Sienna Miller completely nude

October 9th, 2007 // 199 Comments

Sienna Miller apparently has a nude scene at a lake in her latest movie Hippie Hippie Shake. No need to thank me for sharing these with you. I know, I know, I’ve got a heart of gold. I remembered you guys go crazy for crack-thin chicks with small boobies. Something about women with the body of a 13-year-old boy really floats your boat. Well, consider this an early Christmas present, dear readers. I’m like Santa Claus, if he could bench press 300 pounds and breaks slabs of concrete on his abs.

Pictures are obviously NSFW so click with caution.


  1. xman

    Anyone thinking of doing that must be a pedafile

  2. Siennaishot

    Fuck you assholes. You’d all be lucky to get a girl 1/4th as hot as this.

    Go jerk off to Rosanne Barr.

  3. nora

    I’m pretty positive they will put the hair in later but lmao at #149.

    #151 anyone thinking of doing what? And while you’re at it can you please tell me what the fuck a PEDAfile is. Is it some new sort of way to organise things?

    #150 Nasatall? I don’t get that joke, please enlighten me.
    As to her shape, well she can’t do much about not having big hips..the way she is built. As for her weight, she was skinnier and they made her put on weight. Hippies are generally skinny though aren’t they? (the young female ones anyway)

  4. dephs

    gross she’s got a really long vagine. nipples are way too big for those awkward little boobies. fyi, not hot.

  5. deddog

    142 and 146 hit the nail on the head, i’d love to know what real life is like for these mongoloids that leave comments about how terrible she is

  6. Danklin24

    142, dipshit, you’re sitting behind your computer reading these comments. Go get a life fatass.

  7. Sandwich

    Isn’t she dating both Matthew Rhys and Rhys Ifans right now? If I’m constantly in the nude, may I date them too?

  8. neenster

    shouldn’t she have grown out her vajayjay for this role? everyone knows that hippies are hairy. couldn’t they give her a merkin or something?

  9. Reminds me of something I said last night at the Red Lobster, “I’ll take the red snapper, please.”

  10. OH hells yes. Good find, don’t care what you haters say Sienna Miller is smoking and her body is straight. Nice big nipples make up for her small tits and thank gawd she didn’t pull that hairy bush crap; the hippies don’t shave cuz they want to hide their smelly holes.

    PS: Mission Control we got coochie lips!

  11. “Anyone thinking of doing that must be a pedafile”

    NO but if you’re used to banging Big Mac eating fat hags who weigh 160 lbs or more then yes, Sienna won’t look fully marinated to you. She’s about 5-3, 110 lbs which is sleek and tight.

    PS: Sienna needs a spanking!

  12. so wonderfulllllllll :P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i was #146

    deddog I’m sort of amused that you said my post AND #142 hit the nail on the head because I happen to think #142 sounds like a complete fucking retard who had a really bad attempt at insulting people.

    Also my comment was just to anyone who posts on this site in general, not necessarily the people on this page.
    I know this place is for making fun of celebs but I genuinely wonder whos body is acceptable because there seems to be such an impossible standard

  14. she does that like every 2 weeks…itz a blase..

  15. Kimberly

    I agree with everyone about the lack of authenticity and the movie’s discontinuity. I think her body looks fine though. Like, I wouldn’t mind staring at it. Small cup boobs are better because they don’t sag when women get older. I have C-cups and they won’t look perky! I’m still young too!

    I don’t know…what’s better big boobs that aren’t “up there” or small boobs that don’t sag?

  16. Sandy

    her ass is flat and she has a lazy looking body

  17. so what

    We don’t like anyone or anything, period.

    Nasatall means “no ass at all”
    Which is true in this case.

  18. @#16: costamar – October 9, 2007 1:27 PM

    “That’s as nude as it gets. You can even see her pussy lips on some of them pics.”

    Mmmm . . . nope . . . not quite as nude as it gets; check out the link in blue . . .

  19. you

    this hippie shit that theyre trying to bring back just doesnt work. its one of those time periods that never repeats itself again… so anyone going for the ‘retro’ look today just looks like an idiot.
    imagine if in the 1960′s people would dress like1920′s-30′s. it didnt happen. SO, why are people dressing TODAY like 40 years back?? fools!

  20. femse-rulez

    “Go jerk off to Rosanne Barr.”

    Again?! I think 3 times a day is enough. I’ll do it again tomorrow though.

  21. Me

    129, you idiot, I am a woman

  22. to 169

    Maybe because all the clothing designs possible have been done.
    The only thing left is the pathetic shit on the front page just now, Posh Spice dressing up like a robot and wearing feathers. Funnily enough we’ve actually already seen THAT before, just not much… wonder why…

  23. jeeves

    They’ll never show HER labia (yes, the external genitalia of a woman is called a LABIA, not a vagina) in the movie. They’ll probably show her from afar where you can’t really make it out, then show a zoom of her bush double. Prove me wrong though, Big Time Movie Studio, and it may set a new standard for full frontal nudity for females.

    She may be a plain jane and not the hottest on the earth, but all you complaining about her “droopy pussy” (AYKM?!?!), etc., would be thrilled to tap that sweet little body!!!

  24. @#173: jeeves – October 10, 2007 12:24 PM

    “They’ll never show HER labia (yes, the external genitalia of a woman is called a LABIA, not a vagina) in the movie.”

