Sienna Miller gets dressed with her eyes closed

June 11th, 2007 // 94 Comments

Sienna Miller showed up to this year’s Isle of Wight festival dressed like some sort of folklore creature. She looks like she should be living under a bridge, jumping out at passersby and threatening to take their first born unless they answer three riddles.



  1. Parrish

    she’s still hott

  2. hefferovic


  3. hefferovic

    sucks i missed it

  4. That’s one gross human.

  5. hefferovic

    does this site get 10000 hits per second or what

  6. bungoone

    what the f?

    it’s not nice to mock homeless people. what a bitch!

  7. Wanky

    yeah shes still hot….id bang that hot hippie!! shit im one too!

  8. getyourhandoutofmycat

    the hobo outside my local bottleshop is better dressed…

  9. conor

    Umm thats what people dress like at festivals. Im sorry if you’ve never been but thats what its like. Just because she is famous doesn’t mean she wont get into the festival spirt. Big deal she losened up maybe you should too.

  10. bungoone

    9, was it a renaissance festival because she looks like a jester?

    actually, i take that back, she looks more like robin hood.

  11. jrzmommy

    She’s definately fucking with us now…..

  12. gotmilk?

    i woudln’t say she “loosend up” she usually dressed like a bum.

  13. gotmilk?


  14. Who?

    I have heard this girl’s name several times, now, and still have absolutely no idea why she is supposed to be famous.

  15. Parrish

    11, it’s an Isle of Wight festival, look it up. Learn different types of fashion. Not everyone shops at the mall.

  16. jakebarnes

    Go look and see what other people at Isle of Wight looked like, this isn’t too crazy.

    This is like if, say, Jack Nicholson went to Burning Man dressed like a chartreuse devil with sparklers for shoes. No biggie.

  17. I didn’t know people in the middle ages wore denim?

    Celeb Drama:

  18. Donkey

    Those are some gnarly looking legs.

  19. cheatedhearts

    On the upside, she has fantastic legs!

  20. RichPort

    All she needs is a stick with a bundle tied at the end… vagabond looking bitch.

  21. RichPort

    Dear British people,

    Please stop telling your C list actors thet’re attractive, especially when they are leg twins with Melanie Griffith. In short, please exile this putrid skank to Belfast. Many thanks.


  22. everybody

    Yeah we were just kiddin’ about being sick of Paris. Who gives a fuck about these other celeb stories. They all seem pint-sized now. More Paris! 24/7!

  23. Conor

    9, was it a renaissance festival because she looks like a jester?

    actually, i take that back, she looks more like robin hood.


    Right get this, it was a *gasp* MUSIC!?! festival! thats right they have them now. I know this is a shock for you seeing as your obviusly from the 1700′s when “renaissance festivals” where hugely popular and everyone was raving about a sertain robin hood.

    Now days the main form of festival is music, thus when people say “she was at a festival” they will mostly all mean music. I know this is a lot to take in but im sure you will be aply to replay with your excellent “funnys” and “smarts”.

  24. Ruby

    She’s missing some lederhosen, the fugly bitch.

  25. Snatchit

    Is this what happens when you find out your boyfriend has been boning the maid?

  26. ^ This is how she used to look in the UK. It’s a mystery why all our celebs turn so ugly after they attract the attention of the Americans.

  27. Ruby

    @24…wtf are you going on about?

  28. Seriously… WTF is wrong with this woman…
    Being British is not an excuse… I am sure the majority of the British would agree…

  29. MassGrrl

    It’s a fucking music festival. What do you want her to wear… a gown?

  30. Kamiki

    I’m British and I am feeling a bit embarrassed to be frank. Sienna – shit stop it, don’t give the world something else to laugh at the British for!

  31. shit!!!

    do you need some money…

  32. Ally

    I think Sienna could wear a plastic garbage bag and still look wonderful. I’ll admit, the outfit is strange, but come on…it’s Sienna miller we’re talking about.

  33. Sheva

    That looks like a creepy nanny. Get away from me freak.

  34. imran karim


    imran karim

  35. She should put in BOTH her glass eyes before getting dressed, one just isn’t cutting it.

    And for the Brits on here defending her because thats how people dress at the isle of Wight festival….well, my friends, Just because everybody else looks like a dried scab with denim wrapped around it doesn’t excuse it. Kind of similar to saying that because you’re British you MUST to like Marmite.

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  37. fools...simply fools

    Lots of people at the Isle of Wight festival dress like that every year. This “story” and the comments are the equivalent of a British website posting pictures of people at the SuperBowl and making fun of their nonsensical football gear, as if people should attend dressed to the nines. Americans are profoundly ignorant people.

  38. yolatengo

    damn it, I am so conflicted, I hate this bitch…but damn she is hot hot hot.
    maybe I could do her and spit on her at the same time?

  39. She looks like a German, Morman Pimp.

  40. #39 – Simple solution: choke fuck.

  41. Sheva

    Krazikelli, you shouldn’t let anyone mess with your email.
    And btw, Jesus asked me to relay a message:
    RIF like a motherfucker.

    (Reading is fundamental, followed by writing.)

  42. Bern – Nice DMBS today! How do I apply for the job as a seashell?

    Those titties look painful.

    painfully tasty…..

  43. Jonathan

    #22 – Why Belfast? What the fuck did we do to get stuck with her lol

  44. voice from the couch

    Hey what the fuck! Who changed the channel??? Put Paris back on, asshole!

  45. Bubba


    Check her out on wiki.

    She’s got a movie coming out in 2008 called ‘A Woman of No Importance’ – which sounds completely appropriate.

  46. nagger please

    She so desperately wants to be famous..

  47. adeliza

    # 27….does this mean that Posh spice is going to get even uglier now? Geez….if we Americans turn celebrities in to ugly things after they attract our attention, God help David Beckham.

  48. nice to see jrzmommy back…i mean that.
    also sheva..better watch out..i’ll sick
    jrz on your azz…
    you must really love me to send me
    a personnal email, damn…!

  49. Dan

    Holy shit, for some reason she turns me on more now that she’s a crazy person. Maybe it’s ’cause it seems like she wouldn’t mind of I was smothering her with the hat while I did ‘er.

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