Sienna Miller completely nude

October 9th, 2007 // 199 Comments

Sienna Miller apparently has a nude scene at a lake in her latest movie Hippie Hippie Shake. No need to thank me for sharing these with you. I know, I know, I’ve got a heart of gold. I remembered you guys go crazy for crack-thin chicks with small boobies. Something about women with the body of a 13-year-old boy really floats your boat. Well, consider this an early Christmas present, dear readers. I’m like Santa Claus, if he could bench press 300 pounds and breaks slabs of concrete on his abs.

Pictures are obviously NSFW so click with caution.


  1. Ok, I’m back. Drinks all around on…..TT. You can afford it, right? No? Yes? No? Yes? No?


  2. MrSemprini

    Gee, thanks. Now, I have to see if I can find a hypnotist who can make me forget I ever saw that. At least, I’m not Jude Law who used to see that regular… Might explain a few things.

  3. Me

    why is her twat all dangly like that?

  4. Hell yes, FRIST.
    Drinks all around………….. on me.

  5. TS

    Maybe the bush will be digitally enhanced? That would be a first.

  6. Ignorant Redneck

    I’ve racked my feeble brain til I can’t sleep at night…what the hell does NSFW stand for? Not Sienna…Forget Waxing???

  7. TS

    I’ll take a double shot of Cazadores, no lime or salt. If you don’t mind me inviting myself that is.

  8. TS

    Not Suitable For Work perhaps? I don’t know.

  9. Not Suitable For Work
    Not Suitable For Wanking
    Not Sure For Why
    No Shit Fornicating Wannabes

  10. TS

    OK I can take a hint…

  11. Rabbit

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think she’s that skinny? I mean, she’s thin, but she has some flesh on her thighs and such.

  12. Um you are right TS, oh, and BunnyButt brought that up in comment #84

    “Maybe they’ll do CGI public hair in post-production…”

    heheheehehe BunnyButt

  13. No TS, everyone is invited. We can all get drunk and play naked twister.

  14. TS

    She’s definitely not unhealthy or anything. She looks fine to me.

  15. BunnyButt

    Party at TT’s!!!! It’s a bit of a hike from my place, but WTF?

  16. TS

    Cool, I feel like one of the gang now. Can I follow that shot up with The Glenlivet on the rocks please? I am turning into my dad. Not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  17. BunnyButt,
    You just know it’ll be worth the trip. I throw one kick-ass party.


  18. you've got little weenie syndrome

    number 67, who’s to say ANY chick would want you, thin or fat?

  19. TS,
    Whatever you like.

    Glenlivet is what I put in the bong instead of water.

  20. BunnyButt

    119, when 67 says he’d fuck a skinny chick before a fat chick, he really means he’d use his right hand before his left hand.

  21. LOL BunnyButt

    When I want some “strange” I use my left hand.

  22. you've got little weenie syndrome

    that’s kinda what I figured too 121.

  23. TS

    Me too. Then I drink the bongscotch afterward.

  24. Ewwwww, that’s gross. I remember the smell of old bongwater, especially after you accidentally knock it over onto the carpet.

    Ok, let’s play naked twister now.

    Good times…..

  25. Phony 2007 Hippies Rules.

    I enjoyed your speech. You know Bush and Kerry, Obama and Hilary Clinton, every politician on every side, are all fucking commie hippies, though, don’t you? There has never, ever been a conservative Christian president. They only pretend that they are to make Christians look bad, because they are ANTICHRIST HIPPIES.

    The first rule of the Antichrist hippie: “Divide the Christians.” So they take over the church and start pedophilia rings. No real priest can get a job. Then they start a war and blame it on Jesus. Then Bill Maher or Jon Stewart, who are ON THE SAME SIDE as these hippies, say “We should get rid of religion.” And people applaud! People are so easy to fool, that they have been tricked by New Age piece of shit hippies who pretend to be Christian!

    Their motto is right out of Scarface: “First you get the money, then you get the power. When you get the power, then you get the woman.” Except substitute “little boys” for women and you will understand the vile nature of the aging hippie.

    This little boy Sienna here has a vagina. Congratulations. Am I supposed to drool now? It’s not hard to get attention if you’re going to show your cunt lips.
    Porn stars do it all the time.

  26. Left hand….red dot
    Right foot….blue dot

    Hey, who has a hand on my ass?

    That’s not a hand, sweetie.

