Sienna Miller behind Sean Penn’s divorce

January 17th, 2008 // 64 Comments

Sienna Miller may be the catalyst for Sean Penn and Robin Wright-Penn’s divorce. Sienna and Sean were spotted together partying in a New York hotel suite while Robin was home with the kids. NY Daily News reports:

“Sienna was sitting on Sean’s lap,” according the source. “She was dressed very sexily. She had her arm around his neck.” That night, claims the source, they stayed up quite late.

I’m sure the two of them were having a perfectly harmless conversation about Sean’s next Oscar-caliber movie he plans to direct. Nothing to worry about. It’s actually a documentary entitled Sean Penn Does a British Chick. Wait…

Photos: Splash News

  1. put the ugly people in the back

    She is so not hot enough to break up a marriage. I believe that sienna’s a slut but not a good enough one to wreck a home.

    You gotta call angelina for that. “It takes two rant rant scream sream’ I know that ya dumbfucks don’t go all Angelina loving army on me. I know it takes two but one of those cannot be a scrawny messy shapless hippi chic British pot head version of ashley olsen meets kate moss. (I do not use capitols for people who are worthless).

    Also isn’t she dating that British guy form Notting Hill (he was kinda funny) and he looks like a male version of her. Anyway I’ve read lotsa stories about this chick sitting on peoples laps casuing break up cheating rumors. She’s a snot faced little tease which in many ways is worse than a slut but, she’a slut too so there ya go.

    Anyways chick how ’bout you try sitting that bony ass on a chair instead of other people’s husbands. Fuck. Maybe if she had a nice ass with some tone and muscle in it she wouldn’t need to sit on spongy flacid old men.

  2. put the ugly people in the back

    correction: angelina

  3. welp

    Wait why is it her fault? Um he’s the married one- it’s his fault. Sean Penn is a slut apparently.

  4. Welp, you tell em how it is! I was just gonna write the sme thing. WTF? He’s the married one…she’s the single one. Check yo definition of SLUT good people…

  5. Bob Young

    Sienna Miller is from Pennsylvania. you know, that northeastern state In the USA.

  6. WTF?

    Well she may have been born in America, but she’s a english slut now. England, keep the whore.

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  8. LadyJade

    Sean sean sean tsk tsk tsk…what a chop. I like RWP…without her Sean is just that weird dude you sometimes see in movies..

    Im demanding something on Jason Stratham now.

  9. Dorito Man

    I’d do her. I liked her nude pics here a few months back, wading into the water which was almost up to her landing strip.. Rawrrrrrr..

  10. MoronicShitney

    @54 they are both sluts, a woman or man who messes with someone married especially with kids is low life shit whether they are the husband/wife or the asshole alowing it to happen.

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  12. Hemlock Queen

    Hokay, if this is true. WHY would anyone sleep with Sienna Miler? She’s a wrinkled, smokey old prune who looks older than her age. eeeeew.

  13. Bill

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  14. Puzzled

    You know, if you look closely…. Sienna Miller actually resembles Jude Law. I wonder if they’re cousins or something?

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