowl looking like an ass, I would agree, not get all defensive and start calling people ignorant.

  14. The Retards Have United

    wa–ah thank she dun look purdy, for a Ee-your-a pee-uhn.

  15. coco

    her legs are jacked up tho…

  16. she is very in fashion *lol* guess she spent at least 1′ USD on her outfit.
    but she forget her make-p. are you really sure it’s her? she used to look good, or let’s say: better. but not better then me. ha.

  17. blowhard

    It’s pretty obvious, she’s a tramp serial killer, and after every kill she steals and wears a piece of clothing.

    That’s why her nails are all bloody and she has a crazy looking post-kill euphoria.

  18. Parisite Hilton

    Did she raid Britney Spears’ closet?! I guess I’m more surprised that she (and Britney) actually own (or have access to) such individual pieces of clothing, never mind that they try to put them together!

    I could close my eyes and pick clothing and accessories from both my husband’s closet and my closet, and STILL not come up with a combination such as this?!

    As for what to wear to a music festival? Unless it is a themed or period style event, I think a pair of jeans, capris/cropped pants or shorts, with a t-shirt/sweater, and sandals/casual sneakers would work just fine…unless of course you’re an attention whore, then the outfit selected above, will work just fiiiine!

  19. DahliaRose

    Once my house caught on fire in the middle of the night, and I was so panicked that I just threw on anything and ran out. I also took my parrot with me.

    I think that must have happened to her too. But, where is her parrot.

  20. Hagar7

    I didn’t even recognize her; she’s another one who really shouldn’t stray too far from her makeup bag.

  21. sweetnsnooty

    Can’t stand that broad, when does she NOT look dumb?

  22. woodhorse

    So, pretty much everyone smokes marijuana on the Isle of Wight? Beatles reference?

  23. Aja

    She looks like robin leach. and she looks old too. at least 42

  24. dashofsunshine

    her legs are gross…

  25. theblender101

    i think shes sexy..

  26. 72=U could probably bet
    your azz on that one,
    of courze except for
    the church ladiez who
    get really pizzed off.

    jrzmommy: I hear yea,
    alzo knew that would
    bring your mouth out
    and of courze, I waz

  27. well, it’s a hippie fest. here’s a picture of some people who look weird, too.×375.aspx

  28. She must be desperate for attention. Why else would she dress like Fred G Sanford?

  29. jemimah

    Sheva needs meds and GED.

  30. Sienna is amazingly pretty, but honest, even if I tried my best, I still wouldn’t manage to dress half as bad and by half I mean one tenth. And I *am* poor!

  31. bobot

    YIKES!!!!! Even hobos don’t dress that ugly and they get their stuff from dumpster.

  32. Hannah


  33. gigi

    10 bux says she’ll make gofugyourself before 12N tomorrow

  34. Zsuzsanna

    copy this look bit*hes

  35. star69

    She looks like a retard in that outfit. If she came like that to my house, I’d laugh at her and tell her to change because it’s embarassing to walk on the street like that.

    What music festival did she go to wearing that?
    The 1869 Summer Street Music Festival?
    She looks like she should be playing the flute and dancing on the streets with kids and thousands of mice following her.


    You nailed it!
    It’s all about trying to draw attention to herself. And sadly she’s succeeding:(
    I don’t think she’s anything special in terms of hotness. Her face is boring, her body’s OK.
    There are a billion women who are like her out there. Why is she so special? It’s not like she’s a super talented actress and has won a buncha Academy Awards.
    She has Jude Law to thank for any recognition she’s getting today.
    She was a nobody just yesterday.

  36. see now you would think that with all that money she gets for doing nothing..she could at least learn to dress herself..i mean give me the money al do something useful with it…

  37. Special Olympics

    IS SHE RETARDED ? Seriously. Lights are on, Nobody is home ! She looks like she just finished a race in the Special Olympics.

  38. she’s cute! what the fuck is up with this outfit though? NEED STYLIST!

  39. voldemort

    You lot have no fashion sense. She looks wicked

  40. emma

    puajj! what is she wearing? ohh got!

  41. cb-e

    She looks like she’s staggering a bit in the picture. That could explain a lot!

    But, hey, we all have off days! And she still looks better than I ever could, even if I was wearing the perfect outfit!

  42. bitch1

    Who is this girl and why is she popular? She’s fugly and can’t dress. Women who are this unattractive can’t afford to look like they belong on a corner with a cup in their hand. Who is Sienna Miller?

  43. roughdaddy

    hot hot hot,,this is the same as when she wore her underwear outside her thights…

  44. For always sexy

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