    Link in blue to unauthorized pic from movie. I think they’re showing just a little bit more than just her labia . . .

  25. Big'uns

    What? Even the girls don’t know that a pussy isn’t just a hole in the body?! It’s soooooo much more…mmmmmm…

  26. Jeeve's is doubly wrong

    Jeeves, sorry to one up you on femaie anatomy but the external female genitalia is known in the medical world as a vulva, of which the inner and outer labia are part of along with that sweet little button we all know as a clitoris and it’s corresponding clitoral hood. I’ve got to say though… Ms. Miller’s vulva is quite profound. Deliciously profound I might add. A girlfriend I had back in my 20′s once referred to this as an “outty” as opposed to Britney’s which could be called an “inny”. Kind of like bellybuttons you know.

    Not to toot my own horn but personally I’ve been with more women than I can count on both fingers and toes, and the ones who were always ‘ready to go’ at a moments notice were typically the one’s with the outtys. The ones with the innys seemed to be a tiny bit more frigid, not noticable unless you’ve been with enough women to notice a pattern.

    LADIES!. Let’s take a poll on this forum. What type of hoo-ha do you have? An inny or an outty? BTW real men like outtys so don’t hide it, divide it.

  27. freaked out

    This post by the Fish was NOT an invitation for you to come here and act disgusting.
    If you want to wank and fantasise and call vaginas delicious then please for the love of god just say it in your head or at least don’t put so much detail into your posts on here.
    Have you not got anything better to do? What about websites with erotic stories? You could even submit some yourself! sorted!

    As for the bush talk, it doesn’t make sense to have it the way she has it. Cos if her bush was in full bloom she could pretty much hide all her…..crotchal area detail. Surely she would prefer to show less rather than more?

  28. FU # 177


    Who the hell do you think you are to regulate what is commented on on this forum? The fish puts up pictures of a naked woman and we need to keep it to a level of ‘not disgusting’. Fuck you, you prude bastard. If you don’t like what is said here then don’t come here. If the Fish didn’t like what was said, then he would not allow postings to contain profanity. It’s called free speech, read the first amendment you prude puritan moron.

  29. @ #178: You are just so wrong! 177 was trying to keep things clean and here you go rudely insulting 177 for being a good and decent poster with standards!

    Now, I expect you to click the blue link I have provided, go to my auxilliary site and learn some manners! There, you will find excellent material to guide you in the long struggle you will have to make to become a decent member of society. Please leave a comment after you have reviewed the material and only after you have reviewed the material. You will find yourself refreshed, in a better frame of mind, and much more able to help both yourself and other posters with their unacknowledged quest for decency.

    Thank you,

    The Fish

  30. MistressEva

    Thanks 178. I certainly agree.
    That’s half the fun of coming to sites like these; being able to say whatever the hell you want.

    As for the pictures though…. I really don’t see the appeal. It’s about as interesting as a sack of flour. And that’s not very interesting at all.

    Unless there’s something you can do with a sack of flour that I’m not coming up with.

  31. MistressEva

    By the way #174. That was a cruel, cruel joke. I was foolish enough to click on that link and just about choked to death on my own vomit.

    Well done.

  32. MistressEva


    you bastard…

    I think I’m puking up blood now.

  33. thebets

    well, i must say, this has been the funniest postings ive read in a while!!!

  34. El Ces

    I’m not sure she should have her bar vag in that murky ass water.

  35. mocozada

    Like you guys have a perfect body ¬¬
    She looks awesome, I think her body is great, a woman that is too toned is unfeminine!
    She doesn’t look like a 13 year old boy!C’mon…her boobs are normal size!
    She looks healthy and feminine.

    I just think that the men that are criticizing her, are just a bunch of fat guys full of pimples because they can’t help toutching themselves, and the women that are criticizing her as well, must be fat hos that can’t have a single boyfriend because they’re so annoying…buch of envious people everything is never good enough…

  36. Mrs. Melons

    Heh. If she were a REAL hippie, she wouldn’t have shaved her pubes.

  37. You’re so correct Mrs. Melons.

  38. late

    #178 No one on here is being a prude. Some of you just REALLY need to get laid. Trust me it will be more fun than just talking about sex on a celebrity blog.
    Anyone who goes into that much detail on a light hearted website has got a lot of misplaced horniness.
    You can also shove your ‘free speech’ phrase up your arse, it might help with the abovementioned horniness

  39. ugly nude ass hippie! hippies digust me but shes acting like a hippy and has bad *sexualparts*dang i rather date one them ladys from playboy tv

  40. krazyassjoe

    she’s definitely cute. would probably be the second, maybe third hottest girl that i slept with this year. however, i have, ofcourse, not slept with her. more’s the pity…

  41. push

    hi, my self push i like the message pasted above, i like to rean such type of message.i am f/30 found of searching this type of message

  42. erica.

    it’s offical. i’m doing deaf, for listening to really loud music, and blind because of assholes being nude like lindsay lohan and this fuckface.

  43. thesky


  44. pebblesb87


  45. pebblesb87


  46. hi is 10/ 10 from me sexi

  47. brenson

    shes hotter in the movie g.i. joe the rise of cobra

  48. jerry

    very hot

  49. jerry

    so hot!

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