  27. BunnyButt

    TT, isn’t it a little, well, sacrilegious to taint Glenlivet this way? Or are you trying to spice up some bargain basement weed? ;)

    (BTW, I looked sacrilegious up in the dictionary to make sure I spelled it right. Don’t want any more public/pubic mix ups. Not that the comparison between sacrilege and pubic hair really makes sense…)

  28. coby

    104. Me – October 9, 2007 4:56 PM

    why is her twat all dangly like that?
    It’s not ur just gay

  29. Rossafur

    Actually that chick pretty much has about the ideal body for me. But then I’m tall and incredibly lanky, and it’s hard to find girls skinnier than I am, haha

  30. TS

    Just kidding. I couldn’t waste good scotch like that for one. And for two scotch gives you bad enough dangman without filtering chronic smoke through it first.

  31. Christ's Infected Gay Anus

    #126 – “There has never, ever been a conservative Christian president.” True, but that’s just because presidents can be removed when they show clear signs of mental incompetence.

  32. Ok let’s go to the new Britney post now and make fun of her for a while.

    I hear they have a kilo of blow over there.

  33. jakebarnes

    TS: Haven’t you ever seen a movie where a chick is bottomless and they don’t show her snatch? Maybe they show her ass or hips or whatever. Tons of movies avoid full-frontal. I’m not complaining about these shots though. I prefer it the way she has it, although I am at work right now so by “the way she has it” I mean “all blurry and junk.”

  34. robbyrob

    i love that this chick said you know what pay me and Ill do it!! some more shots for us in the future? you bet!!! just the start……

  35. Grace

    This is obscene!

    Everyone knows hippies don’t shave.

  36. zsa

    She looks like shit. I need a MIB memory eraser thingy…


  37. Lindsay

    What perky cute little boobies.. Hippy movie? She needs a fur bikini! That trimmed bush will not do.. C’mon? THINK! It should be so full of nasty matted hair that you shouldn’t be able to tell if it’s a chick or a dude!

  38. dude

    Damn, I guess the days of chicks having a soft curly bush are just in our memories. A shame, I’ve always been old fashioned so this new trend of looking prepubescent really doesn’t to much for me, and all the stupid shapes (landing strip? hilter? gimme a break) just look retarded. They could have at least gone authentic for a movie about naked hippies.

    Still, this pictures give me a nice tickle in my pickle.

  39. BunnyButt

    Don’t be so sure about that, 139 …

  40. Danklin24

    Someone tell me why this chick is famous? Oh right, she was married to that english guy from the movie closer who’s name i couldn’t care less to know. Thats right.

  41. kate

    you guys are all fucking retarded, sitting behind your computers… eating doritos… you’re probably all fatasses. This woman is beautiful and you are gay.

  42. wondering

    do you think Sienna Miller will be the first actress EVER to be criticized for NOT having a hairy crotch ?

  43. PornKing

    PornKing approves. PornKing doesn’t know when it became fashionable to refer to any woman who is in shape without DD breasts as having a “13-yr old boy” body, but he thinks that’s dumb. If you’re used to looking at fatties or fake tits all day long, then this probably looks like a 13-yr old boy to you.

  44. eyesonclouds

    OMG, thank you so much, she is amazing. But in all the 60′s and 70′s pornos I’ve seen the chicks have 10 times her pubes. Prolly why the hippies all died out…

  45. me

    what body and size of boobs do you actually like?
    do you people really like women or what?

    fake tits are bad
    small tits = no tits = bad
    big tits usually means they are not skinny so you deem them fat
    or big tits means they aren’t perky so you call big tits saggy
    almost every kind without a bra you call saggy
    but if they are squashed into a dress or corset you ask why they are squashing their tits into a dress ?
    oh and big tits usually = accusations of fake tits

    skinny people are anorexic or on drugs
    non skinny people are fat
    people from certain races etc have huge asses which you don’t like
    people from other races etc have non-big asses which you call flat

    you tell pale people to get a tan (when this is sometimes impossible, eg lindsay lohan a redhead who will NOT be able to tan, ever) but when people wear fake tan instead of ruining their skin with the sun you make fun of them for being ‘orange’ or it wearing off and claim you like natural better….
    You blast people for ‘tacky’ tan lines but also for sunbathing nude.

    weirdos. Make up your mind.

  46. Jennifer

    She looks fine. She’s far from being skinny … much more appealing than the usual north american woman. Since I’m playing fair I’m only using PC words like decent, usual, chubby … not like fat

  47. jacknasty

    sleeps her way to the top so she can be naked in crappy movies….good job Sienna

  48. ZackNasty

    Don’t hate on naked Sienna, for most of you guys here, this is the closest you’ll ever get to a naked woman.

  49. Meh

    She has no discernable shape. No waist, no hips and definitely suffering from a severe case of “nasatall” disease. Slender is fine, but shapeless is not. But then again, she is playing a hippie so I don’t think they were concerned about muscle tone or building a sleek and shapely physique. As for the lack of pubes, it’s all been said. I would like to believe that they’ll do a CGI bush in editing. We use it for everything else, why not virtual muffs.

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